10 Benefits of Basil Essential Oil for Health



Benefits of Basil Essential Oil for Health – We can make our own laundry soap, which is even better that the one we use it regularly. Why, because we use the Basil essential oil as one of its additional ingredients.

Remember that the essential oil of Basil contains so many useful substances in our life to spend. Hence this Laundry soap we’re gonna make is even better.

Prepare these ingredients; a grated soap bar, two cups each of washing soda and borax, a cup of baking soda. Then, collect about 10 drops of Basil essential oil, and 15 drops of Peppermint essential oil. At last add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil.

Mix all of those ingredients well enough and then store it in airtight jar. Leave it be for a night, and it is ready to use.

In 16th century, people in Asian Indian have known a magic herb for their health. They used it to treat infection, and what so called as migraines. Moreover, as time fly, the essential oil made of this magical herb now has been using as part of modern lifestyle health support. Not to mention as additional ingredients many recipes in culinary products.

The essential oil made of this unique herb has the nature of sweet, spicy, warm and distinctive fragrance of natural herb. This is the benefits of the essential oil of Basil (Ocimum bacilicum).
Nowadays, Basil essential oil has been known for its many benefits in our life.

Moreover, according to some researches, the essential oil of Basil had been used in treating headaches, constipation, worms, kidney disorders, warts, and many more. Basil essential oil is also good to be used as in oral protection. It means it protects your teeth, gums and tongue. Not to mention it avoids you from having bad/smell breath.

As for nowadays, there are lots more to use of the Basil oil for life’s goods. For the medicinal purposes to kitchen recipes for more delicious food and beverages tastes. It is beginning with from distinctive fragrance of Basil essential oil aromatherapy, to the delicious pasta and other nice various tastes of foods and drinks. Basil has scientifically proven as one of the beneficial herb in our life. It is not only for health support but also in the matter of lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

You can find the 10 Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oil as follows;

1. Natural insects repellent

You can repel bugs or insects by making your own natural insects repellents from Basil essential oil. Simply by diluting drops of the essential oil of Basil into carrier oil and make mixture from it. Not only you will get bugs repellent, but you can also use the mixture as massage oil for the skin, especially with bite marks or swollen.

2. Influenza and cold treatment

Many cultures from around the world have been using the Basil essential oil as part of their health support. They have been using it the essential oil of Basil to support their health and maintaining the body condition to stay healthy. Not only protecting from insects, the Basil essential benefits for health is also protecting our body from viral and bacterial attacks. You can obtain the health benefit of Basil oil for relieving pain, inflammation, fatigue, and influenza by using it as bath steam.

Other than that, the distinctive fragrance of the Basil oil combined with the eucalyptus oil will good to relieve respiratory problems. The mixture will ease the respiratory tract, and help you to breathe better. It also detoxifies the body from viruses and bacteria. It also fights fatigue, pain, and inflammation. Either you can use it as vapor, massaging your chest with the mixture will also help to promote you to breathe deeply.

3. Air freshener

Not only that the Basil essential oil has distinctive fragrance, it also able to fight against bacteria causing the malodor in your surroundings. Especially places without proper air ventilation, which is very fragile to the bacteria attacks. The oil of Basil benefit for air freshener is to remove the stinks from the air.

Not only that, another useful benefit from the Basil oil is to remove stains on your clothes and furniture. You can simply mix the Basil essential oil with the baking soda to use it as stains remover. It works well too on removing smells from kitchens, toilet, trash cans, showers, and other home appliances too.

4. Boosts your energy and mood

You can use the Basil oil as aromatherapy. It will increase and improve your mood, as well as enhance your energy. Naturally, you can also use it right away on your chest, back, or another part of your body to ease fatigue, worn out feeling and other low mental conditions.

Not to mention the oil of Basil also restore your mood, keep your mind to stay aware, and reduce the nervous deteriorating time back to its normal function as soon as possible. All in all, using the benefit of Basil essential oil for restore your energy and mood is very recommended.

