26 Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty, Hair and Facials

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Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty – Baby oil is known only as baby warmers only, while for the other benefits that many people never heard of. Baby oil is often used to warm the baby’s body, the fresh smell can also make the baby will smell nice and has a characteristic odor. In fact, without baby oil, the baby will only smell like regular baby, which is sometimes, smell like baby vomit. No offence, it is unique and amazing smell. If the baby is not using baby oil, baby will not be smelling fresh. Though the infant should be characterized by the smell of fresh and warm skin.

Why Do We Need Benefits Baby Oil?

This oil is being one of the oil that must exist in infant care, especially for infants whose skin is sensitive.

In addition to making the baby’s body becomes warm, baby oil can also make your baby’s skin becomes soft.

It was not only meant to be use for the baby, but adult people are often use this baby oil as one of their beauty care solution. Benefits that are not known by many people.

Unfortunately many adults are still awkward to use, but obviously baby oil can be useful for adults as long as the correct use and proper dosage. Here are the different kinds of benefits of baby oil that must be known:

16 Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty

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1. Body Lotion

Adults can use the baby oil as a body lotion. Benefits of body lotion that can make adult skin becomes smooth and soft as baby skin.

The content is designed to the body lotion baby skin so it will not cause allergies. The content of high moisturizing can make baby oil moisturizes the skin of the body.

Use after bathing or before going to bed, so that the skin can become damp and too bright.

Abortion oily would be disturbing, you should only use a little baby oil on the skin not to remove excess oil.

2. To Submerge Body

Baby oil is also beneficial for bathing. When bathing, you can use baby oil, combined with a bubble bath.

Water immersion are given a few drops of baby oil can make your body becomes moist. Benefits spa with baby oil is also very healthy skin.

3. Massage

To get the old skin moisture, you can make use of the benefits of baby massage oil. Besides nature and not sensitive skin, baby oil can make your skin moist longer.

When doing the massage, you can ask the therapist to use oil baby oil. You can feel your body warm, moist and smooth course.

4. Cleaning Makeup

Baby oil can also be used to clean the make up on the eyes and lips. Yes, you can you use baby oil on your face, since the baby oil is free of alcohol that is safe to use as a cleaner make up.

Oil content in it could moisturise so the make up on the eyes or lips could quickly disappear with the moisturising oils.

5. Prevent Dry Lips

Do you experience dry lips? You can use baby oil to keep and create moisture on the lips. Dry lips can be overcome by using the benefits of baby oil.

Apply baby oil on dry lips, then massage gently and regularly. Do it at night before bed routine can make your lips protected from drought. You can, in fact, also use baby oil on face at night.

6. Shave Oil

For men can use baby oil to shave in his body safely. It is very easy, namely by rubbing babyoil all parts of the body covered with feathers, then you can do the shaving.

Using baby oil when shaving can make you avoid the pain and also avoid irritation.

By contrast, if you are doing shaving using other oils, try to use susceptible substance to infection or feel the pain.

7. Nail Care

Baby oil can also be used for nail care, do not need to do manicure or pedicure. Simply use baby oil, in order to take care of your nails safely and inexpensively.

It is very easy that is by rubbing baby oil on your nails before going to bed. Do a gentle massage on the nail.

Baby oil and massage is done can the blood circulation and can make faster nail growth. Nail also avoid chapped and dry well. It’s the other baby oil beauty uses for health.

8. Caring Hands And Feet

Baby oil is also very good to treat your hands and feet. Walking is easy to dry parts of the body, as well as by hand.

To keep hands and feet remain healthy, you can gently massage the ankle and hand using baby oil.

9. Eliminate Broken Leg

Broken ankle could interfere the appearance, not just that the crack on the heel can create pain when it is use to walk. Body overweight and dry skin can cause the heel rupture.

It’s easy, before going to bed apply the benefits of baby oil on a broken ankle and regular massage. You can resolve the broken ankle by using this baby oil.

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Benefits Baby Oil For Skin

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10. Eliminate Scaly Skin

You can remove the skin scaly legs and arms using baby oil. The oil content in baby oil that moisturizes the skin can create scaly hands becomes smooth again.

Baby oil can moisturize the hands so that the scales on the skin of the hands and feet skin can be lost using baby oil. Use it regularly if the scales in the hands and feet would like to be lost forever.

11. Fades Stretch Mark

Stretch marks can occur during pregnancy. Fine lines on the skin commonly referred to as stretch marks, it could disrupt the appearance of lines and reduce confidence is particularly disturbing when choosing clothes.

