15 Benefits of Dried Passion Fruit for Health

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Benefits of Dried Passion Fruit for Health – Passion fruits as “passiflora quadrangularis L in its scientific name turns out has so many names for this fruits in each continents, such as; Maracujá (Portuguese), Maracuyá (Spain), Passion Fruit (UK), Granadilla (South America and South Africa), Pasiflora (Israel), Lilikoʻi (Hawaii), dan Lạc tiên, Chanh dây atau Chanh leo (Vietnam). Specifically in Indonesia there are only two types of Passion fruits which are the yellow (Passiflora flavicarva) and purple(Passiflora flavicarva)one. And they only can grow in North Sumatera and South Sulawesi, so far. However, there are also another similar fruits as; (Passiflora edulis forma flavicarva)in Western of SUmatera, Passiflora quadrangularis,Passiflora lingularis.

This fruit has the sweet and sour taste, green color when the fruit is still young and it is become yellowish red when it is ripe. The fruit has many small seeds which are covered by its flesh juicy fruit. Hence, it is a bit difficult to eat raw, except by making a juice out of it. SO, why is it so good that it will give us 15 Benefit of Dried Passion Fruit for Health? There are useful substances you will find in this fruit, especially in the yellow one, such as; pholyfenol, karotenoid, harman, harmol, harmalin, passaflorine, harmine, vitecyn, chrysin, isovitecsyn, as in its anti cancer Phytochemical. Passion fruit also contains nutrients such as; iron, calcium, protein, carotene, fat, mineral, fiber, phosporus, niacyn, crytoxanthin, histamine, tiamin, folic, ascorbic acid, ryboflavin, and citric acid, which are gonna make it very healthy to consume.

You will find about benefits of Passion fruit for health as follows;

15 benefits of Passion fruit for health

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1. Expedite and make healthy the digestive system

As said before, it contains fiber. As you know, or now know, fiber is a good substance for our digestive health. It cleans the intestines, and make us poop easily.

2. Preventing cancel cell from growing

It has what so called phytochemical which is prevent the cell from growing abnormal and turns into cancer cell.

3. Asthma treatment

It is very suggested for people who have asthma to consume this fruit as it has histamine which will ease the asthma attack and decrease its frequency of occurring.

4. It has the relax effects

When you feel anger, sad, depressed, or have so much to think in mind. Try to make a juice out of this fruit. It will calm you down quickly, and ease your mind so you can think clearly.

5. Good fruit for people with insomnia

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If you hardly able to sleep at night, due to stress, bad habits, this fruit will ease you and stimulate your brain to lay your body and close your eyes. It’ll comfort your nerves system so you can sleep more easily. Drink a glass of passion fruit before bed time. It’ll get you to sleep faster, there for you, just another one among benefits of passion fruit for health.

6. Good nutrients source

Have you read above? Here are another its containing; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Potassium.

7. Blood pressure controller

Since this passion fruit has potassium, it will takes its role as vasodilator, which is calm the blood vessels.

8. Optimize immune system

Thanks to its carotene, crytoxanthin, and Vitamin C, which has the role to optimize our body immune system.

9. Good for diet

Passion fruit has lack of sodium and fat, so it is very good fruits as your dietary food supplement. It also has the effects of full in the stomach, hence,it will prevent you eat too much other than you need for your energy.

10. Anti cancer / Carcinogen supplement

As mentioned above, it has Phytochemical, which is consists of so many good substances to fight against cancer.

11. Increasing our blood cells

Here is one of 15 BENEFITS OF PASSION FRUIT FOR HEALTH, it contains lots of iron, which is an important substance for building blood cells. It will prevent you from getting anemia, especially on women.

12. As supplement for brain

Folic is one of so many emergent substances that are very important for our body, especially when we were still as fetus carried in the womb of our mother. this fruit will help the baby inside to have a fully develop brain. It will avoid abnormal growth on fetus.

13. Skin nutrient supplement

Remember that this passion fruit contains of Vitamin C? Yep, the vitamin will have the most benefits of passion fruit for skin as it stimulate the skin to rejuvenate and maintain its flexibility.

14. Good vitamin C source

It highly contains of vitamins C among the others, so that consuming passion fruit is very good to get the benefits of vitamin C for the body. Each of the fruit will cover almost 50% of the vitamin C needed by the body all day long.

15. Rich of beta carotene

This substances is important in the growing and maintaining the health of the skeletons, tooth, and nailsIt also has the role of fixing the broken body cells during everyday activities, and decreasing the change of getting arthritis, parkinson’s disease, and depression.

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By consuming more fruits and vegetables instead of junkfood will keep you from any disease likely to come. There actually more than 15 benefits of passion fruit for health we can get, not to mention if we combine it with any other natural healthy foods and beverages. Keeping our body and soul healthy is always better than to fix it. It’ll avoid us form unnecessary cost, pain, and not to be able to go to work and pay the bills. So, stay sharp, healthy, and keep on the healthy lifestyle.