9 Benefits of Eggplant for Health (No. 7 important)

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9 Benefits of Eggplant for Health – Eggplant, who is not familiar with vegetables this one? Vegetables are familiar in various circles of society, Vegetables are easily found anywhere, either in the greengrocer circumference, to the supermarket. Or Solanum melongena eggplant is a fruit-producing plants are then used this vegetables. eggplant came from India and Sri Lanka.Terong is a close relative of the potato. However Leunca and eggplant are also a bit away from the relatives is more common tomatos. eggplant considered a vegetable than a fruit, although for people sometimes confused classifies into categories eggplant fruit or vegetable.

The Content Of Eggplant Purple

Purple eggplant is widely used by people in Indonesia as vegetables that can be processed into a very tasty dish. Many restaurants or cafes in Indonesia serving eggplant purple as one of the menu. Eggplant purple eggplant is usually processed into Balado, crispy eggplant, until eggplant penyet. However, the real benefit is that we can get from this purple eggplant? Eating eggplant purple with intensity often whether it can cause certain side effects? At least there are a variety of substances contained in eggplant purple, namely:

  • Vitamins, eggplant contains a lot of vitamins. At least six vitamins contained in eggplant are the benefits of vitamin A, vitamin B complex benefits, the benefits of vitamin C, vitamin E benefits, the benefits of vitamin D and the benefits of vitamin K.
  • Iron
  • Anthocyanins
  • Ellagic Acid. Ellagic Acid is one phenolic component which serves to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, preventing the destruction of the gene, as well as to prevent blood clot.
  • Phycocyanian. Phycocyanian in this eggplant is a protein complex that acts as forming red blood cells and white as well, stimulating the stem cells found in bone marrow, cure bleeding, as well as the fight against free radicals because it has antioxidant properties

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Judging from the womb so much, then it is definitely purple eggplant this has benefits for the body. Eggplant benefits for the body are:

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1. Maintaining a healthy heart
This anthocyanin content of a flavonoid compound that has the function to protect cells from UV rays, and also as a cure for cancer and heart disease.

2. Preventing cancer
This anthocyanin content also plays Phycocyaniannya treat cancer and womb can prevent and fight cancer cells.

3. Digestion
The content of the benefits of fiber are pretty much the eggplant will help facilitate the digestive system.

4. Help give up smoking
Eggplant is known to contain less nicotine, thus preventing the smoking habit for you.

5. For diet
Benefits of this purple eggplant has a role that is very helpful for those who want to do diet.karena purple eggplant can prevent fat fats that can make the body fat.

6. Anti-bacterial
The content of vitamin C to function as an anti-bacterial eggplant.

7. Preventing anemia
One of the substances contained in the eggplant is a substance besi.Manfaat this iron prevents anemia.

8. Moisturize your scalp
Vitamin contained in eggplant is good to moisturize the scalp

9. Controlling blood sugar
The eggplant has a high fiber content and low in carbohydrates soluble, so it can control blood sugar because the absorption of glucose.

10. To encourage sex man
Aphrodisiac effect on the benefits of this purple eggplant can stimulate male sex.

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Characteristics and Plant Type Eggplant

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Eggplant is a vegetable that is commonly grown parennial.vegetable has characteristics somewhat hairy (almost like a tomato). Eggplant trees can grow as high as about 40 to 150 cm or 15 to 57 inches. Large eggplant leaves with a texture somewhat rude. eggplant is also sometimes hairy. Size eggplant leaves can reach a length of 10- 20 cm or 4- 8 inches, and a width of 2- 5- 10 cm or 4 inches. But if this half-wild tree, the tree will then usually larger in size and grow to reach 225 cm height, equivalent to 7 feet, and leaves can exceed 30 cm or 12 inches in length and can reach 15 cm or 6 inches. Trunks of trees is usually with thorn eggplant .Eggplant also has flowers that are usually white to color between purple.purple eggplant has many seeds. If the split, it would seem that very many seeds. The seeds can be eaten, but have a sense that this bitter. because seeds of eggplant contains with nicotine, which is a kind of alkaloid that is found in many tobacco.

  • Eggplant there are several kinds of this kind. That said, eggplant growth in the period between August and October is a species of eggplant richest in terms of nutritional value and taste. Various types of eggplant have a difference individually, whether it be of color, size, level of slick skin, as well as the degree of resilience. At least there are a lot of types of eggplant in the world. Among them:
  • Eggplant Italy, the eggplant that has characteristics showing high volume of fruit and dark purple and shaped like a pear.
  • Eggplant America “Globe”, the eggplant which has characteristics such as eggplant Italy, only bigger.
  • Japanese eggplant, eggplant has a characteristic that is characterized by a cylinder which varies between light and dark. And thin skin is black.
  • Eggplant Chinese, Chinese eggplant has a color that deviate from purple to purple. Eggplant has a better flavor than American eggplants.
  • Eggplant India. These include eggplant eggplant a unique, small-sized round fruit and red Toby. The eggplant has a soft texture and sweet taste. Eggplant is no need to peel, and the harvest is in April-September and November-January.
  • Eggplant Thailand. Eggplant is classified as other unique eggplant. round eggplant and green, and has a more bitter taste. When cooked, the eggplant is usually divided into small cubes and mixed with hot sauce or curry.
  • Eggplant white. Berwara eggplant is white and has an oval shape. Eggplant is widely available in Egypt and are usually formed into a puppet.
  • Eggplant Netherlands, etc.

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Still there are many types of eggplant that can not be explained one by one.For in the country of Indonesia, eggplant familiar is in the form of long, green and purple or eggplant muda.Terong this is a kind of local eggplant. However use in everyday, for Cooking is more widely used than the purple eggplant green eggplant.