6 Benefits of water guava for Health and Skin

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6 Benefits of water guava for Health and Skin – Water guava fruit is a plant that is often found around the home page. Water guava is a plant that originated from the region of southeast asia. Therefore, the fruit is very easily be encountered when the fruit season progresses. Guava fruit has a sweet and sour taste very refreshing that coupled with abundant water content.

water guava for health

Rose apple is rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A, calcium, thiamin, niacin, iron and potassium. Organic compounds in which anjambosine, betulinic acid, and lactones Friedel.

Benefits of water guava for Health and Skin
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This brings several benefits of water guava as follows:

1. Controlling Diabetes

Jambosine is a type of alkaloid that has shown promising results in blocking or regulate the conversion of starch to sugar. This is a very important development for people with diabetes and those at risk of developing diabetes. Further research is underway on jambosine impact on blood sugar control.

2. Healthy Digestion

High fiber content of the water rose to make the body more easily regulate the passage of food through the digestive tract, relieve constipation as it is also found in the benefits of guava. As well as traditional medicine on the part of the seed that has been used to prevent diarrhea and dysentery.

3. Prevention of Cancer

Active organic compounds in water containing guava benefits of vitamin C and the benefits of vitamin A, has been known as a cancer treatment and effective prevention. Early research and traditional medicine claim that prostate cancer and breast cancer, reduced by adding water rose to the diet.

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4. Detoxification

For hundreds of years, decoction of guava has been used as a diuretic agent, which helps to cleanse the liver and kidney toxicity. In addition, to improve the overall health and efficiency of the body’s metabolism.

5. Healthy Heart

The combination of fiber and nutrients in guava has shown a significant effect on cholesterol levels. In research studies leading to a lower likelihood of atherosclerosis of rose water, thus preventing cardiovascular complications such as heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

6. Boost Immune System

Active component and stable in water pink has been associated with antimicrobial and antifungal effects. Research has shown that it is, can protect the skin from the development of various infections, which can increase the strength of the immune system against infectious diseases.

Benefits of water guava Skin
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Benefits of water guava Skin

Sometimes the skin that lacks look dry and dull. This can be overcome by eating fruits that contain lots of water as the waterguava  this. Consuming guava contributed water and vitamin C are very abundant. Vitamin C contains anti-oxidants that can fight premature aging. The antioxidant benefits of keeping the skin cell regeneration and increase the intake of iron for the body. So eating guava appropriate water, meant for health.

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Guava fruit salad with the addition of water may provide the benefits of natural water rose because the fruit is eaten fresh and also benefits other fruit in it like mango benefits, the benefits of cucumber and pineapple benefits are obtained simultaneously.

Risk Factors guava water

Although the roots and seeds of plants guava is widely used as an ancient medicine, but also known to  poison. Additionally, guava also contain cyanide. Consult with your doctor before trying treatment with guava water to avoid undesired condition. Consumption of fruits variation is more advisable to load all kinds of nutrients that are good for the body.