9 Benefits of Dandelion Tea (Taraxacum campylodes)

benefits of dandelion tea

Benefits of Dandelion Tea – How many of you know anything at all about Dandelion flower? I bet most of you then remember about your childhood. Don’t be mistaken, even you are now still allowed to play with dandelions. Those yellow flowers flying around when you blow it, it turns out have health benefits more than we can think of.

Even since years ago, people of ancient history have been using the flowers of Dandelion for their health purpose. Nowadays, we can still see people using the Dandelion as natural tea or coffee. With the flowers as tea and the dried roots as coffee, these small unique flowers have amazing health benefits in our life. This natural tea of Dandelion is becoming popular every time now.

It is very simple to make the herbal tea of Dandelion flowers. You only have pluck the Dandelion petals flower, and then steep those Dandelion petals flower into hot boiling water. Just like another tea, then you can drink the water, preferably without any sugar.

Meanwhile, to make coffee outta Dandelion roots, it is quite bit more complicated.You have to collect the roots of Dandelion flowers and the dry it. The next step is, you have to chop and roast it. Once it’s well roasted, you can ground it and brew it like you make your own usual coffee. According researches, this herbal tea of Dandelion and Dandelion coffee has amazing powerful booster to our health.

There are many stuffed useful nutrients available inside the flowers of Dandelion. It begins from the minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, carotenoids, and many more. Hence the health benefits of Dandelion flowers are massive.
Many traditional health practitioners use the Dandelion benefits for health as one of their ingredients to make health potions.

The Dandelion health use as cancer prevention, dietary substance, conducts the digestion system, and others are now widely known all over the world.

health benefits of dendelion tea

9 benefits of Dandelion tea for health;

1. Natural body detox

The diuretic (the capability of increasing the urine volume) function of the Dandelion flowers may help the liver function easier. The natural diuretic substance inside the Dandelion flowers helps us to eliminate more toxins through the urine. Not only the liver organ, the Dandelion for kidney health is also possible. It helps to promote healthy kidney since it easier the kidney’s works.
Whenever you feel weak, or sick, just grab a cup of Dandelion tea or coffee, it’ll boost your condition immediately.

2. Natural diet support

In early studies about the Dandelion flowers, it is found out that the Dandelion tea can be use as one of dietary options. It provides our body with some kinds of enzymes which are prevent us from getting fat. It will prevent our body to pile up un necessary fats, hence help us to stay in shape.
Consuming Dandelion tea regularly every day will get you maximum health benefits of the Dandelion tea. Not to mention the tea is also able to eliminate the bloated stomach from gas and water.

3. Prevent chronic diseases

Dandelion flowers posses large number of antioxidants. They are the phenolic, sesquiterpenes, and flavomind you read previously in this article. Those substances help our body to repel free radicals attacking our body. As the result, the health benefits of Dandelion tea able to provide us with protection from the chronic diseases, and cancer. Not to mention the Dandelion tea is also boost our immune system. It effects on the increasingly our healthy life.

4. Build strong skeleton system

The skeleton system is a place where our flesh, organs, and skin hang on to. The healthy skeleton system usually possesses healthy bones. The Dandelion tea contains many essential substances needs to maintain the bone health. It has magnesium, iron, calcium, zincs, and many other minerals. It helps to avoids us from getting osteoporosis, strengthen the weak bones, and help to maintain the bone density. Other than that, drinking the Dandelion tea regularly will enhance the joints movements and increase the bone flexibility.

5. Smooth blood distribution to the entire body

The blood carries many useful substances through the blood vessels to the entire body. One of those important substances is the iron. It is even the main ingredients of the making the red blood cells. Lack of iron in the blood cells will cause the anemia disease. The health benefit of Taraxacum campylodes for health is providing the iron substance. Hence, consuming Dandelion tea regularly will avoid you from any anemia.

The obvious symptoms of the anemic condition are the body weakness, fatigue, cognitive disorders, sleepy head, blurry eyes, and more. Furthermore, the iron inside Dandelion tea for red blood cells will enhance the blood circulation through the entire body. Not to mention, it will oxygenate all the body organs.

benefits of dendelion tea for health

6. Maintain the blood sugar level

Drinking Dandelion tea regularly helps people with diabetes to maintain the healthy level of the blood sugar level. The rapid fluctuation of the blood sugar level is a dangerous situation. Not only diabetes, it is also may cause cardio problems. A healthy body has a proper blood sugar level.

Enough for body metabolism, but not too much so it can pile up and cause instability body system.
The healthy substances inside the Dandelion for people with diabetes help to maintain the blood sugar level to its healthy level.
You should not use or mix the dandelion tea with any sweeteners or any kinds of sugar, course.

7. Improves Digestion system work

There are already scientific proves about the Dandelion tea for maintaining blood sugar level. Not only that, the Dandelion tea for healthy digestion system, is also getting familiar. Taraxacum campylodes or known as Dandelion possesses the function of laxative and diuretic to promote a healthy digestion system. Dandelion tea drinking regularly in proper proportion for digestive system is healthy.

Consuming every day, Dandelion tea promotes good effects on stomach such as prevents constipation, cramps and other uncomfortable condition. As a matter of fact, Dandelion tea cures diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and even conduct the food digestion process. Overall, Dandelion tea protects your intestines health and maintain its condition so it function as it should be.

8. Reduces Inflammation

In certain communities, people even use the Dandelion tea as anti inflammation. They believe, drinking Dandelion tea regularly may able to ease headache, reduces pains due to inflammation. Moreover, the Dandelion tea considers to be able to keep balance the body water level and conduct the blood circulation throughout the body.

9. Cure and prevents (UTI) Urinary Tract Infections

Around the world, the UTI has been known as one of the most annoying genital diseases. Not only the causing the uncomfortable feelings and the pain, left untreated, it may cause infertility. There is effective substances inside the Dandelion tea, is able to minimize the risks f of getting the UTI.

It is the Dandelion for diuretic function to help the body maximize the urination and sweating process. Hence, our body will be able to expel most of the toxin out of our body throughout the urine and sweat.

However, even if there are no bad side effects of the Dandelion, you must seek for medical expertise for further use.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, infants, and people with certain chronic illness should do consults first before attempt to consume or drink the Dandelion tea.

Aware to the allergy to the Dandelion contents, since it could be dangerous.

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