Allergens On Pregnant Women and How to Overcome It

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Allergens On Pregnant Women and How to Overcome It – The following article will discuss about allergies in pregnant women, to know the causes and how to overcome them. Allergy is an issue that can greatly interfere with a person’s life, so with pregnant women. mother during pregnancy can really maintain health in order to prevent the possibility that occur in pregnancy. In an article written by Isabella Pali – Scholl mentioned that the acid and allergies during pregnancy can cause a variety of problems. As one example in the choice of drug allergy.

In general, we have seen that the administration of drugs in pregnant women can not be arbitrary as this may interfere with or affect the fetus in the abdomen. We recommend that pregnant women not to consume any drugs that can cause problems in pregnancy.

The emergence of allergies and asthma in pregnant women is the most common symptom. There are several types of forms of allergy, such as:

  • The occurrence of allergies are skin disorders caused symptoms such as redness and itching – itching.
  • Form subsequent allergic respiratory disorders with symptoms that caused such as cough with a runny nose.
  • Shape third is allergic disorders with symptoms caused digestive is like diarrhea, constipation stomach and pain.
  • The shape of the last allergy is severe indication like symptoms caused by swelling of the eyes, mouth difficulty in breathing.

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Symptoms of allergies are not insurmountable 100%, but the incidence of such allergies can be in control of the compassion so as not to interfere with your daily activities. The trick is to identify factors that trigger allergies that may enter your body. Recognize trigger factors that can trigger allergies in pregnant women, see the following description.

Basically allergens or objects that can cause allergic on each person is different and the cause is also highly variable, namely (smoke, fumes, dust, mites, pollen or pollen, medication, fur or pet animal and food). Food is becoming a factor common cause of allergies, it is revealed by Boyce et al. Type of food allergic triggers such as eggs, milk, sardines, peanuts, wheat and seafood. Figures disruption food allergies in the United States increased in the last 10 to 20 years of this, it is disclosed according to the same source. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention and to be really careful at the same time be careful in choosing and consuming food type.

Not only allergens that cause allergy, but other factors also come into play one of which is maintaining the health of the environment and maintaining personal hygiene is important to be done. Pregnant women who have the talent allergies are at greater risk of contracting the infection, and therefore the personal hygiene is one factor that is very important to note. Similarly, the cleanliness of the environment must be considered, for example by cleaning the area or room that a lot of dust eg room. Pregnant women who have allergies history should avoid stress, because it can lower the immune system in the body and can increase the release of a chemical substance associated with allergies.

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Thus recognize information regarding allergies in pregnant women, hopefully the above article can be beneficial to all.