5. Calm down the nervous system

In relation with the Basil essential oil for your energy and mood you can also mi x the Basil oil with few drops of coconut oil and use the mixture as rubbing to ease your joints pain. For greater effect, you can also add Eucalyptus, Lavender oil, and Epsom salts. It will ease the muscle pains, whether it is sprain, stiffness, and many others.

6. Increases the health of your hair and skin

You can also use the Basil oil for healthy hair and skin care. Add two drops of Basil essential oil into your regular shampoo. The mixture prevents the hair from having grease. You also may use apple cider vinegar, baking soda or coconut oil to prevent grease on the hair and preventing pimples on your face.

7. Enhance the digestive system function

We can obtain the Basil essential oil benefits for digestion system by consuming it orally. The diuretic substance in the Basil essential oil will help our body to increase the urine volume. By the increasing the numbers of the urine volume, our body will be able to expel most of the toxic matters from off our body. Hence, the risks of having digestive problems will be significantly reduced.

Furthermore, the essential oil of Basil is able to lower the change of getting cramps regarding to the digestive disorders such as constipation, nausea, and motion sickness.

The simple way of using the benefits of Basil essential oil for digestive system is by adding two drops of it as into our drinking water. Usually, it added into warm water or any kinds of tea as we like to drink it. Another why is to use it as massage oil onto the abdomen area, or inhale the smell as it will ease the symptoms.

8. Alleviate ear infection

In early ages, especially in certain community in India, the essential oil of Basil has been used to cure ear infection. According to the old literature such as Ayurvedic, the guideline is by use the Basil essential oil as rubbing, as it mixed with the frankincense and coconut essential oil. Rub the bottom of the back of the ear and the feet bottom using the mixture.

It will help to reduce the pain and the swelling.

9. Overcome the urinary tract infection

If you are having issue in taking a leak, as in urinate, try to use the Basil oil as natural home remedy as the cure for the urinary and bladder disorders. Significantly it will fasten the healing process and also detoxify the digestive and urinary system at the same time.

Either as drinking addition and rubbing, both ways have the similar effects on the digestion system and urinary tract, as well as the ear infection as mentioned before.

10. Contents of anti bacterial and fungal

According to a research on the Food Protection Journal in 2001, the essential oil of Basil is very helpful on fighting against dangerous bacteria contaminating the food. It limits the growth, spreading, and the live span of the bacteria, yeasts, and mold.

Basically, there are 3 common ways of using the essential oil for health as safe home remedies. They are easy, simple and not complicated procedures.

Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

Here are the 3 ways of using the Basil essential oil for health;

11. As in orally / internally

The American standard as the reference lots of countries health standard, has issued statement that pure essential oil of Basil, is safe to be consumed as in orally or as internal medicine. Note that you should only use the 100 % pure of the Basil essential oil, made of 100% Ocimmum basilicum.

You can add it into your drinking water, as in your regular tea, honey, or smoothie for better taste. There are so many health benefits from this uniquely Basil oil you can obtain, including as your support in dietary program.

12. As rubbing

The last common way to use the Basil essential oil as health support is by mixing it with other carrier oil. Then, you can directly apply it on the skin. You can use carrier oil such as Jojoba, Lavender, and Avocado, Almond.

Not to mention the Almond and the Coconut oil as the mixture. Note that it is best for you to see first, if you have any allergy reaction with those essential oil. Especially in certain parts of the body such as face, neck, and chest, and not to mention the eyes area.

13. As aromatherapy

The second familiar way of using the health benefits of the Basil essential oil is by burning it. Whether it is using the diffuser of vaporizer, the distinctive fragrance of the oil of Basil will give you great amount of the benefits. If you do not have any diffuser or vaporizer, worry you should not. You can put two drops or so and rub it by your both hands and inhale the aroma. It works well also as another simple yet effective method to use the Basil essential oil as aromatherapy.

However, always do consults with professional healthcare, before attempting to do anything with this Unique Basil essential oil for health.

Don’t forget to pay extra attention when using on infants, breastfeeding mum, and also especially pregnant women.

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