To get rid of stretch marks, you can apply stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs and also on the arms. Before going to bed is a great time to rub baby oil.

Benefits Baby Oil For Hair

12. Restoring Shine Hair

Dull hair and it does not shine? You can use the benefits of baby oil for hair, to restore hair’s natural luster. It is very easy that is by rubbing baby oil into your hair and wrap your hair using a towel that has been dipped in warm water benefits. Leave it be for 15 minutes, then soon after, start shampooing the hair. Feel the differences after, you are doing this method.

13. Thicken the eyebrows

When shaving the eyebrows, there will occasionally small incident when the eyebrow is not neatly cut, so hat the eyebrows look weird.

You could use the benefits of baby oil to re grow the eyebrows quickly. It is very easy, simply by rubbing baby oil on the surface of the eyebrows and do it every time before bedtime.

14. SunBlock Companion

Swimming is healthy, no one will argue with that. But of course you need more care for the body skin, especially when you do the swimming in an open pool.

You can always use sunblock to protect your skin from the sun. in fact, it turned out that sunblock is not enough, it takes a mixture of baby oil to protect the skin from sun exposure.

Before using sun block, rubbing your body using a little baby oil droplets. Not only that, apply baby oil on the hair from becoming dry, branched and cracked. During the swim, WHAT DOES BABY OIL DO TO YOUR SKIN is that baby oil can prevent damage to hair due to the pool water that contains chlorine.

15. Clean the Dirty Ear

To clean the dirt in the ear, you can use baby oil. The trick is very easy, i.e; with a cotton bud dipped in baby oil before cleaning the ears.

Earwax will stick and lifted perfectly on a cotton bud dipped in baby oil.

16. Cleaning Paints

Paints which is embedded in the wall can be cleaned using baby oil. The trick is to rub baby oil paint on to the spots affected and the paint you want to removed.

You can clean the affected part of the paint with a clean cloth, then drops the baby oil when liquid baby oil had been lost.

However, there are things To Be Aware Of, When Using Baby Oil,
There are various things that must be considered when you do treatment using baby oil. These things should really be a concern when you want to use baby oil as a facial treatment.

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Benefits Baby Oil For Facials

Here are some things to consider when doing facials using baby oil:

1. Cleaning Face

A beauty doctor experts say that baby oil used on baby’s skin tends to normal, while adults have a wide range of skin types and has a wide variety of skin problems.

For example, blackheads and pimples. If oily skin people use baby oil, the skin will be more oily.

Its use can cause skin problems in adults. Mineral oil content in baby oil can actually clog pores, so adults with oily skin may develop acne and blackheads.

Adults should use beauty products are appropriate for the type of skin that does not cause problems.

2. Do not use it as in routine

Although baby oil can be used to clean the skin after doing make up, it’s better for you if you do not use regularly.

The reason for this is; if the baby oil is used in a sustainable and continuous in cleaning eye make up, the skin can become thicker than before.

Besides thick can also make the skin becomes rough texture than before.

Cleaning the face in front of adults use baby oil baby is not the right step. Adults can use face cleansing toner or cleanser that can be used as make-up, soap must use a ph level according to skin type.

Ph level that fits your skin type can make adult skin will remain healthy and also humid, awake acidity levels and enlightening to lift dead skin cells on the skin surface.

3. As Face Moisturizer

Benefits of baby oil can be used for facial moisturizers adults. However, according to medical experts say that beauty facial moisturizer should be tailored to the type or skin type.

Here is a facial moisturizer is right according to the doctor:

  1. If adults who have oily skin use for moisturizing baby oil, baby oil can actually damage the skin and make the skin oily such as oil refineries.
  2. If there is excessive oil production, the skin will be increasingly problematic for example blackheads and pimples.
  3. Basically moisturizer divided into three kinds, namely Occlusive moisturizers or moisturizers that are close, sticky and also for dry skin.
  4. Moisture that the latter is a humectant, which means it is interesting water in various tissues surrounding skin.
  5. Moisture third is meulien that could serve as a substance that can fill the gaps between cells face.
  6. Of all the types of moisturizer, baby oil is included in occlusive or sticky and hot.
  7. Although moisturizing, baby oil can make your skin dry.

Hence, consider to use baby oil wisely for your health and beauty treatment. Healthy is cheap, and only the cure is expensive. Always remember that.