7 Top Benefits of Tea Leaves Arab


7 Benefits of Tea Leaves Arab – Arab tea is one kind of another name for the plant “khat”. In parts of the Middle East countries such as Yemen, Arab and African plants are found in very large quantities. Residents in these countries have a habit of chewing tea arab and not at all prohibited. While in some parts of the country such as America, Britain, Indonesia, Australia and other countries this plant is strictly prohibited and is included in one type of drug class.

Arab tea plant is most commonly found in the Arab region and Africa. This plant can reach a height of 3 meters and is very fertile. Compounds found in tea plants arabic is a substance called cathinone. Chatinone properties and side effects such as the use of amphertamine used for the production of ecstasy pills. That’s why this plant is banned in Indonesia. Arabs and Africans used to consume tea arab directly by chewing the plant leaves. The people there almost every day because chewing the leaves is believed to make the body stay healthy.


Arab tea plant is banned in some parts of the country, but the plant is still to be excellent in their home areas. The use of tea plants arab much done as medicine or to maintain health. Here are some benefits of tea arab need to know:

1. Diabetes Care

Chewing tea arab believed to reduce appetite, so, make people with diabetes do not have to fight excessive hunger. Patients can reduce the portion of food on a regular basis so that, can lower blood sugar levels.

2. Stable Blood Pressure

Chewing arab tea is also believed to make the blood pressure remained stable. This is because these plants can create effects that are quieter, but for people with high blood pressure should not take as active as it could lead to higher blood pressure. In addition, high blood pressure can also be a side effect of excessive consumption of tea arab.

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3. Lose Weight

Arab tea consumption is believed to also be able to lose weight. This occurs when the stimulant effects of arab tea leaves can reduce appetite and make the stomach feel full stay. Even at first use of the tea leaves arab plenty to do in Africa when the country entered the crisis period and their residents suffer from hunger.

4. Reduce Stress Levels and Creating Calm

The main content in Arabic tea leaves are cathinone and Katin material which has a chemical structure such as amphetamines. The effect is to produce a stimulant effect that is very comfortable for the brain and body. Chatinone and Katin can help the body in releasing stress hormones in the body and increase the production of other hormones that can make the body become more relaxed. In fact, the material Katin in arab tea can increase the production of dopamine which is at the brain circuits that can increase pleasure.

5. Treat heartburn

Effects of Katin could increase as amphetamine stimulants in the body is also very good to overcome heartburn. Ulcer disease typically will cause pain in the stomach could even create an atmosphere that is less comfortable for the hull. Gastric will still hurt though’ve eaten but it would be sick if you do not eat. The effects of chewing arab tea can stabilize the level of appetite, so good for maintaining the health of the stomach,

6. Increase Sexual

Problem of lack of sexual desire in men it can also be overcome by the benefits of tea arab. Arab tea consumption may help increase sexual desire because, improves mood and helps improve reproductive hormones that encourage higher sperm production. But should be consumed in the short term due to excessive consumption can lower sperm quality and cause abnormalities in sperm.

7. Overcome Fatigue

When the body is tired and not eager to perform the activity, usually Africans and Arabs chew arab tea leaves. Arab tea leaves can increase pleasure and make the body become more relaxed so that, gradually reduces fatigue long. The effect of this use can also cause the body to become more relaxed and can survive for more than 5 hours.


Side Effects of Tea Arab Consumption

Arab tea leaves were originally used as a substitute for coffee drinks that can be a stimulant for the body. However arab tea consumption is only limited in the number of specific, while long-term use and too much, can increase the side effects.

The following are some side effects that can occur from excessive use of Arabic tea:

1- arab tea leaves can increase the stimulant effects that high can cause addictive effects. The effects of addiction would make someone want to continue to consume tea arab and began to leave the good lifestyle habits. In general, these effects will cause psychological dependence.

2- arab tea leaves can also cause mood swings in a faster time, making people more talkative, active, anxious, happy and if the longer it can cause effects such as drug use.

3- Excessive consumption may cause a person can not sleep and the effects of longer could make people become lazy. Even people who are used to consume arab tea leaves can cause a decrease in production due to the brain and the mind is hard to concentrate.

4- arab excessive consumption of tea can also cause heart damage effects such as rapid heart rate, damage to the heart rate, increasing blood pressure and making breathing becomes faster.

5- Another effect of the consumption of tea leaves arab can also cause a variety of diseases of the mouth such as thrush, oral cancer, throat inflammation, diseases of the gums and jaw.

6- The consumption of tea leaves arab excess can improve digestive problems and damage the working system of the colon causing constipation or other digestive disorders.

7- The brain damage can also occur in people who are used to consume the tea leaves arab. Brain damage occurs due to the effect of a migraine headache or prolonged then causes blood clotting problems in the brain and block blood flow which at times can cause bleeding inside the brain.

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8- arab tea leaves can also cause damage to internal organs such as the liver and spleen. This damage can lead to the growth of scar tissue which makes the liver and spleen can not function properly.

9- Use arab tea leaves that also can cause damage to white blood cell production system. White blood cell production will continue to decline which causes the body to become weaker because there is no supporting immunity and antibodies made by white blood cells.

10- arab tea leaves for pregnant women and nursing mothers are also very dangerous because it can lead to the baby’s weight continues to decline, pregnant women lack of nutrients and chemicals in the tea leaves arab could lead to birth defects.

Arab tea leaves is only consumed by the inhabitants of the Arab region and Africa. Until now some people there still consume arab tea leaves. But in Indonesia the use of tea leaves arab banned because it can cause effects such as drug use.