15 Benefits of Banana Blossom for Health


Benefits of Banana blossom for Health – Originally this so called Banana blossom is a form of young banana fruits which are still very young. It looks like the form of a heart, hence the name. It is also has the same color as a heart literally. However, it is already begin since years ago that this young banana blossom has the health benefits. Even in traditional society, it can be cook as vegetable as well.

It is not they lack of green vegetables or something, besides its fiber content and turns out it trigger the producing of breast milk. Furthermore, it is also very good as support for digestive system, to maintain its health.

However, there are lots of nutrient we can obtain in the banana blossom. It turns out has the vitamins A, B1, and vitamin C. in the blossom of banana there are also iron, calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrate, calories, fats, and some proteins as well. In each 25 grams of banana blossom are 7, 1 carbohydrates, 0,3 gram of fats, proteins 1,2 gram, and 31 kilo-calories of calories.

Hence, there are at least 15 health benefits of banana blossom we can obtain;

1. Malaria treatment

As far as we know, we cannot cure malaria disease. All we can do is to treat it so that it won’t relapse too often. We can use the health benefits of banana blossom simply by peel of the outer skin, and then immerse it into charcoal fire around 25 minutes.

When it is already cold, you can grate it and squeeze it to get the water. Strain the water, and add a little bit of tamarind, and drink it. Do as much as twice each day, until the symptoms disappear.

2. Maintain the digestive system

As we know above the banana blossom contains lots of fiber which is very good for our body, especially our digestive system. You can cook it as vegetable to obtain the health benefits of banana blossom. Eat as you eat your regular mail on daily basis to get rid of the digestive problems.

3. Anti carcinogen

It turns out that the banana blossom contains lots of antioxidant. As we all know, that this substance is very good to repels of the free radicals. The goal is, to obtain the health benefits of banana blossom as repellent from organ damage, body cell damage, and carcinogen as bad effects from free radicals.

4. Prevents thyroid glands mumps

It turns out that the heart of banana has the iodine which is very useful to avoid the thyroid gland mumps. Hence it is another benefits of the banana blossom for health we barely know.

5. Diarrhea treatment

As traditional diarrhea treatment, simply obtain the health benefits of banana blossom for diarrhea  by cook it as regular vegetables. You can make it into soup or fry it as salad. Even more, you can combine it with another fruit or vegetables as you like.

6. Prevents stroke

If we can consume it as often as possible, it turns out it can reduces the change of us getting caught by any stroke.

7. It is good food for people with diabetes

The health benefits of banana blossom for people suffering from diabetes is it contains less sugar. Hence it will reduce the change of getting the sugar level in the body goes to spike.

8. Prevents early aging process

It has not been mention above, but the banana blossom contains flavonoid which is very useful in preventing early aging process. But obviously, thanks to the health benefits of banana blossom as free radical repellents.

9. Maintain the cholesterol level

Regularly consuming the benefits of banana blossom for health will reduce the change of having the cholesterol level in the body goes up. It is because the banana blossom contains of low fat and the capability of tying bad fats and expels it out of the body system.

10. Good for breastfeeding mother

Consuming the banana blossom regularly will increase the production of milk. It has been known even since early ages as untold wisdom. Hence, consuming the young form of banana is very good for breast feeding mother.

11. Good diet supplement

For those who are willing to lose some of their weight, then this traditional cuisine can be very useful. As we know above, the banana blossom contains less fat and calories; hence it is very good for your diet program. It is also maintaining the full stomach feeling, which is reducing the desire to eat or chew something other than your regular meal.

12. Prevents blood clotting

Another health benefit of the banana blossom for health is to prevent the blood clotting. Since it has the anticoagulant nature, the effect is we can use its benefit to enhance the blood circulation throughout the body.

13. Prevents infection

It also contains ethanol which is hamper the bacterial spreading, causing the infection.

14. Control menstruation

This doesn’t mean you can control when to have or not having your period. It helps you so that your menstruation cycle as regular as possible.

15. Helps increasing the red blood cell production

The last benefits of the banana blossom we know is it helps to increase the red blood cell since it has iron matter inside.

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Those are 15 health benefits of the banana blossom you might wanna know of. Not every country has the banana tree, especially in sub tropical and northern hemisphere. Hence, the option is either you import it, or move in to tropical country, even if it’s just for temporary. Have a healthy life, you all.