Amazing! 12 Yeast Healthy Benefits for Body Support

healthy benefits of yeast
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Actually, healthy benefits of yeast are more than an ingredient to make beers. After all, this tiny fungus is a cell which is very useful in the beer making process. People have been using yeast since many years ago as health support. It is reported that people used Yeast to overcome insomnia, and promotes breast milk in nursing women.

Nutritional yeast is actually the extraction of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It cultivates on media with lots of sugar such as sugar tree and similar thing. The extractions are sold as flavor addition to food. Compare to using the MSG, using yeast is much healthier and safer. Vegan people (people who don’t eat meat), usually use yeast to full fill their nutrients needs.

According to chart food nutrition, there are lots of useful substances available inside this unique compound named as yeast. They are calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, folate, potassium, copper, niacin, and vitamin B6. There are also thiamine, selenium, and riboflavin available inside two tablespoons of yeast. Now, we can imagine how the healthy benefits of yeast are really good for us.

Even nowadays, certain studies have been proves that we can use yeast to prevent diarrhea and improve our body immune system. Those substances are still available on further process of yeast. It means there are also potential health benefits of yeast inside beer, bread, and even in wine. Note that even there is similar product with yeast such as nutritional yeast, it is completely different. Nutritional yeast basically use sugar as yeast to multiply. Meanwhile, usual yeast use malted barley as host.

At current times, the use of Yeast widen into large amount of human health use. We can easily find now the yeast as natural remedy for dog and cat’s fur. It’ll soothe the skin and prevents flea from coming into the fur.

Even thoough, there is no further research on this matter; people keep using it as if it is effective. For breastfeeding women, yeast improves the breast milk quantity as we mentioned above, it is also promotes good sleep during the night.

Other than that, the health benefits of yeast are also very helpful in alleviating migraine, promoting a healthy brain, and many more. Yeast capsule healthy benefit as diet support is also very common among people. We can also use yeast by pouring it directly onto our food.

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Nutritional yeast
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12 Yeast Benefits for Health

1. Acts as natural nutrients support

Health nutrition vitamin supplements nutritional supplement mention that yeast 9 kinds of amino acid. Meanwhile, our body is unable to produce essential amino acid.

Hence the yeast healthy benefits are very useful to us. Furthermore, according to USDA, there are at least 4 different kinds of useful substances other that 5 different types of vitamin B.

2. Acts as natural antioxidant

Every day, on our daily activities, our body, especially skin is exposed to free radicals. Those free radicals are potential is causing diseases to our body.

The natural antioxidant in yeast absorbs and ties free radicals attacking our body. By the fact, the health benefits of yeast is natural protection from free radicals attacks. Free radicals are the main suspect from so many diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

healthy benefit of yeast reduces cholesterol level
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3. Reduces the cholesterol level

There are two kinds of cholesterol in our body. The bad cholesterol and the other is the good one. Bad cholesterol which is causing diseases is the one we need to keep eye on.

Highly cholesterol level in our blood may lead to several acute diseases such as stroke, cardiovascular disorders and so many others.
The healthy benefit of yeast reduces cholesterol level in our body. With proper use it is gradually help us to stay healthy.

4. Prevents the lack of vitamin B12

Vegan people usually don’t eat meat; meanwhile, meat is one of the useful source of vitamin B12. Hence, no wonder if they sometimes lack of vitamin B12. Actually they can avoid such as condition by using the health benefit of Yeast as vitamin B12 substitution.

5. Act as natural immune system booster

There are studies about infection on respiration system and yeast healthy benefits. As a cheap health nutrition protein supplement, yeast health benefits help us to avoid such as inflammation on the respiration system.

Yeast enhances our body immune system and prevents diseases such as influenza, even cancer attacking our body.

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healthy benefit of yeast for eyes health
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6. Promotes healthy eyes

The various vitamins and useful substances available inside the yeast make it very useful as health support. Not to mention the healthy benefit of yeast for eyes health.
Food nutrition protein in the diet program with yeast may able to reduce the thiamine level. It eventually reduces the chance of having glaucoma.

The yeast natural antioxidant and riboflavin promote good health to our eyes. Over all, using the yeast health benefit for eyes treatment will improve the health quality as well as avoids us from eyes disorders.

7. Acts as natural treatment for diarrhea

People have been using yeast as natural cure to diarrhea. Thanks to the natural antibiotics inside the yeast. It promotes good digestion system as well as maintains the good probiotic activities inside of our intestines.

Furthermore, this antibiotic has close relation to Chron’s disease and bowel syndrome prevention.

8. Promotes healthy digestion system

As we mention above, there is good probiotic activities inside the yeast. Since the yeast is a probiotic, it helps improving the gut flora composition. It eventually improves digestive health as well.
Some research has found that probiotics in yeast as the treatment to digestive disorders is very effective. It prevents dangerous pathogen’s activities inside the intestines.

yeast reduces the blood sugar absorption
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9. Acts as natural blood sugar balance

There is study mention that adding some amount of yeast as diet support will help us balancing our blood sugar level. It means, ti avoids us from getting diabetes without losing our need of energy.

The blood sugar balance eventually helps our organ to release insulin properly. Hence, yeast to balance the blood sugar level by prevents it go high preserve our organ in releasing insulin hormone. Meanwhile, the fiber inside yeast reduces the blood sugar absorption which is keeping it equal and steady.

10. Natural supplement to avoid anemia

Even though the yeast balances the blood sugar level, it doesn’t mean reducing the red blood cell in amount in our body. As we all know lack or red blood cell may cause anemia. Anemia or lacking of red blood cells has symptoms such as brittle nails, fatigue, short of breath, and body weakness.

By adding yeast as diet program into our food, it increases the effectiveness diet as well as natural supplement to avoid anemia. The content of riboflavin, iron, and vitamin B12 inside the yeast makes yeast as natural supplement to avoid anemia is greater.

11. Natural way to avoid migraines

Migraine is very annoying headache. Not to mention the symptoms this is come along with it like light sensitivity, nausea, and many others. We can actually use yeast as natural prevention to migraines. It is as simple as adding it into our daily food will get us the yeast healthy benefit for migraines.

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Yeast as treatment for Al-Zheimer's disease
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12. Natural supplement for brain

There is yeast healthy benefit for brain, even though there are no proven issues about it.. The substances available in yeast such as vitamin B, niacin, folate, thiamine, riboflavin and others are very healthy. Not only for our entire body, but it is also very useful in maintaining our brain physical condition.

Using yeast with proper and strict regulation will help us maintain the brain’s health. Yeast as treatment for Al-Zheimer’s disease as well as avoids us from early dementia. Not to mention it avoids us from getting cognitive disorders. It is the folate which is very useful to make yeast as good and natural supplement for our brain’s health.

Yeast possible side effects

There are possible side effects coming when we are using yeast healthy benefits without proper regulation. It can be blood pressure, bloated stomach, and many other.

Hence, please be aware of these following conditions before using yeast as our health support;

Pregnant and nursing women should not using yeast,
Be aware of any possible allergy to yeast,

Do consult with our primary health care for further use, especially if we are experiencing some conditions. People with Chron’s disease, using pain medication, or on gluten free diet should be careful on using the healthy benefits of yeast.

Stay healthy people.