7 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor – Body stinks can be very disturbing for us. Especially if we often hang out and or a social person. Not only men, in fact it is women who turns out have the real problems with body bad odor. It is because women have more complicated hormonal cycle. Since women have menstrual cycle, carrying baby, breast feeding and so many more.

Puberty is the most fragile age to have problems with body odor. Since the puberty age, body’s hormones are getting ready for the next phase of life. Hence, teenagers complain so much about their life. It is because the raging hormones in their body takes over their feelings, and logical thinking.

However, the stinks body inflicted not only by hormonal condition, but also because of diseases, or certain body condition. It could be the body is not resilient enough from the attacking of bacteria and viruses resulting in body odor. Not to mention our lifestyle is also takes an important role in our body smell.

The common ways to eliminate body odor is by using as much as deodorant of perfumes. Not many people aware that this method is only good for temporarily. It means we have to buy perfumes or deodorants over and over again. It is good for the simplicity, and practically it does not waste of our time.

But how can not we have time to look after our own body?
Moreover, is there better and natural ways to remove body odor?

Here are some of the seven natural ways to get rid of bad body odor;

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor

1. Betel lime leaf (Piper betle)

These leaves have been known since years ago, especially in tropical countries. There are so many health benefits of betel lime leaf we can obtain. We can use it as anti oxidant, anti septic, and anti bad odor. There are two ways of using the betel lime leaves for malodorous body. They are oral and topical.

By oral, you have to collect 5 pieces of fresh betel lime leaves. Boil those fresh betel lime leaves into two glass of water. Wait for the boiling process till it leaves only approximately 1 glass of water. Strain the water from the leaves, cool it down and then drink it. Do it regularly to obtain the maximum effect.

To use betel lime leaves for body stinks is to use it as soaked bath. To do this, you have to collect about twenty to fifty pieces of betel lime leaves. Put them in your bath up, and pour hot water on to it. Once it is warm enough, you can soak your body in the water. You may or may not get rid of the leaves as you please.

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2. Ginger (Zingiber oficinale)

Ginger (Zingiber oficinale)is one of the famous spices from the tropical lands. It has distinctive fragrance and warm sensation in using. To remove or decrease the smell body sweat using ginger, all you have to do is pick two-three pieces of fresh gingers. Peel the skin off and mash them. Put them into a glass and pour hot water into it. You may add a small piece of brown sugar or a pinch of white sugar and milk for better taste.

If you don’t wanna get messy and for practical reason, there are stores who sell ginger drink. Even it’s not gonna be as good as if you make your own.

Drink the ginger water regularly for the best health benefits of ginger. It’ll help you to gradually remove the body bad smell odor, warm up your body, and keeps you to stay fit.

3. Lemon Basil leaf (Ocimum africanum)

Lemon basil leaf for body odor also a great option. Simply by consuming lemon basil leaves regularly every morning to eliminate the body odor. The best time to consume the lemon basil leaf is while eating your breakfast. Now, not many people like this leaf since it has certain smell. However, this natural way of consuming lemon basil leaf for body bad odor is another great choice to pick, yet it is really effective.

4. Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)

The Clove fragrance has been known since centuries ago. No wonder lots of people use this clove in many purposes as additional ingredients. Not only the clove bud, the clove leaves also have certain fragrance. No wonder many people love to add the clove leaves as addition to enrich the food flavor.

The Clove itself is very effective to remove the body odor. We can easily obtain the clove for body bad smell by brew a pinch of clove in a glass of hot water. Once we can smell the sweet fragrance of the clove, and the water already warm enough, we can drink the water. Almost forget, we should pick the dry clove so we can brew and drink the water.

As addition, you can add a pinch of white sugar to sweeten the taste. As for the best result, we can drink it regularly each day.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor

5. Javanese ginger(Curcuma xanthoriza)

Another natural and safe way to gradually decreases the body odor is by using the Javanese ginger(Curcuma xanthoriza). Simply by collecting few pieces of the Javanese ginger, peel of the skin and then boil them in proper amount of water. You can drink the water once it cool off. Drink the Javanese ginger boiled water regularly to obtain the best result.

Another way to use Javanese ginger in removing the malodorous body is to use is as body scrub. Mash or grate the Javanese ginger smoothly and then apply it all over your body. Once it’s dry, you can clean your body. Repeat the process until your desired result comes true.

6. Red ginger lily leaves (Etlinger elatior)

This bush has unique and sweet smell. You can make the benefits of the leaves of red ginger lily by brew it in hot water. Strain the water to get the clean water from the brewed red ginger leaves, and drink it once it is cool enough.

Another way to get the benefits of red ginger lily leaves for fight against the body odor is by mash the leaves and make a body scrub out of it. As above, you can clean your body once it is dry. Repeat the process to achieve the desired result.

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7. Indian Camphorweed leaves (Plucheacea folium/radix)

Another tree which has the same effect to get rid of the body smell is the Indian Camphor weed. We can use the benefits of the Indian Camphor weed leaves to get over our body odor. It simply by consume or eat the leaves as we eat salad, or you can add it to your cooking.

In tropical countries, this leaves are use as common vegetable, whether eat it in raw, or use it as cook addition.

However, those seven natural ways of removing the body odor  won’t resulting the best unless you pay attention to your own lifestyle.

It is important to keep a healthy life style and maintaining the good habits. Some of those good habits are cleaning your body at least twice a day, work out regularly, and eat proper and healthy food. Not to mention change your clothes whenever it is necessary.

Those seven natural ways of removing body odor are options if you are not near your regular body deodorant or perfumes.
Make sure you don’t have any allergies to those bush we mention above.

You can ask for herbalists or expert medical care for further assistance.