6 Health Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil 

6 Health Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil
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6 Health Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil  – Foenicum vulgare is the scientific name for the original form of the fennel essential oil raw material. With yellow flowers, the Mediterranean plants are now can be easily found almost in all continents.

Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil

The seeds of fennel are very common in culinary world as taste addition, even since many years ago. As in medicine, it turns out that the use of fennel has been known since the Pharaoh’s time in Egypt.

In other part of the world, fennel has been renowned as powerful medicine to fight against snake bite. The fennel seeds taste of somewhat like licorice. Nowadays, with a little help of technology (steam distillation), we can obtain the essence of fennel which is essential oil of fennel.

Simply by rubbing the, take it orally, massage oil, or use it as bath soaked will get us the benefit. It is by rubbing it on the palm of the hand, chest, neck or stomach to promote a good and healthy digestion system. While breathing its steam will help us soothes the respiration system.

One or two drops of the fennel oil for mouthwash or toothpaste to have healthy gums and mouth. Add another drop of fennel oil into the chamomile tea, or whatever tea you like to overcome stomachache.

There are so many health benefits of essential oil we can obtain. The oil of fennel acts as natural expectorant, diet supplement, and stimulating lactation in mothers.

We can also use it as mouth freshener, natural detox, and laxative. Not to mention, the oil of fennel promotes a good and healthy digestion system.

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Health Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil
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6 healthy benefits of Fennel Essential Oil

1. Heals open wounds or cuts

According to a research, there is a big change of the Fennel essential oil as natural anti bacterial and anti microbial. No wonder if this unique oil of Fennel as cure to heal open wounds and cuts has been renowned since many years ago. The useful substance inside the fennel oil prevents the bacterial activities which is usually leads to decaying process.

The use of fennel oil, hinders the further infection due to the bacterial activities. Furthermore, the combination of the fennel essential oil with other oil carrier such as cinnamon essential oil will bring the better health benefits for us.

2. Helps in diet program

There is long story about Fennel with the women efforts to lose some of their weight. Other than that, fennel seeds often add into foods or beverages in the Middle East. It is believed that the fennel seeds are able to prevent hunger and stimulating better digestion system.

This distinctive fennel oil have long story with women, especially on diet program. Furthermore, even the fennel oil promotes good body metabolism, it doesn’t increase the appetite. In fact, the fennel essential oil suppresses the desire to eat. That is why people in some religious rites often use the fennel oil to maintain their activities during the fasting.

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Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil
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3. Settle down bloated stomach and constipation

The other health benefit of fennel essential oil for health is for our stomach. The oil of fennel relieves the stomach from getting bloated with gases. Moreover, it removes constipation, and help to minimize the gas forming during the foods processing inside the intestines.
Using fennel essential oil in the proper measure or dosage will also avoids you from fart big time.

To use it, we can simply add a little bit (one or two drops) of fennel essential oil into our drinking tea. It will remove us from gases problem in no time.

4. Act naturally as anti cancer

According to some researches, the fennel essential oil contains substance like NF-KappaB. It is the substance that will help our body to fight against cancer.
The more often we use the Fennel essential oil, the higher our chance to free from cancer. Even though there is no scientific evidence regarding this, the use of fennel as cancer treatment has now becoming large and increasing greatly.

Nowadays, people tend to mix and use. This phenomenon works also in the use of Fennel essential oil. Fortunately, this unique fennel essential oil blends well with other carrier oil such as anise, chamomile, or even peppermint essential oil.

5. Act as natural antioxidant

According to chart nutrition vegetable, Fennel essential oil possess high anti oxidant. As the Journal of flavour and fragrance founds out that this distinctive oil of fennel contains at least twenty three useful substances which has bio flavonoid and fenolic.

This fact means the fennel essential oil is a great antioxidant by nature. Furthermore, as we all know that antioxidant is very effective in fighting free radicals. This is the main cause for any diseases including cancer.

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Fennel Essential Oil Benefits
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6. Lessen the chance of getting colic on babies

Babies can be more difficult when they experiencing situation such as coughs, cramps, or seizures. This condition known as colic and this may lead to lethal situation.

The use of fennel essential oil according to the research in St. Petersburg, Russia, the oil of fennel reduces the intensity of colic on babies. Furthermore, the fennel oil helps relaxes the babies brain.

However, even though there are lots of the healthy benefits of fennel essential oil, we should also be aware for the side effects. It is beginning with the allergic effect to fennel, the use of fennel essential oil on people with epilepsy, people with cancer, pregnant and lactating women.

Note that, too much using fennel essential oil possibly gets you upchuck reflex tremor, unbalance mental condition, and some experiencing hallucination.

Stay healthy.