8 Health Benefits of Spikenard essential oil

8 Health Benefits of Spikenard essential oil
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8 Health Benefits of Spikenard essential oil – In ancient times, the essential oil that comes from Nardostachys jatamansi known to be one of the best herbal medicine. Not only in India, in Europe the Spikenard (Chrysopogon zizanoides) essential oil renowned as powerful natural cure for stress, insomnia, digestion system disorders, and fight against infection.

Health Benefits of Spikenard essential oil
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Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oils

The Spikenard oil as immune system booster is another great value. While internally the spikenard oil is good for menstrual cycle, infertility, and uterus health condition.

Meanwhile, in other part of the world, the benefits of Spikenard oil is well known as distinctive perfume with sweet, woody, and spicy aroma. It is as well as its benefits as addition to many foods and beverages.

There are many useful substances inside the Spikenard essential oil. Hence the health benefits of Spikenard oil are so many. Some of them are nardostachone, aristolene, coumarin, dihydroazulene, clalarenol, valeranal, valerianol, nardol, jatamanshinic acid, and valeranone.

We can use all parts of this unique plant. It is beginning from the root, stem, and leaves. By far, the essential oil of spikenard mix well with other essential oil such as myrrh, patchouli, geranium, frankincense, and vetiver oil. Usually, people use the steam distillation to get this unique and useful spikenard essential oil.

8 health benefits of Spikenard essential oil

1. Effectively fight against bacteria and fungi

According to a research in the US, the use of spikenard oil on open wounds or cute is very useful in fastening its healing process. It stops bacterial activities by killing it.

According to California research center, it stop almost at 96% of bacterial growth and spreading. Using the spikenard oil as external treatment for open wounds or cuts is one of the good option, while we are away from modern medical services.

Furthermore, the essential oil of spikenard takes care the bacterial infection in internal organs as well. The oil of spikenard protects the kidney, liver, urinary system and also treating diseases from fungus infection.

2. Acts as natural inflammation

Apart of the Spikenard essential oil health benefits to protect the body from fungus and bacterial activities, it is very helpful to ease the inflammation as well.

Leaving inflammation untreated, it may leads our body to certain severe condition that ended with death. Inflammation may occur to many of our body systems. It may occur to the respiratory, digestion, secretion system, and many others.

According to some researches, inflammation may cause diseases such as arthritis, asthma, Chrohn’s disease, Al-Zheimer’s disease, parkinson, diabetes, etc. Furthermore, recent studies mention that, the spikenard oil eases pancreatic acute disease.

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Benefits of Spikenard essential oil
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3. Natural sedative that relaxes body and mind

Spikenard oil contains substance which is able to slow down our mind. Hence, the use of spieknard essential oil as natural sedative is much recommended.

It soothes the brain works without reducing the awareness level. Not to mention, we can use the oil of Spikenard to maintain the skin health and suppleness. Substance of the calarene which has the main rule of the Sikenard essential oil as natural sedative effect.

According to some researches in Japan, the sedative effect even stronger if we combine it with other essential oil such as patchouli, sandalwood, borneol, and even the galangal essential oils.

4. Stimulates the body immune system

There are many bad things outside of the body affecting our health and good condition. The degrading our body endurance overtime will resulting the more vulnerable to any significant damage.

According some researches in 2016, the use of Spikenard essential oil in proper measure will be able to cure certain diseases. The oil of Spikenard stimulates the body immune system to be stronger. It repels high blood pressure, which commonly leads to heart diseases, stroke, and sometimes diabetes.

Equally, the Spikenard essential oil to repel free radicals is we can get from this unique Spikenard essential oil. We know that free radicals is the main suspect to almost all cancer and early aging.

5. Promotes the hair growth

An health issue on 2011 mention that Spikenard oil promotes hair growth and maintains the original hair color while prevents widows peak to emerge earlier.

Even though it is not widely released, the healthy effect of Spikenard essential oil for hair growth is now considered well, especially among beauty enthusiasts and appearances.

The use of Spikenard essential oil with proper measure will takes effect even greater if it is combined with other essential oil available such as patchouli, rosewood, sandalwood and many others.

Spikenard essential oil Benefits
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6. Overcomes insomnia

Many people have been dealing with sleeping problems due to intense stress or other psychology problems. Some of them have been dealing with it even since long time ago with no good solution ever came up. Hence, they have been suffering from chronic insomnia.

The fact that insomnia may cause further sickness is proven that many people experiencing diseases from chronic insomnia. There are high blood pressure, anxiety attack, hormonal abnormality, digestion disorders and many others.

Option to modern sleeping pills with lots of side effects including dependency, there is Spikenard essential oil for sleeping disorder. Other than to take Spikenard oil internally, we can also use it as massage oil to stimulate the sleepy feelings.

7. Ease constipation

Other than promoting the sleepy feeling, turns out that the Spikenard essential oil works well as natural laxative. The oil stimulates digestion system to work normally and smoothly in expelling the residual matter out from the system.

Instead of making the intestines dry, like artificial laxatives do, the Spikenard oil stimulate the intestine to release all of the gastric juices that make the digestion process even better.

Furthermore, the oil of Spikenard eases the constipation, which is usualy comes along with other uncomfortable feelings like bloated stomach, backache, and fatigue.

8. Maintain the health of reproduction organs

There are two main enzymes take role in the reproduction system. Those are the estrogen and progesterone. While estrogen mostly found on female in large numbers, on the opposite the progesterone can be found in large number in men.

The progesterone enzyme will get you moustache, beard, big voice, and other masculine looks. On the contrary, large numbers in estrogen will get you into pregnancy. The oil of Spikenard helps maintaining these two enzymes in the balance position.

There arelLarge number of estrogen in women and large numbers of progesterone in men. In ancient culture, the oil Spikenard benefits for health for digestion’s health is very common to keep the health of the ovary and the uterus.

Not to mention, the Spikenard essential oil for menstrual cycle is very healthy. It is especially to overcome the PMS syndromes.

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Benefits of Spikenard
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Side effects of Spikenard essential oil

However, talking about the side effects of Spikenard essential oil is like it depends on how we use it. There is no scientific issues about the Spikenard essential oil and the pregnant women or lactating mother.

Even so, it is better if we do consults to the medical expertise first before attempting to use the Spikenard essential oil as our health support.

Other than that, and the allergic reaction of the oil of Spikenard, it is completely safe to use. Of course, we should use the proper measurement and dosage.

Be healthy.