8 Incredible Tangerine Essential Oil Health Benefits

8 Incredible Tangerine Essential Oil Health Benefits
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Tangerine Essential Oil Health Benefits – Tangerine is originally comes from China. Just like the mandarin’s orange, the tangerine has the same tangy taste and looks or contour. The differences are that tangerine is bigger, with less pips, and somewhat darker orange color.

Other than that, the tangerine is also has different season for harvesting. The scientific name of Tangerine is the Citrus reticulata. Hence, we compare tangerine to the Mandarin’s Orange. Have been famous almost around the world, there are lots of health benefits of Tangerine for health we can get.

Benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil
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Benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil

In fact according to chart fruit nutrition, tangerine consists of so many useful substances. We can use as support in maintaining our body’s health. Instead of its fruit, there are alpha pinene, camphene, thujone, beta pinene, myrcene, sabinene, and citronellal in the peel. Not to mention, there are also gamma terpinolene, linalool, termineol, nerol, and limonene.

By those useful substances, many people have extract the peel and make it into the infamous Tangerine essential oil. They usually use the cold compression to get the oil of tangerine. This unique essential oil of tangerine usually blends well with other essential oil.

There are essential oils which will blend with this unique tangerine essential oil. They are neroli, bergamot, clary sage, cinnamon, frankincense, nutmeg, and lavender essential oil. There are no wonder then, if nowadays tangerine essential oil has renowned as one of the good and healthy in healthy support lifestyle.

The significant numbers of useful substances are quite reason why this healthy oil of tangerine pops up. There are certain healthy effects we can obtain from the oil of tangerine. Tangerine oil as tonic, sedative, antispasmodic, cytophylactic, and then the antiseptic and depurative effects adds the completion.

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Tangerine Essential Oil 8 Health Benefits
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Tangerine Essential Oil 8 Health Benefits

1. Healthy effects to our body

Not only certain specific health effect of tangerine oil to our body, overall, it also helps our system to work even better. It helps our body to conduct the blood flow, maintaining the respiratory, digestive, and enzyme secretion system. All in all, the tangerine essential oil healthy effects will help us all to stay healthy. It could help us avoiding dandruff, skin, hair damage and many more.

2. Help to ease inflammation

Tangerine essential oil effect to sooth the body and ease the body reaction too many kind of inflammation. It affects many kinds of our body system works. It is starting from the respiratory, digestion, excretory, including enzymes secretion, circulatory and many more.

According to chart nutrition vegetable, tangerine essential oil works by sedates the body and decreases the effect from many outer intrusions. No matter if the inflammation is come from fever, allergies, convulsions, even stress.

Benefits of Tangerine
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3. Boosts our digestive system

Stomach takes the ultimate role regarding in digesting foods and beverages we take. Bad condition of our stomach may lead to severe immune system disorders. It’ll open the shield of our independent immune system and makes it fragile from attacks.

Tangerine essential oil helps to strengthen the stomach condition. It regulates the amount of digestive juices and balances it to make a proper digestion process works flawlessly. The oil of tangerine possesses what we call as cicatrisant effect. It is the ability of the tangerine oil to maintain the health of our digestion system.

Moreover, the oil of tangerine protects us from digestion disorders such as flatulence, constipation, bloated, even diarrhea.

4. Acts as natural tonic

Instead of consuming artificial tonic from the market, using the natural one is a good choice. It may minimize the bad side the artificial substances inside the modern tonic made by the factories.

Natural tonic when it is being used in proper measurement, it will leave unfriendly residual left over. It means, it is completely expandable by our natural metabolism cycle. Tangerine essential oil as natural tonic means, it helps our body to promote the best condition to our body organs and system.

They are respiratory, digestion, secretion, and many other systems available in our body. Furthermore, it enhances the protection in our body, and trigger the awareness of our body system.

5. Helps in preventing sepsis

We can use the oil of tangerine to prevent sepsis on open wounds or cuts. The existing Staphylococcu aureus is the main reason of sepsis condition. It is the first stage of wounds or cuts from getting decay.

By not getting sepsis, the healing process of the wounds or cuts will be faster. Other than fasten the healing process, the oil of tangerine hinders our weak body from further diseases. Let alone getting other diseases, the tangerine essential oil will also avoids us from symptoms that come along with those diseases.

Tangerine oil avoids us from skin rash, convulsion, fever, and even severe pain. If we cannot stop the sepsis process, the change of the disease or condition will rapidly spread to the entire of our body.

Eventually, the condition is becoming more severe. Whether it is acute pain, fever, rash and redness on the skin, it is also can be the swelling and convulsion that come along with the sepsis process.

Using the tangerine essential oil for antiseptic agent is actually a good opt we can take. Not only it is very natural, the oil of tangerine is very friendly to our body system. Hence we can take it both internal and external way.

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Tangerine Essential Oil Benefits
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6. Helps to ease spasms

Spasms may occur from many reasons. Even though many people consider spasms as minor, the effect to our body is massive. Not only in muscular area, spasms can occur to our body system such as respiratory, and digestion system. In severe condition, continuity spasms can be lethal to us.

Tangerine essential oil promote relaxation to our body. By using the oil of tangerine, we can avoid several disorders due to spasms in our respiratory and digestion system. There are continuity coughs, asthma, congestion etc.

Meanwhile in the digestion area, we may able to prevent diarrhea, cramps during menstrual cycle, cholera and many others using the Tangerine oil.

7. Rejuvenates skin cells

Most women tend to be enthusiastic while talking about beauty maintaining. They will be thrilled when hearing that there is also beauty benefits of tangerine essential oil. There are substances available inside the tangerine essential oil which are very helpful in rejuvenate the skin cells.

It triggers the body to regularly remove the dead and broken cells and replace it with the new one. Certain components of this oil stimulate the generation of new cells, or more precisely, cell this beautiful effect called as cytophylactic effect. Moreover, the tangerine essential oil promotes a healthy and normal growth into youngsters.

8. Helps our body to purify blood

This awesome healthy benefits of tangerine essential oil to purify blood is the depurative effect. Not only aggregating the An agent that purifies the blood is called a depurative. Tangerine essential oil is considered a powerful depurative.

The ability of tangerine essential oil as depurative surely helps the liver organ to stay healthier. It promotes the secretion of unused and useless substances out of our body metabolism. Our body usually removes those residual substances as sweat, urine, or fecal matters.

However, like a coin with is double side, some people have to be aware if they have certain allergies to this unique tangerine essential oil. Even though, there are no dangerous side effects known so far.

Stay healthy.