5 Benefits of Salmon For Body Health

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5 Benefits of Salmon For Body Health – The benefits of salmon are remarkable for the health body health. Salmon is a marine fish species which have many nutrients are beneficial to the body. in addition directly cultivate fresh salmon, are now easily you get it for a lot of restaurants that provide a menu of salmon as a menu mainstay.

Salmon usually often presented in the form of sushi menu in Japan or in Korea, it turns out that the fish can be processed into a variety of tasty dishes rich in health benefits. Well, what are the benefits salmon contained? Here are 5 benefits of eating salmon for the body, such as:

5 benefits of eating salmon

1. Salmon Consumption Good For Eye Health – nutritional content of salmon helpful to prevent eye fatigue, dry eyes and eye disease related macular degeneration is a condition that occurs in someone with older age in which blurring or missing eyesight at the center on the senses vision is caused due to damage to the nervous system of the eye.

2. Salmon Fish Consumption Can Prevent Heart Disease & Blood Vessels – Salmon consumption can help prevent high blood pressure (hypertension), heart attack, blockage of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and other diseases.

The content of omega 3 in salmon may be petrified in reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the blood (LDL), can maintain the flexibility of blood vessels and can strengthen the heart muscle as well as to repair damage to the heart tissue and blood vessels. Salmon could also help in lowering hypertension by lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and can prevent stiffness and blockage in the artery wall so that it prevents the occurrence of heart attacks.

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3. Salmon Fish Consumption could Increase Brain Power & Function – high content of omega 3 in salmon function improving memory and brain function. combination of omega 3, vitamin A, vitamin D and selenium helpful in preventing damage to the nervous system, working as anti depresant and can calm the brain. Consumption of salmon for children – children can help prevent disease ADHD.

4. Salmon Fish consumption Helps Overcome Sleep Difficulties – in salmon are content tryptophan, which is a natural sedative, therefore excellent for salmon comsumption for someone who has difficulty night rest (sleep) or disorder

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5. Consumption of Fish Salmon Good for Bone Health – salmon also contains kalsiton can help in improving bone density and strength which can assist in preventing bone loss (osteoporosis) and joint diseases such as the one osteoarthiritis. Not only that the calcium content in salmon also function in preventing bone health.