Top Benefits of Meditations for Body and Souls

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Benefits of Meditations – Meditation has been known since almost years ago, mostly in China and India. It has been done by the monks in monasteries. It is usually done as part of their daily life routines, and as part of their many praying rituals in order to maintain their “close relation and communications to the creator of life”. But, then it is known the advantages of doing meditation is not just that. Nobody would deny that people living in monasteries seem to have longer live than they who live in the city. They also seem to be healthier and more “sane”.

However, you might wanna continue to read if you want to know more about the advantages of doing meditation, now, in the millennium years :

1. It is a simple activity with most of the advantages

Yes you can do it in almost any ways at any time at all as you see it fits to do it. It’s simply by silencing yourself, and “be present”. Do not think about anything at all, do not wandering around, and just be at you are. Simply doing the exact activity when you are enjoying a beautiful view, you just take a deep breath. As deep as your lungs capable of handling and your mind will be calm it self. Or it is simply by inhale and exhale in a rhythmic ways, and counting your breath as you forgetting all of your thoughts. It is can be done almost in any way that it works on you. It’s just as simple as that.

2. Meditation can be done in 15 minutes or less

There are no exact rule of doing meditations, since there are so many kinds and types of meditations around the world. Some might need more equipment in order to do it, and some simply need nothing other than accepting it with your bare heart. And as far as your experiences of doing the meditation grows, eventually it can be done 15 minutes or even less, even though, some people doing it in longer times. Honestly, you can do it while you’re waiting for a cab, sitting in a subway train, in bus, in a plane, even when you’re doing the number two.

3. It is NOT a religion nor represents any of them

You don’t have to worry about dogma, or brainwash in any kind. All you gonna get is just clearer mind and soul. Even if meditation commonly found by the Budhist, nowadays, the practitioners are coming from almost any cultures. And it is not prohibited. People from any kind of religious or beliefs are very welcome to do medication, no one is going to ban you from doing it, or exile you whatsoever. Since it’s not a religion, there are no exact rules of doing it, as mentioned above. You’re just having to accept it, and doing it.

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4. Knowing when the time you must returning back

In almost first experiences, you’ll feel distress and frustrate. You consider yourself incapable of concentration. Now, that is the time you must returning back, the reason you’re doing it, and the method you choose to do it. Calm and slowly let your consciousness return back to the beginning. Don’t rush and let the process be as natural as possible. Being rush is not the nature of meditation, in any kind of that.

5. It can be done by everyone

Whether you are a kid, a teenager, an elderly, a difable person, in pregnancy, or whatever, it suits in any situations you are in. There are no particular reasons whatsoever to prevent or becoming obstacles for you to do meditation. Since it’s not a religion, people from any beliefs could do it, no matter what they adopt as their belief system.

6. It can done in any positions

Whether you are standing, many various sitting positions, even when you are laying on the bed. Originally, the mocks in monasteries do the meditations in Lotus position, which is cross-legged, and becoming famous position among meditation practitioners. However, that is all have changed, you can now, do the meditations in any positions you feel comfortable and relaxed with. Hence the result is many people are joining to be practitioners.

7. It will make you more aware

Indeed, by doing meditations, you will have more times to contemplate. To make you realize of what, who, where, when, and how you’re doing in your life. Many people feel lost and have no directions about their life, and desperate to find out about it. Then, they know meditations, and all of sudden they feel no longer confuse and worry about their life. Meditations, lead you to the present time, leaving the world of “what if’s”, and “what will’s” behind, and stay in the present time.

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8. More awareness to the body

By doing the meditation, and the present awareness reveled, the next feel you’re about gonna have is the feeling in your body. Not what you thought you feel, but you will feel the real feelings. Yes, it sounds abstract, but after you’re practicing meditation for a while, you’re going to find out and feel this feeling for yourself. The feeling when your arms feel disappear, the feel your legs are no longer there, and the shiver down the spine, without the scary feelings, the feeling of listening closely to your own heart beats, and eventually, the feeling of the winds when it touches your skin. You’ll become more aware about what’s going on with your body, and the head who speaks all the times is suddenly silenced. It’s the awareness of the present time.

9. Experiencing once more at clean slate state

Have you ever experience the feelings of being empty? No emotions involved no worries, no remorse, and no hope. Only live in the present by the great grace of the almighty creator. No? Want to try? Just look at the eyes of a newly born baby. Look at the black/blue/green/hazel hole in the eye, and try not to weep. That is the original of our very existence.

10. Every meditation techniques and methods are correct

There are so many techniques and methods of doing meditations. As for example in ancient Hindu, there are 112 techniques, let alone in other cultures or beliefs systems. Many of practitioners, who felt that they are already mastering one technique or method, making a class or school to teach their technique or method. And it is spread all nations wide now. Some of them are focusing on breathing, and the other on repeatedly mantra. The most important thing is that the goal of doing meditation itself is achieved. Whether it is healthiness, happiness, consciousness, self awareness, and many more goals can be achieved by this method called meditation.

11. It heals and improves your quality of life

Have you heard this fact or statement? Yes, it’s true. People who are doing lots of meditation, they tend to be more relax, more aware and have full control of their life. That’s why people who have lived in monasteries for years, they tend to live longer than common people. Look for yourself for the evidences, ‘cause one way or another, sometimes, it’s just cannot be describe it with words. It is believed now that by the scientific studies, meditations is good for people with anxiety and any other psychology problems, even they thought they don’t have one.

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