7 Health Benefits of Buchu Essential Oil

buchu essential oil
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Health Benefits of Buchu Essential Oil – In scientific world, we know that Buchu has two varieties renowned as Agosthoma/Barostoma betulina/crenulata. This native tree from South Africa possesses many useful substances especially in medical world.

Those substances are commonly use as diuretic, insecticide, anti arthritic, and also anti rheumatic. Furthermore, we can also obtain health benefits of Buchu essential oil as in diuretic, digestive, tonic, and antiseptic effects.

There are a bit differences about the Buchu oil composition. The Round leaf Buchu or also familiar as Agosthoma betulina unlike is brother possesses the substances of diosphenol, iso pulegone, cis mercaptone, menthone pulegone, trans mercaptone, and para diosphenol.

(Agosthoma/Barosma crenulata) possesses the cis acetylthiol, diosphenol, and cis mercaptone. Not to mention the Oval leaf Buchu or renowned as true Buchu is also contain iso menthone, menthone pulegone, iso pulegone, para diosphenol, limonene, Trans acetylthiol, and Trans mercaptone.

Health Benefits of Buchu Essential Oil

benefits buchu essential oil
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There is higher content of essential oil of Agosthoma/Barosma crenulata compare to the one that contain in the Agosthoma/Barosma betulina. Even though there are more varieties of Buchu in South Africa, not all of them are useful in the world of medicines. Since many of them are toxic, it is only useful for aromatherapy.

For that reason as well, it is better or we may say it is highly recommended for us to get medical expert while using on the Buchu essential oil for health. It is especially when we are using the essential oil of Buchu for internal and external treatments.

Commonly, Buchu essential oil blends well with other essential oil such as Jasmine, Orange, Neroli, Lavender, and Lemon essential oils. Not to mention it perfectly match with Ginger, Frankincense, Palmarosa, sandalwood, Rosewood, Ylang-ylang (Cananga), and Cedarwood essential oils.

On to p of that, we commonly know that we can only obtain the Buchu essential oil through distillation or steam process of the dry Buchu leaves.

Here are the 7 health benefits of Buchu essential oil we suggest you to know;

1. Body natural tonic

Surprisingly, the Buchu essential oil has been renowned as natural body tonic for years now. In spite of its natural toxic for our body, Buchu essential oil stimulates the body good metabolism and protection from infections.

2. Anti-Rheumatic & Anti-Arthritic

If you are suffering pain from arthritis or rheumatic, Buchu essential oil is helpful to reduce and eventually heal those diseases. It relieves the body from the pain caused by arthritis and rheumatic by removes toxins out of our body system. Furthermore, it is also known as diuretic affect of Buchu essential oil.

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benefits of buchu essential oil
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3. It is diuretic (expels toxin)

Since the Buchu essential oil has the diuretic effect, the other Buchu health benefits we can obtain is the healthy condition of our internal organs. The use of Buchu Essential Oil may help the disposal of useless substances such as excessive salt, uric acid, and of course the toxins.

Commonly those substances come out form our body through the increasing quantity and frequency of our urine and sweat. This process is very helpful to our body to prevent the degrading function of our internal organs such as kidneys, liver and other. Buchu tea for bladder infection is good for our healthiness.

Not to mention, it also keeps our internal organ to stay clean and extending its using time, including the urinary tract. 🙂

4. Acts as natural antiseptic

The use of Buchu essential oil as antiseptic will avoid us from getting infection. It is very helpful if we are experiencing open wounds, whether it is minor cuts, bruises, or skin scratches. Those injuries can be lethal if we don’t treat it with proper care and precautions.

It can decay, due to the existence of bacteria, microbes, and fungi. Furthermore, the essential oil of Buchu as antiseptic will help to decrease the risk of having further condition such as tetanus. Not to mention, the Buchu oil is also able to prevent septic in our urinary tract system along with prostate, kidney, and colon.

5. Carminative (overly internal gas removal)

Have you experience bloated feeling bloated on your stomach? It means there are excessive gases inside of your intestine. Instead of using artificial drugs with so many bad side effects, you can use Buchu essential oil with carminative effect.

It helps to remove gases from our intestines, and give relieves feeling. Furthermore, it will alleviate us from vomiting, drowsiness, lack of appetite, flatulence, headache, nausea, chest pain, indigestion, and even rheumatism.

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benefits buchu essential oil for health
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6. Promotes healthy digestion

The carminative effect of the Essential Oil of Buchu is affecting the digestion system in our body, entirely. Hence, there is high correlation between Buchu and weight loss. It fights against microbes and bacteria activities causing the indigestion.

Furthermore, Buchu essential oil stimulates the digestive secretion in our intestines. Hence the good digestive system works resulting light feelings in our stomach. Not to mention it is also promote our defecating process more regular.

7. Insecticide (repels insects)

Toxic is not always useless, in this case, the Buchu natural toxic is very useful as the insect repellant. It is effectively protect us from insects attack such as mosquitoes, lice, fleas, bed-bugs, and flies.

8. Skin protection and other benefits

Further researches show that this unique Buchu essential oil may also be use in treating diseases such as bladder ailments, cystitis, and excess cellulite. Not to mention, it is apparently the essential oil of Buchu is also useful as skin lotion. It provides skin protection from direct UV lights from the sun. Another use of the Buchu oil is to alleviate sprain and inflammation.

However, since the nature of Buchu essential oil is being toxin, seek for medical expert’s assistance for using the oil. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should never use the Buchu essential oil.

Stay healthy.