Amazing! 11 Health Benefits of Juniper berry Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Juniper berry Essential Oil
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Amazing! 11 Health Benefits of Juniper berry Essential Oil – The origin name of the plant of Juniper berry is Juniperus osteosperma. From this berry plant we can make the unique and amazing Juniper berry essential oil. The oil of Juniper becomes one among other famous essential oil which has many health benefits we can take advantage of. This berry plant is originally native plant of Bulgaria.

Since it has so many powerful substances inside, it has been renowned worldwide spread across the globe. According to health nutrition articles index, there are polyphenol, antioxidant, and flavonoid which are very useful substances in fighting against free radicals. The essential oil of Juniper berry has been use since ancient times as natural and traditional remedy for many kinds of illness.

The use of Juniper oil regularly will help our body in maintaining our health and preventing bacteria and microbial from attacking our body. In many studies, the Juniper aetheroleum is common treatment to respiratory and digestive disorders, muscle aches, fatigue, and sore throat. Not to mention, we can use the oil of Juniper to boost immune system, and inducing sleeping as well as maintaining the skin health.

The Juniper berry essential oil has distinctive fragrance with woody sweet smell. Hence, many of manufactures also use the oil of Juniper as perfumes, and aromatherapy raw material. In fact, the oil is also contains highly of anti bacterial and fungal along with its natural anti oxidant.

Therefore, there are so many healthy benefits of Juniper berry essential oil as follow;

oil of Juniper to boost immune system
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11 Uses for Juniper Berry Essential Oil

1. Acts as natural insect repellant

We can simply diffuse it and use it as spray to repels insects, whether it its inside or outside of the rooms. While rubbing our skin with the oil of Juniper berry protects skin from insect bites.

2. Get rid of gas from our stomach

We can combine Juniper berry essential oil with other essential oil carrier such as fennel, dandelion, and cranberry essential oil as better anti bacteria and diuretic substance. Not to mention, the oil is also possesses natural antifungal and homeopathic to protects us form bladder and urinary tract infection.

As natural diuretic supplement, the oil of Juniper berry helps the body to expel unnecessary fluid from our body system.

3. Acts as natural digestion booster

Add 1-2 drops of Juniper berry essential oil into water of foods. It will clean our liver as well as works well as aid in our dietary program. The oil of Juniper as diet support by stimulates enzyme to absorb our digested food better.

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essential oil of Juniper berry to treat skin irritations
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4. Act as natural skin protection

According to health nutrient vitamin nutrition alternative medicine absorption, the substances inside the Juniper oil is great as skin protection. It contains with highly anti bacterial, anti microbial, and antioxidant as we mention previously.
Therefore, we can use the essential oil of Juniper berry to treat skin irritations. Not to mention, the Juniper oil removes acne, skin marks, and other skin damage.

We can simply 1-2 drops of the Juniper essential oil and mix it with other essential oil carrier and use it as facial wash. The other way is you can use it as bathe soak to treat the whole body skin to removes odor and damaged skin. The essential oil of Juniper for removing cellulite is also works well.

5. Acts as natural sedative and relaxant

Juniper essential oil has distinctive fragrance that will sooth and calms our emotion. It helps us to stabilise our emotion, and avoid us from getting stress up or having anxiety attack. In fact, the use of Juniper essential oil as aromatherapy will induce great sleep through the night.

Therefore, we can claim the greatness of the oil of Juniper in fighting insomnia.

We can use the Juniper oil as aromatherapy simply by diffuse few drops of the oil or make it into spray. It is whether spraying it across the room, laundry or even into the water we use to take a bath, the effect still remains the same.

6. Acts as natural antiseptic

The natural antiseptic of Juniper essential oil helps to clean the house or treat diseases. We can treat respiratory disorders or skin infection with this amazing oil of Juniper.

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Juniper berry essential oil for digestion system aid
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7. Promotes a better digestion system works

We can give massage to the stomach, chest, or temple area using the Juniper berry essential oil for digestion system aid. Use 1-2 drops of the oil combined with Coconut oil for better result. Another way is to take it internally for quick result. You better consider to look for expertise advice to do the last method.

Another traditional use of juniper berry essential oil is to treat heartburn and acid reflux. To soothe indigestion symptoms like acid reflux, massage 1 to 2 drops of juniper berry oil blended with coconut oil over the entire stomach, abdomen and chest, or consider taking it internally. However, consult with your natural health care provider before ingesting it.

8. Acts as natural antioxidant

Antioxidant is substance which is our body needs to fight against skin disorders, degeneration organ functions, and preventing diseases such as cancer.
The Juniper berry essential oil as natural antioxidant is great heath support to our body system.

9. Stabilise the blood pressure level

Hypertension is one among dangerous disease which mostly causes death. The essential oil of Juniper berry antioxidant helps us to avoid such misfortune condition. It helps to reduce the spike of blood pressure and manage the blood pressure to its normal condition.

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juniper berries act like a preservative
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10. Acts as natural flavor and preservative

Did you know that juniper berries are one of the key ingredients used to make gin? Their taste is also added to other foods, including some drinks, bitters, sauces, marinades and even sauerkraut recipes. In addition to adding a unique sweet flavor to foods, juniper berries act like a preservative since they keep away bacteria.

11. Acts as household cleaner

It is almost similar as we mention previously, the oil of Juniper berry is a very effective cleaner with its anti microbial and antifungal. Not to mention the antioxidant and anti bacterial which is another great function and support to the purpose.

We can use the oil of Juniper berry to clean the house and almost anything in it. Simply by adding several drops of the Juniper, it will works well as powerful cleaner. Furthermore, it is free from chemicals and its side effects.

Possible side effects of the Juniper berry essential oil

Even though there is no side effects reported, notice that we should use the essential oil if Juniper berry with extra caution.

Check our skin sensitivity before using the oil.
Keep out of the children reach.
Pregnant and nursing women should not use this oil of Juniper.
The use of the Juniper berry essential oil longer than four weeks of usage is not recommended.

Stay healthy people.