10 Benefits of Apricot for Health (Prunus armeniaca)

benefits of apricot

Benefits of Apricot for Health – Apricot (Prunus armeniaca), consider as one of the oldest known fruit in the world. The fruit of Apricot can be found in many countries, especially in Armenia, where it is consider as the native land to this unique fruit. You may also find this fruit in Rome and Greece. Like many other fruits, we can eat it directly, of course when it is already ripe enough to eat.

The fruit of Apricot has the tangy and soft flesh. Meanwhile, it has tiny skin layer, and a big seed underneath the flesh. When it is ripe, it has the yellow or orange color with a soft red color accent.There are many reasons of why we should consume this Apricot fruit.

On top of them because it is contains many healthy substances for our body. Since it has so many useful substances for our body, it is claimed to be helpful in curing many diseases. Not to mention as healthy food support, as well as in diet program. We can find vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, niacin, copper, fiber, phosphorous, and other substances.

Hence, there is no wonder is this unique fruit of Apricot claimed to be very healthy for us. The fruit of Apricot for heart health is one of those health benefits. We can name the others such as prevents and cure constipation, maintain and reduces the blood cholesterol, and even keep our skin healthy.You can also consume Apricot for anemic condition, avoid of risking cancers, treats the earaches, many skin diseases.

Other than that, the healthy benefits of Apricot also known for respiratory health, increases the bone density, and maintain the eyes vision healthiness. As Apricot fruit for beauty is it maintain the skin health by providing the body with the antioxidants. It keeps away our skin from early aging symptoms, as well as skin diseases and disorders.

Not to mention, it prevents from getting scaly skin, color dullness, wrinkles pimples and many others. As addition, there are many ways we can consume and take the health benefits of Apricot in our life. We can eat it directly like many other ripe fruits, make it into jellies, essential oil, jams, juices, squash, and many other products.

However, before proceed reading this article, kindly you aware side effects of the Apricot fruit. Even though there is no fatal side effects, people who have allergy to substances available inside the Apricot fruit, must take a really precautions.
As for people suffering from asthma, it is better for them to take the fresh Apricot rather than the dried one.

Other than that,

health benefits of apricot

Here is the complete list of our 10 health benefits of Apricot fruit;

1. Heal constipation

There are plenty fiber inside the Apricot, we can find. Hence, as we all know, fiber is very healthy for our digestion system. Not only conduct our bowel movements, it is also maintaining the healthy nature of the intestines. It helps the bowel to absorb more water, and also promotes the release of the bowel gastric juices. Not to mention it regulate the colons peristaltic movements. As the result, we will have no troubles in defecating process.

2. Overcoming anemic condition

Anemia is a condition where our body lacks of red blood cells. The fruit of Apricot for anemia is very useful. The fruit contains lots of copper which is one of the ingredients in the making of red blood cells other than the iron. There are symptoms of anemia to know if our body lack of red blood cells or not.

They are fatigue, light headed, weakness, intestine troubles, and other body system disorders. Consuming Apricot in proper measure regularly will help us to overcome those symptoms. Furthermore, it will enhance our body metabolism, avoid from body system failures, and helps the body to regenerate new cells, all at the same time.

3. Reduces and cures fevers

Fever is an unfortunate condition where our body suffering from inflammation. Fever can be exists from any causes. To overcome that misfortune condition known as fever, our body needs lots of useful substances to take. Hence the Apricot fruit overcoming fever with its nutrients contents.

As you read previously, the fruit of Apricot contains vitamins, irons, minerals, coppers, calories, and lots of water to use. It helps our body to heal fevers from any causes such as arthritis, sickness, gout, and also expel toxins outta our body.

4. Maintain the fluid level and metabolism

The balance level of fluid in our body system is a must, nevertheless, the alkali or the pH level. The sodium and potassium available in the Apricot fruits help our body to maintain that level. It is also make sure that the body electrolyte is well distributed to the entire parts of our body. Since then, by the healthy condition, our body will be able to manage the other body process like the heart function, the flaw blood circulating the entire of our body and etc.

5. Maintain the skeleton system health

Skeleton system is a place for our body organs to hang on to. Not only that, a healthy skeleton makes our body movements possible, and has a good body posture. The contents of phosphorous, iron, calcium, copper, manganese and other minerals is important to our body.

Consuming Apricot regularly may help our body to grow healthy and maintain its health condition. Not to mention it is also avoiding us from having early aging bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

6. Maintain the heart health

Consuming Apricot regularly from cardiac disorders as well. It is the contents of potassium, large number of vitamin C, and also fiber. The vitamin C contribution is to repels all the free radicals and rejuvenate the cells. The potassium is relaxing the blood tension and conduct the blood circulation flawlessly.

Meanwhile the fiber helps to overcome the bad cholesterol disturbing the heart from normally functioning. Eating fresh Apricot regularly will also help our body from getting atherosclerosis, heart strokes, and other cardio disorders.

benefits apricot for health

7. Avoids and cures for skin disorders

The Apricot is also good to make as Apricot oil for skin health treatments. Unlike any other skin oil, the Apricot oil will not leave the skin oily after you using it. The skin is absorbs it quickly and use it to maintain the looks and smooth appearance. Using Apricot oil everyday will make your skin more radiant as well as keeping your skin from skin diseases.

There are scabies, eczema, rash, and many kinds of itches. Meanwhile, the content of antioxidants helps the skin from free radicals attacks, early aging skin symptoms. There, the change of getting wrinkles, pimples, scaly, and dull colored skin will be avoided.

8. Another treatment for asthma

If you unfortunately suffering from respiratory syndrome, asthma, especially, Apricot fruit for asthma will help you ease the symptoms. Notice that asthma is a genetic sickness, and it cannot be cured. It can only managed and reduce its attack frequency. Other than the health benefit of Apricot for asthma, you can also ease the asthma chocking by drinking black coffee while it still hot.

Unlike the Apricot benefits for asthma, the coffee however is not suitable for those who suffer asthma along with heart condition. The Apricot oil for asthma contains substance which is able to reduce the stress happening in the lungs and respiratory system during the asthma attack. Using Apricot essential oil regularly will prevent asthma attack significantly as well as reducing it from happening.

9. Act as anti – carcinogen

If previously we use the essential oil of Apricot, the fruits flesh, on the other hand, the Apricot seeds are good for cancer treatments. It contains the beta-carotene and highly antioxidants. For that reasons, scientists believe that the seeds of Apricot as anti carcinogen will work fine. According to the scientists, consuming, or using the Apricot fruit will reduce the change of getting cancer.

10. As earaches treatment and cure

Another health benefit of Apricot oil is it is good to treat earaches. Note that for this purpose, some studies have still in progress for the side effects. Hence, it is best to consult with your own medical care at first.

Stay health and smart.

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