16 Top Benefits of Moringa oleifera leaves for life’s health

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Benefits of Moringa oleifera leaves for life’s health – The trees generally live in the desert of Africa, South America, Asia and randomly in tropical countries. It was used as the prevention for the deserts to be widened. Nowadays, it planted as the greenery, and as marks on the land border. With the technologies that grow so fast and take a leap from its time, many researches and studies are being held to find out more about this tree, and how it useful for the human life’s sake.

Even the WHO recommend Parents to give Moringa oleifera to their babies and adolescences at the growing age. As for information the comparison of Moringa oleifera leaves to some of edible fruits and vegetables; 7 x vitamin C in Orange, 4 x calcium in milk, 4 x vitamin A in carrot, 2 x protein in milk, 3 x potassium in banana.

We can even make tea out of this Moringa oleifera leaves, and the tea made from it, will contain high level of pholyphenol, which is playing its rule for body’s antioxidant, which is once again will act as detoxification and strengthen body’s immune system and skin rejuvenation, when it is consumed regularly.

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This Benefits of Moringa oleifera leaves for life’s health

  1. Increase immune system
  2. Refreshes eyes and brain
  3. Increase the body metabolism
  4. Increase body’s cell structures
  5. Increase our natural cholesterol serum
  6. Lessen wrinkles and lines on the skin
  7. Increase and normalize the liver and kidneys functionality
  8. Rejuvenate the skin
  9. Improve our energy
  10. Ease the digestion
  11. Act as antioxidant
  12. Maintain our immune system
  13. Increase the body’s circulation system
  14. Act as anti inflammation
  15. Maintain the normal level of sugar
  16. Gives us the health feelings

It also can be used to overcome any complaints caused by lack of vitamin A (sight disturbances), lack of choline (too much fat in liver), lack of vitamin B1 (beri beri illness), lack of vitamin B2 (dried and dull colored skin), lack of vitamin B3 (dermatitis), lack of vitamin C (bleeding gums), lack of calcium (osteoporosis), lack of iron (anemia), and lack of protein (broken hair and bad growth on kids). It also capable of curing many diseases such as open wound with puss, rheumatics, sprain, and any twisted muscles, etc. you can find out how to use it, here in this blog in another section.

Use the moringa leaves as rub massage, simply by mashing them and mix it with water. It’ll work on backache, sprains, and twisted muscles. Keep the stems; mash them, mix it with salt, or honey, or cucumber extract, or any other ingredients and use it as potion or remedies. You may have more information about the remedies that comes with this tree (leaves), in another section in this blog.

Well, there are still many benefits of moringa for our healthy life, that we still don’t know yet, and needs to discovered. Stay healthy, and keep the healthy lifestyles.

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