6 Benefits of grape Leaves for Treatment

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6 Benefits of grape Leaves for Treatment – Who does not know the grapes? This fruit has been widely known by the world community because it has a good flavor. The fruit can also be used as a fermented drink wine or sampagne which has a very high price and serve as a very promising business area. Fruit wines have a unique taste of sweet little sour. The vines can live in lowland and at the seashore. Marble-sized fruits are small and have very small seeds like grains of rice.

grape Cultivation

The vines are now widely used as a plantation crop and cultivation has been done. To generate the kind of good grapes also have done some experiments crossbreeding that tastes much better. Vine life by way of vines so, require the media at the time of planting. No color red grapes, purple and green depending on their kind. Currently demand for grapes never goes down and up, good for fresh fruit demand and the demand for derivative products either sampagne, wine or raisins. Therefore, cultivation is very fast because the price is very expensive.

Not only the fruit is very tasty and has efficacy, but the leaves of the grape is also very good for the body. Here are some benefits that can be obtained from the leaves of grape for health.

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6 Benefits of grape Leaves for Treatment :

1. As a remedy canker sores and sore throat remedy

Canker sores and sore throat is a type of disease that often infect humans. If you experience it, you can use potions grape leaves. It is very convenient that you only need to b oil a handful of grape leaves with 2 cups of water to boil and let it run until the remaining one cup only. after being cooked, you can use this medicine to gargle twice a day do regularly to sore throat and canker sores heal.

2. As the diarrhea and headache

How to treat diarrhea and headaches by using grape leaves can be done easily by taking the herbs boiled grape leaves regularly every day until diarrhea and headache subsided. The trick is very easy is to boil some leaves of wine for 15 to 18 minutes and then wait for it to cool. After that drink the concoction.

3. As a laxative urine

If you are experiencing pain and problems with urination you should not underestimate it because it can make your experience more serious diseases. How to use it very easily by taking some leaves of up to 15 grams of wine and then boil the grape leaves to boil for 15 minutes. Then strain and drink the mixture 2 times a day to get maximum results. if you do not like the taste and aroma you can add sugar or leaves so that the flavor and aroma better.

4. Treating canker sores, toothache and gingivitis

How to treat ulcers, toothache and gingivitis using the grape leaves are also not so much different from the previous concoction by boiling and then use the water to rinse 3 times a day in order to maximize results. The herb can also use if you experience a problem of bad breath.

5. As a potion to rejuvenate and brighten skin

Grape leaves are also excellent properties for the beauty of the face and skin you know. How to? It’s easy and you can do when at home. Do I pick up on some leaves of grape old then mash until smooth. After a smooth then boil with 2 cups of water only and use the panic made of aluminum. Once cooked, the cooking water you can use to wash your face or take a shower while you can use the waste as the master face.

This method has been proven effectively used by a lot of people so you have no doubt in running care of this one. in addition to getting the face and fair skin, you can also avoid the use of chemicals from cosmetics that are harmful to the body.

6. Created as food

In addition to medication, it turns grape leaves can also be used as a variety of vegetables you know. You could make it into vegetable nodes, sauteed, steamed and various other foods. in addition to good taste, efficacy can also grow your appetite so you know very well for growth and development in children.


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Similarly, some of the benefits and efficacy of vine leaves are what you get when eating them. Although the vines are more used as a plantation, but you can also grow it at home as a creeping plant that will beautify your home. In addition to heed also you can use as a medicinal herb.