8 Top Benefits of Water Guava for skin and health

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Benefits of Water Guava for skin and health – Water guava originally is a tropical fruit. Hence, it is commonly found in tropical countries such as in South East Asia and the surroundings. The Water Guava has scientific name as Syzygium aqueum. In some countries this fruit is familiar as garden tree and use for its shades. The Water guava has taste of refreshing sour sweet and contains lots of water inside.

In a matter of fact, there are turns out many health benefits of water guava for our health we can obtain. The watery guava contains so many useful matters for us. There are vitamin C, fiber, vitamin A, calcium, thiamine, niacin, betulinic acid,  jambosine, potassium, and iron. Hence, the health benefits of watery guava obviously proven.

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benefits of Watery Guava for skin and health

1. Manage the Diabetes

The Jambosine substance is a kind of alkaloid which is proven able to block, slows down the conversion of starch or essence from becoming sugar. Hence, obviously this process is becoming important to people with diabetes.

By decreasing in the producing the blood sugar, eventually it will also decrease the diabetes effect. Recently, these recent day, further studies still examining the jambosine substance other useful to the diabetes.

2. It is good for our digestive system

Watery guava is very important for our body’s health. Hence, there is health benefits of consuming watery guava on our daily basis. The fiber content inside the watery guava is very good for our digestive system. It helps to counter constipation, fight against dysentery, and diarrhea.

3. Anti carcinogen

Watery guava contains lots of vitamin C and vitamin A. Both of those vitamins are know to be very helpful in the process of healing from cancer.

In early studies and traditional medicine practitioners claims that with the regular consumption of watery guava it is very helpful to decrease the growth of cancer cells including breast and prostate cancer. Not to mention it is provides enough water to support our water needs.

4. As detoxification

In ancient cultures and traditional people, they always depend their health to their surroundings. This includes the benefits of watery guava for health. People in old cultures often use what they could find to cure diseases.

It turns out that guava water has been used since years ago for body detoxification. It has the diuretic effect which is very useful to clean the kidney, liver, and our overall body system. Not to mention, it increases the health state up a level and make efficient the body metabolism.

5. Heart health substance

The benefits of guava water for the heart is to prevent the atherosclerosis, cardiovascular complication, heart attack, strokes, and heart coronary artery. It is because the watery guava consists of fiber and nutrition which significantly able to reduce the cholesterol level in the body.


6. Increases the immune system

The active components inside the watery guava has been connected to the anti microbial and anti fungi effect. Some researches state that by regularly consuming the watery guava regularly on our daily basis is very good.

The health benefit of watery guava for skin will protect the body overall skin from infection. Not to mention it will increases and strengthen the body immune system and make us be more resilient to any possible infection diseases.

7. Healthy for our skin

As it is mentioned before, the guava water has health benefits for our skin. Sometimes we realize that our skin looks dull and dry. Instead of using chemical substances to overcome this situation, you can try to consume enough guava water regularly

. This will help you get more vitamin C and vitamin A which is very important to the health of our skin. Nevertheless, guava water contains lots of antioxidant which is very powerful to encounter the early aging process. Not to mention repels the free radicals, rejuvenate the skin cells, and managing the moisture and the beauty of the skin condition.

8. Healthy for our diet program

If you are currently doing or joining a diet program, then the water guava is very good support. The health benefits of water guava in diet is it will gives you water to get you dehydrate yourself.

Not to mention it contains vitamin C and vitamin A which are very useful to keep your body fresh and maintain your endurance. Eat guava water early before you start your diet session, you’ll notice that your body stays energetic and not easily to get hungry.

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There are lot more the health benefits of guava water for us, more than we ever realize. Besides it lack significant bad side effects that will cost you extra maintenance. However, as it is wisdom that you should do consult with to your primary health care before. Not that it has no side effects at all, just precaution to get you into the right decision with your body health care.