25 Top Benefits of Alpinia galanga

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Benefits of Alpinia galanga – Alpinia galanga is originally come from Thailand, and massively known as spices, traditional remedies and preservatives as in formalin in so many ancient cultures. Turned out, it is now have been studied to know more of the benefits of Alpinia galanga for health, beauty, and many other benefits that haven’t discovered yet.

There are two types of Alpinia galanga, which are the small white one, and the red big one. The small white one is known as the spices. It is well known in many countries’ kitchen as one of the most important ingredients to make delicious food. The red big one is commonly used as traditional medicines, and it can be used as cure to the following diseases as we mentioned later in this article. Alpinia galanga has rough fibrous and distinctive smells.

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As it uses as medicine in traditional cultures, well now, with the recently studies, it turns out that Alpinia galanga has many substances inside, such as; eugenol, pinen, methyl-cinnamate, kaemferida, yellow crystal. One portion of Alpinia galanga (-/+ 64 g), contains of 45 calorie and 2 g fiber. It is also contains: sodium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C flavonoid, fitonutrien,  emodin, beta-sitostero, quercetin,  galangin. Still, according the recent studies, it can also used as anti inflammation, and anti-oxidant.

As in preservatives, antimicrobial activity of Alpinina galanga is caused by its contain of substances that has function as; bactericidal (kill bacterias), fungisatatic (hindering the growth of fungi), germicidal (delaying bacterial sponge germination), and bacteristatic (detaining the growth of bacterial).

Another Alpinia galanga benefit is, it can be made into extracts, and store it for later use. Alpinia galanga extract can be made by dry the Alpinia galanga under the direct sunlight, to vaporize the water containing, and then grind it to bits. As the original Alpinia galanga in raw, we can have the very similar benefits from the Alpinia galanga, whether as for medicine or even as add on ingredients in the kitchen. Alpinia galanga extraction is sometimes also called as galangal powder. It is just another name for short and simple recognition. And as the galangal powder benefits, you can take a look above at the benefits of Alpinia galanga extracts.

At last, as promised, here are list of disease that can be cured by consuming Alpinia galanga benefits, whether as in raw material or in powder or in extract packaging;

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Health benefits Of Alpinia galanga

  • it can give comfortable feelings in the stomach; can be used to prevent nausea during a trip.
  • to lower the temperature, caused by the fever
  • lessen the respiratory problems
  • it is mouth and gums health maintaining
  • it lower risks of getting cancer
  • lower the lipid, using to hamper the fat acid
  • decreases the change of getting rheumatic and or arthritis
  • as anti inflammation and anti oxidant
  • increasing for eating appetite
  • nausea form sea, air, land sickness
  • as a cure for diarrhea
  • smoothening the blood flows in our body

Skin Health Advantages Of Alpinia galanga

  • to prevent early aging
  • to last the skin elasticity
  • works as skin shield from free radicals attacks
  • to eliminate burnt wound and its scars
  • it can be used as antiseptic to clean the pore of pimples, and revitalize the skin
  • to cure white spots
  • as a cure to exim

Hair Beauty of Alpinia galanga

  • as treatments for hair diseases
  • optimizing the hair growth
  • nutrients for dry and thin hair
  • lessen the hair smell, caused by sweat and other dirt
  • minimalize the damage of the hair
  • removing dandruff outta your hair

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There are ways to take the most benefits of Alpinia galanga medicinal uses, from taking it raw, extract it as powder, and as an add on in foods. You can find also delicious foods recipe on this blog, and it using Alpinia galanga as one of its ingredients. Stay health by having a healthy lifestyle.