Top Benefits of Chamomile Tea

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Benefits of Chamomile Tea – Chamomile is also known as Matricaria recutita for its Latin name. Chamomile plants can be easily found throughout Europe, Asia, America, and some in northern and southern hemisphere of Africa. It has white or yellow radial symmetrical flowers. Chamomile plants are considered as prune trees with small stems and lots of branches, and its flowers have relaxing fragrances. It is now even cultivated in many areas such as Germany, Spain, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, and some of Eastern Europe countries

The benefits of Chamomile have been known since ancient times by the Greek, Egypt, and Romans. They used it as their medicinal herb to overcome illness such as; fevers, asthma, nausea, nervous complaints, kids ailments, colic, cancer treatments, and not to mention used as skin treatment. It became medicinal herbs because of its contents of many useful substances including; volative oils, flavonoids, and many other therapeutically substances.

One of the largest benefits of chamomile is Chamomile tea which is made of its dried flowers (blossoms). It has the effects of relaxing, controlling insomnia, and lowering the blood pressure to its current normal level. There are differences in each types of Chamomile, depends on where it was cultivated. Some of them have bitter taste than other and some sweeter. However, the benefits of Chamomile are considered as in equal level.

The other product of Chamomile which is has almost the same benefits is the Chamomile oil. It is an essential oil made of the extraction of Chamomile flowers (blossoms). While Chamomile essential oil is made from extraction of the flowers (blossoms) of its plants. It has the effects of the relaxation, easing frayed nerves, calming effect, help inducing sleep, and stimulates a general sense of being zen.

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There are many other benefits of Chamomile which are widely known; even it is existed since years ago before times of the machines. People had discovered and learned from it through lifetime experiences to see what they could use that have the benefits for their health being. Some of those benefits can be listed as follows;

  • relaxing sore muscles and tight joints, and used as a substance for massage (Shiatsu, Hydrotherapy)
  • easing menstrual cramps
  • relaxing the digestive system, ease stomachache, and indigestion issues
  • as natural remedy for dental abscesses, and used as mouthwash
  • common ingredient in skincare, for rejuvenating, cleaning, and enlightening effects
  • clean and protect wounds from infections
  • aromatherapy
  • soothe nerves and headaches
  • relief people with allergic and easing illness from rashes and irritated skin,

Thus, for pregnant women, ALWAYS do consults, before consuming un prescript medicinal products. This include if you still wanna get the benefits of Chamomile for your health.

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