8 Health benefits of Sit Up


Health benefits of Sit Up – Among any other work outs, sit up consider as one of the easiest to do. It can be done almost in anywhere, and at any time we wish. Well, don’t be mistaken. If we do it in the wrong way, the result can be very destructive for our body figures and generally for our body health. Besides it doesn’t need any equipment, it turns out sit up will help us build our body and train certain muscles.

People may think that they could use the sit up exercise to reduce the fat in their stomach. Actually, it is not completely wrong as well as it is not a hundred percent right. The true is, we can obtain the health benefits of sit up to train our belly muscles, only if we do it regularly, and correctly. The slim belly or having six pack bellies as our dream is just the side effect of doing sit up.

Hence, the origin sit up benefit for us is to train our muscles in our stomach to have proportional belly shape.

How do we do the right sit up?

It is very important to know how to do the right way of sit up. Doing the right way of sit up may avoid us from muscles damage. Doing the wrong way of sit up may ends up in pain from sprain, or pain in the tail bone, neck pain, or any other parts of our body. Hence, before we are experiencing those disorders, it is better for us to do consult first to the expertise.

These are steps to do sit up in the right way;

Firstly, lay down firmly on the solid surface. Then fold your knee, while your feet palm stay touching the solid surface you’re lying on. It keeps our position steady.

Continuing by place your hands across your chest or fold them and place next to your each ears. While exhaling through your mouth, lift up your body toward your knee. Then lift down your body while inhaling through your nose. Those are the repetition steps to do sit up correctly.

We can do sit ups also in the gym, with a special machine for doing sit up. Commonly, we are in the sit position while doing sit up. It helps to reduce the neck tension. All you have to do is to push your chest toward the thighs. For starter, try in 8-12 counts.

For beginner, we can do it ten times each a day, then raise up the counts day by day.

Here are 8 health benefits of doing Sit up correctly;

1. Train the abs muscles

As said before, sit up is very useful exercise to work on our belly muscles. Note, it’ll only train and form the muscles, not burn the fat in your belly. For that reason, the best way to get the sit up health benefit for our belly muscles is to get rid of the fat first.
Unlike aerobic exercises, which its purpose is to burn the fat in our belly, the sit up will only train the muscles. Moreover, it’ll promote stronger muscles in our core.

2. Protection system for our internal organs

Not many people our stomach muscles is one of the strongest muscles in our body. To prove this fact, you can put a weight that our hands are not capable of lifting, and place it on top of our stomach. By simply breathing, you will see that our stomach is able to lift the weight up. It is such as strange isn’t it? Well it is actually protection system of our body, especially our stomach to protect our internal organs.

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By doing sit up regularly in the right way, it’ll be able to strengthen our core muscles, and increase our protection to our internal organs.

3. Makes our body more steady and balance

Doing sit up regularly, gradually promotes our belly muscles to be more flexible. As the result, it is easier for us to do movements which need our belly flexibility.

Not stopping at that, the health benefit of sit up is also able to stimulate balance in our body.

4. It healthy exercise

Sit up is a healthy exercise. If it is done regularly, not only prevents us from having bad body figures, it is also able to strengthen our core muscles.

Sit up is also good for our health. It is able to prevents us from getting cardio disorders, risk of getting cancer and many other diseases.

Doing sit up regularly will avoid us from getting sick.

5. Help to reduce some weight

It is not fat burner exercise as previously said. Even so, sit up is able to reduce some weight in your body. It is obviously needs some calories to do sit up. The slower we do the sit up, the larger amount of calories we need to use or burn.

For example, if we have body weight 65 kg, and we can do sit ups about 200 times in 20 minute, it needs 172 calories. Meanwhile if it is done in only 10 minutes, it will only burn 86 calories.

You do the math with another body weight and how many times you can do sit ups in some amount of time. The results may surprise you.

6. Improving your confidence

All in all, the health benefits of sit up are able to increase your stamina, and appearance at once. Doing sit ups regularly, will also increase your healthy since you have better core muscles. As the results, sit ups will somewhat boost our confidence and save us from anxiety attack, or mental break down.

There are other benefits of doing sit ups regularly with discipline and proper manner. Doing sit ups will (7)force us to be discipline if we want to gain certain results, (8)last but not last, since it needs no money, it will spare you from some expenses.

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Those are the 8 health benefits of sit ups for us. Remember to do consult with your trainer to gain better results. There is not easy and instant result. Hence, we need to be persistent and be patient.

Stay smart, and stay healthy.