8 Health Benefits of night blooming jasmine ( Polianthes tuberosa)

Health Benefits of night blooming jasmine
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Benefits of Night Blooming Jasmine According to Prof. Dr. Hembing Wijayakusuma

Most people already know about night blooming jasmine. This flower has been known for centuries almost all around the world.

In fact, in some countries this flower has been used in many ceremonial whether it is religious or in formal occasion.

Meanwhile, in other countries, the health benefits of the night blooming jasmine has been renowned since ancient culture.

Our ancestor has been using the healthy night blooming jasmine as medicine for many kinds of illness.

However, beyond any scientific research, the (Polianthes tuberosa) night blooming jasmine turns out has close relationship with the right side of the human brain.

It stimulates the artistic, creativity, and emotional part of the brain. Not to mention, other than its flower, we can use the roots as medicine as well.

By scientific research in the behave of health nutrition resource, there are healthy benefits of night blooming jasmine (Polianthes tuberosa) as medicine;

Health Benefit of night blooming jasmine Polianthes tuberosa
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1. Repels bugs

If you happen to plant this perennial tropical flower around your house, you might have notice that less mosquito are flying around your house. This is because the flower of night blossom jasmine release unique and distinctive aroma.

This distinctive aroma of night blossom jasmine containing certain chemicals that naturally get rid of bugs around it, especially mosquitoes.

Equally you could always enjoy the fragrance and the beauty of the flowers.

2. Repels and cures Influenza

Collect 20 grams of fresh roots night blooming jasmine. Combine it with 15 grams of ginger, and 2 pieces of fresh garlic leaves. Boil those ingredients in about 600 cc of clean and plain water.

Boil it thoroughly until it leaves only about a half of the water (300 cc).
At last, drink the water twice, each 150 cc.
Make new the boiling water if the sickness persists.

3. Treats sore throat

Night blooming jasmine (Polianthes tuberosa)for sore throat treatment simply by using its roots. Collect 20 grams of fresh the night blooming jasmine roots. Add about 25 grams of fresh sambiloto and approximately 600 cc or plain clean water.

Boil those ingredients properly until it only leaves about a half of the water. After it cools down, separate the water from the ingredients and drink it twice a day, about 250 cc each. It is better if you drink it in the morning and evening.

Do it regularly it regularly until the pain wears off. Make new boiling water each day with fresh ingredients as well.

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Health Benefits of night blooming jasmine Polianthes tuberosa
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4. Cures rheumatic

As the night blooming jasmine for rheumatic treatment, we can use about 30 grams of the roots , mix it with 20 grams of red ginger.

Then add adequate red sugar, and approximately 400 cc of plain fresh and clean water.

Boil those ingredients properly, and then strain the ingredients to get the water. Cool down the water make them into two parts, and drink it twice a day.

5. Treats ulcer and swollen

We can also treat ulcer and swollen using the night blooming jasmine roots. It is really simply by collecting enough fresh night blooming jasmine roots and clean it properly. Then mash it properly.

Apply the mashed night blooming jasmine roots onto the considering part. Do it regularly until the swollen or ulcer is healed.

6. Boosts body endurance

If you are an athlete and want to boost your endurance the way without artificial chemicals, now you can. It turns out that according to health nutrition calculator, we can use the night blooming jasmine to boost the body endurance.

Simply by collecting about 50 pieces of the fresh night blooming jasmine. Green pea (Pisum sativum)for 50 grams, shrimps for 100 grams, an egg, ginger for 10 grams and two pieces of garlic.

Cook all of those ingredients properly using non cholesterol oil. You can use olive oil, coconut oil or similar to gain the best effect. Don’t forget to add corn flour for better taste.

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Health Benefit of night blooming jasmine
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7. Relaxes the brain

Modern people tend to have stressed out easily. Their lifestyle which is full of demanding situation, whether it is from work, relationship, or even due to certain sickness. For those who seek for natural way to get quality sleep, there is the healthy benefits of night blooming jasmine for sleeping disorder.

The effect of the fragrance of the night blooming jasmine is relaxing and calms down the brain and eventually stimulating peaceful state.

Hence, it makes the brain organ more relaxes. If we use it at night it will stimulates us a good and peacefully night sleep.

Here is how to use the night blooming jasmine a.k.a Polianthes tuberosa to induce good sleep to us.

First thing first, prepare about 30 pieces of the night blooming jasmine flowers. 2 pieces of garlic, 4 pieces of shallots, pepper, a pinch of salt, and 10 grams of ginger.

After making all of those ingredients into mash, we can use it as wrapping on meats and then fried it.

8. Gradually cures Cataract

Pick about 50 fresh night blossom jasmine. Boil those flowers along with 1.500 cc of plain water.
Leave the water with the night blossom jasmine inside, until it cools down. Filter the water from the flower and use it to wash your hands.

Do the steps repeatedly until the eye wears of. It will gradually heal and cure the cataract.

However, note that, this article isn’t meant for replacing any modern medicines.

According to health nutrition resource, night blooming jasmine is one of useful flowers we can use as health support.

Thus, consider that you should seek for medical expert or herbalist before attempting to try any of those potions.

Stay wise and healthy.