17 Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil For Life, and More

ccitronella oil benefits

Benefits of Citronella essential – Many cultures have been using Citronella essential oil in their life. People of many countries have bee using the benefits of Citronella essential oil for overcoming inflammation, infection, pain, rash, and so on.

Originally Citronella essential oil contains lots of antioxidant and fitochemicals which are come from the tree of Cymbopogon nardus. This origin source of this useful oil. Besides for health purpose, it turns out that the Citronella essential oil has another useful function in life.

There are fragrances benefit, insects repellant, antiseptic, anti microbial, and also anti fungus. Moreover, it also very good to use it in beauty care, air cleaner, and also households maintenance.

Even though the Cymbopogon nardus contains lots of biopesticides, it is not considered as poisonous substance or plant. In fact, in some cultures, people also use the benefit of Cymboppogon nardus as the of Citronella essential oil as spices in their culinary products.

There are over than 10 species of Cymbopogon trees around the globe. Most of them are commonly found in Asia continent. However, only two species which are known to be famous for their uses.

They are Java species, which is come from Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt. It contains substances such as citronellal, geraniol, geranyl acetate, and limonene. This species of Essential oil of Citronella has more distinctive and fresh with darker color. Since it has better and stronger quality, the price is also higher compare to the other one. The Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt has the fragrance similar to lemon essential oil.

While Ceylon, which is comes from Cymbopogon nardus Rendle has almost the same useful substances. There are geraniol, limonene, methyl isoeugenol, citronellol, and citronellal. This species of Cymbopogon nardus rendle has the fragrance similar to citrus fruit and cinnamon.

Among those useful substances possessed by Citronella essential oil, there are only three are most common which are citronellol, citronellal, and geraniol.

citronella essential oil

Here are 11 and more benefits of Citronella essential oil in our life;

1. Natural repellent

The fact is the US has been using benefit of Citronella essential oil since 1948. It was Aedes aegypty that force the people of Us to use anything possible to fight against to disease that was cause by that mosquito.

According to some experiences, it is better to apply the Citronella essential oil directly onto the skin compare to other methods of using. Moreover, you should apply the essential oil of Citronella every 30-60 minutes to maintain its effectively as insect repellant.

You can combine Citronella essential oil with few drops of coconut oil and then apply it onto your skin as lotion. Another way to have the benefit of Citronella oil is dilute the essential oil of Citronella in water and use it as spray.

It turns out that using Citronella essential oil insect repellent is way more effective that aromatherapy candle.

2. Anti inflammation and pain reliever

Citronella essential oil contains lots of antioxidant, and has the ability to increase the blood current . Hence, many cultures have using the benefit Citronella essential oil as natural cure for arthritis.

Especially in reducing the pain due to orthopedic disorders such as osteoarthritis, swollen muscles, rheumatoid arthritis. You can combine or mix 2-3 drops of Citronella essential oil with oil carrier such as coconut virgin oil and use the mixture as massage lotion.

It helps to ease and reduce the swollen joints and muscles. You can also use the essential oil of Citronella as water solution and use it as soaked water. The effect is the same as way above.

3. Reducing stress

You can use the Citronella essential oil solvent as another options to ease and calm your mind. Eventually it will reduce the level of your stress and make your sleep feel better.

You can use the Citronella essential oil solvent as spray onto the bed sheet, massage it onto the head scalp, or use it as aromatherapy candle.

4. It helps the digestive system

The bowel movement is very important to indicate the health of our system. You can use the health benefit of Citronella essential oil to maintain the health of your digestive system.

It helps to ease the work of digestive organ in its working, reduce the inflammation if its occurring, and detoxing the body system, especially in the intestines.

The essential oil of Citronella also contains substances which are able to prevent the growth of not useful bacterial inside the intestines. It is including speed up the healing process of wounds healing process.

The Citronella oil is able to kill parasites or worm insides small and big intestines. Consume or drink a little amount of Citronella oil for preventing leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune, intestines infection, ureter, digestive tract, prostate and kidney.

5. Smooth the detoxification process

Citronella essential oil has the nature of diaphoretic, and diuretic agent. Hence, the benefit of Citronella essential oil is able to expel poisons and not useful substances out of our body system. You can have the health benefit of Citronella essential oil by drinking it.

To get the better taste, you can mix the pure essential oil of Citronella with honey, lemon, or simply use the warm water to dilute it. It will help you to increase the exuviations of fats, sodium, uric acid, and not to mention the poisons.

6. Act as natural fragrance

As you have read above, the Citronella essential oil has the similarity fragrance as lemon, citrus, or cinnamon. Hence, many people have use the essential oil of Citronella as raw material of bath soaps, candles, incense sticks, perfumes, and or other cosmetics and or beauty products.

Another fact is, you can also use the essential oil of Citronella benefits to remove bad odor inside of your house, cleaning your dishes, and refrigerator. As usual, simply use the dilution of Citronella oil in water.

7. Relaxing the muscles

As general explanation, it will increase the blood current inside the body. Hence, it well gradually relax the muscles , especially in cases of muscles stiffness, cramps, and swollen muscles.

Use the dilution of Citronella essential oil as massage oil and apply it onto the corresponding area. You are also able to reducing the PMS with this method.

8. Use it to clean the kitchen

The anti fungus and anti bacterial substance inside the Citronella oil is able remove the dangerous threat from bacterial and fungus in your kitchen.

With this magnificent essential oil of Citronella you will no longer need any chemicals which are only multiply the danger. There are substance of methyl isoeugenol which is able to significantly reduce the pathogen from the food and even dangerous bacterial.

9. Skin natural treatment

Besides prevent us from insects bite, the benefit of Citronella is also can be found in healing the dermatitis, curing eczema, slows down the early aging process.

Not to mention prevents the availability of skin fungus, and curing infection. Moreover, this essential oil of Citronella also able of removing boils, pimples, wart, protecting from sun light direct expose, and any ageing process side effects. Combine 1-2 drops of Citronella essential oil with coconut oil and pour it into the bath water.

While using it as facial wash, you can do gentle facial massage to improve the benefits. And then you can also curing pimple by apply pure Essential oil of Citronella three times each day, regularly. Don’t forget to use sterile cotton.

health benefits of citronella oil

9. Shampo dan Conditioner Alami

One of the greatest raw material on a shampoo or another hair product is the Citronella essential oil. It promotes cleaning and cleansing at the same time. It is also able to remove the overly oil on the hair.

Let alone fight against the dandruff and also bring your hair to its health condition. The benefits of Citronella essential oil for hair is to prevent is fro easily tangled, discoloring hair, dry and branches root, and also increasing the hair volume.

Not to mention it will also make your hair looks and more radiant on its appearance. As always, this Citronella oil is well suited with coconut oil, so do not hesitate to mix them.

10. Calms your pets

People who have pets, especially dogs, they can calm down their dogs using the benefit of Citronella essential oil.

It will stop them from barking, and being anxiety. It also able to remove ticks and insects nesting on their fur.

11. Fight against free radicals

12. Overcome bacterial and fungus

13. Reducing inflammation

14. Promote relaxation

15. Combats the respiratory infection

16. Maintaining the intestines health

17. Reducing the joints and muscles pain

Side effects of Citronella essential oil

According to some researches in some countries, the Citronella essential oil has very small amount of toxin. Hence, it is very save to use it in every day’s life purpose. However, even though it has no side effects so far, you should do consults to your primary health care before deciding on using the magnificent health benefits of the Citronella essential oil.

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