6 Benefits Garcinia Cambogia Extract For Diet and Health

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6 Benefits Garcinia Cambogia Extract For Diet and Health – Extract from the fruit GarciniaCombogia being heated discussion in many circles. It is not immune from such great benefit especially in weight loss. The power of this extract of GarciniaCombogia, not even escaped the attention of world celebrities in Hollywood. Benefits GarciniaCambogia Extract the diet is not in doubt.

GarciniaCombogia has the shape of a pumpkin with yellow, purple or some are colored red. This fruit can be found in the southeastern part of the continent of Africa and India. GarciniaCombogia also known as tamarind in the Malay community. Many of them are using tamarind, or GarciniaCombogia as flavoring dishes to treatment.

GarciniaCombogia still a relative with mangosteen fruit included in the family Guttiferae. The greatness of the fruit is known as the weight loss has been proven through research by the American Journal Dieting. The study showed that GarciniaCombogia can help with weight loss significantly than that, there are also other benefits such as reduced blood sugar and waist circumference of the body. Research conducted by the American Journal Dieting is carried out for 2 weeks with a patient named GarciniaCombogia. The study was able to show good results with weight loss patients to 3 kg.

In addition, the waist circumference also decreased by 2.5-3 inches. This is done without any reduction in the number of calories consumed each day. Not only is the research conducted by the American Journal Dieting, but there are also other studies conducted on 89 women. The women have a problem with obesity. But after a period of 3 months given Garcinia extract Combogia, their weight decreased by 1.3 kg.

Benefits GarciniaCombogia or tamarind not only for the purposes is a diet but there are some other benefits to you know start from:

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image by : http://caradiet.id/

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6 Benefits Garcinia Cambogia Extract For Diet and Health

1. As an appetite suppressant eating

Garciniacambogia contains hydroxycitric acid or hydroxy citric acid that works as an appetite suppressant. Has a lot to prove if this CombogiaGarcinia, can curb the desire to eat and breaking down fats. HCA is able to prevent a change of food containing sugar and carbohydrates into fat.

2. Relieve sore gums

Benefits of tamarind, or GarciniaCombogia can also be used to treat gum disease. How to use it is easy enough to pick up the dry tamarind and wash until soft. Slip in between – between the cheek and gum. Wait for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

3. As a remedy earache

In the community of antiquity, GarciniaCombogia also used to treat earache. The way is easy that is by using the leaves and roots of GarciniaCombogia taste. Boil in water and cooking water drops GarciniaCombogia have warm or cold wait until the ear.

4. As an antioxidant

Increase endurance needed so that we do not get sick. Also useful antioxidants to fight free radicals, GarciniaCombogia can also be used as a solution for those of you who want to always look younger.

5. As rheumatic drugs

How to use tamarind for treating rheumatism, can be done by using a pinch rind and boil. Drinking water while still warm.

6. bulges

Distended abdomen indeed disturbing appearance. This makes the clothes you wear are noticeably less comfortable to trust How to be reduced. How to use GarciniaCombogia the bulges can be done by taking one or two pieces of GarciniaCombogia has dried. then add to the hot water. Wait for a few hours until GarciniaCombogia fluffy and warm water. Drinking regularly in the morning and night.

6. Relieves fever

Relieves fever using tamarind, can be done by consuming boiled water. GarciniaCombogia are now available in the form of health supplements. Slimming supplements this one is quite different when compared to other slimming supplements. CombogiaGarcinia works by increasing the body’s metabolism and is not a stimulant. GarciniaCombogia a slimming drug that is safe to eat because it does not cause high blood pressure or heart beats faster and faster working.

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image by : www.wearechampionmag.com

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CombogiaGarcinia can inhibit fat storage enzymes in the body. That way, the body can not make the storage of fat that cause overweight. The food will be consumed directly used by the body to replenish energy. Components of HCA (Hydroxyctric Acid) in GarciniaCombogia have a role in inhibiting fat-forming enzyme in the body which is the enzyme ATP. With the HCA is, do not be surprised if the new fat that enters the body will continue to burn the body.