34 Benefits of Noni Fruit for Health

34 Benefits of Noni Fruit for Health
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Benefits of Noni Fruit for Health – Noni fruit is a native fruit that comes from southeast Asia. Fruit shape is slightly oval and somewhat grainy on the surface, but a lot of people who do not love the aroma of this fruit. In general, noni fruit used by some people for foodstuffs such as vegetables, salad and juice. For some people who do not like the noni fruit is, it’s good to know better the noni fruit, following a number of benefits of the noni fruit that has not been known.

In this world there are 80 kinds of noni, but that could get in or consumed by humans only 20 species only. Meanwhile, 60 other types are poisonous and if consumed will harm the body. Pace fruit beneficial to health because abortion is complete.

Ingredients Substance Noni Fruit

Benefit-fruit-mengkuduPada NCCAM research includes the study of noni for cancer, determine the safety and potential impact on the tumor and symptoms, as well as laboratory studies the effects of noni on prostate cancer cells.

In several laboratory studies, noni showed antioxidant content, stimulates the immune system and is against the tumor. The results have shown that the noni fruit, warrant further research for conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Here are a variety of substances that exist in the pace or noni fruit:

Substances noni fruit is very good for the body, some of which are as follows:

1. Terpenoids Substance

Substance content of terpenoids in noni assist in the synthesis of organic useful for the recovery of the body’s cells.

2. Nutrition

Protein, vitamins and minerals that are important to complete obtained from noni fruit. Antioxidant called selenium contained in the noni fruit is one of the great antioxidant.

3. Anti-Bacterial (eg, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Protens morganii, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis)

These substances kill bacteria that cause infection. The benefits of the noni fruit is also useful to control bacteria such deadly pathogens. This makes the pace fruit can kill the bacteria that can cause infection. Here are the different kinds of bacteria that can be killed using fruit pace:

  •         Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  •         E coli.
  •         Bacillus subtilis.
  •         Protens morganii.
  •         Staphylococcus aureus.
  •         Salmonella.
  •         S. typhi.
  •         Scotmuelleri.
  •         Shigella dusenteriae.
  •         S. pradysenteriae.

4. Anti-Cancer Substances

Content of anti-cancer substances in noni fruit is very effective against abnormal cells, which makes the emergence of the problem of cancer symptoms.

5. Nutrition

Pace has a lot of nutrients in it. In general, the pace is a fruit that provide complete nutrition. Here are the different kinds of nutrients in noni:

  • Protein.
  • Vitamin.
  • Mineral enough. Minerals in the fruit and leaves of pace.
  • Selenium. Selenium is a mineral that function as antioxidants.
  • Compound. Noni is also contained within a wide range of active compounds. The compounds in noni are compounds sterois plants, alizarin, lycine, caprylic acid, sosium, proxeronine, between multiple quinines, trace elemens, phenylalanine, magnesium.

6. Scolopetin. Scolopetin is a compound that bermnafaat to repel inflammation and allergies.

7. Xeronine and Proxeronine.

8. Bioactive substances.

9. Iridoid substances.

10. Fiber.

11. Methyl.

12. Acetyl.

13. Morindone.

14. Kapril acid.

Benefits of Noni Fruit for Health
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Noni Plant Characteristics

Noni fruit with an eye to benefits are not fooled by plants or other vegetation should we know the characteristics of the noni plant. Here are the characteristics of the noni plant or pace:

1. Tree.

Noni tree is not too big and not too high. The high is only 4-6 meters. Dahan of rigid noni tree, its roots are stable and have a rough branches. Colour trunk brown and grayish.

2. Leaf.

The leaves of the noni tree leafy thick. Noni leaf lying face to face. The leaves are wide and big. Average leaf edge.

3. Flower.

Flower of noni plant compound, rounded flowers. Noni flower stalks 4 cm. Flower named noni fruit pansy, crowned with white flowers, its shape resembles a funnel and has a length of 1.5 cm. There stamens and lodged in the mouth of the crown. The noni flower buds amounted to two.

Benefits of Noni

Benefits of Noni fruit is able to improve health, and nutritional substances that many make noni has a wide range of health benefits. Here is a wide range of benefits gained from consuming noni or pace.

1. Relieve Headaches

Since the early days, many who use noni as a headache reliever (analgesic). The content of as much as 75% beat analgesic morphine sulfate to relieve pain.

2. Reduce High Blood Pressure

For those of you who have hypertension or high blood tenanan can make use of noni to lower blood pressure to normal. How can dengen consume directly with peeling skin or can also boil. The content of xeronine in Noni fruit useful to normalize a person’s blood pressure. Scopoletin useful phytonutrients substances dilate blood vessels to lower blood pressure. So the heart does not have to work too hard to pump blood.

3. Digestion

Consume noni fruit regularly can also aid digestion. Diseases such as, flatulence, vomiting, sores in the intestines and stomach ulcers can be treated with noni fruit. The fiber content is in the noni fruit beneficial for digestion. The trick is to consume noni before taking large portions.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

Benefits of Noni fruit that have anti-inflammatory properties that has been shown to prevent inflammation. Also lowers the risk of heart disease symptoms.

5. Boost Immunity

The content of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, peptides and enzymes contained in noni improve the immune system. Natural antioxidants, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 the body needs to ward off free radicals. Vitamin C is in the noni fruit can also be useful to improve the immune system in the body so that various diseases can not enter into the body. People with low immune system can be easily affected by the disease.

6. Anti-Bacterial

In the noni fruit, there are also anti-bacterial properties contained in the anthraquinone compounds and stunned, nourish the skin from the attacks of parasites and fungi that cause skin diseases.

7. Lower Cholesterol

Dyslipidemia is an increase in blood cholesterol levels are a major factor for development of cardiovascular disease. A team of researchers Pakistan-Saudi use of water and ethanol-based extract of noni fruit, leaf and root to treat laboratory mice which had induced dyslipidemia. They found that all three extracts significantly reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels in animals that have had dyslipidemia induced through the provision of a high-fat diet. The results were published in the 2010 issue of “Lipids in Health and Disease.”Substance xeronine and proxeronine can treat the content of bad cholesterol in the body. To treat cholesterol, you can boil the noni fruit and drink boiled water on a regular basis.

8. Prevent Cancer

Research has suggested the compound 2-methoxy-1,3,6-trihydroxyanthraquinone the noni fruit is good for preventing DNA damage that causes symptoms of cancer cells as well as good for maintaining healthy cells in the body. Pace or noni has high anti-oxidant substances. All food and herbal medicines that have high antioxidants helpful for preventing the spread of cancer cells and cancer cells in the body.

9. Treat Gout

Uric acid should not be underestimated. Uric acid can cause a variety of chronic diseases for example heart disease, stroke and many other diseases. Uric acid is characterized by cramps at night, cold feet and many others. Iridoid substances in pace or noni fruit can be useful to treat gout.

10.Treat Diabetes

Proxeronine substance is a substance which could be useful for treating diabetes. Whether it’s diabetes or diabetes wet dry. Diabetes should be treated immediately, because it is very dangerous if wet diabetes injured. It can infect the wound in the surrounding organs. So the process of amputation should be performed.

11. Treat goiter

Mumps is caused by the thyroid gland swelling. Treatment using a very easy pace fruit by reducing the consumption of salt and use the collar pieces are still mengkal pace. Besides consuming noni or regularly understate the pace tyorid gland in the neck.

12. Counteract free Radicals

Free radicals can affect the skin and health. Nowadays many free radicals around us. To counteract the free radicals required the consumption of noni fruit regularly. How can the herbs of noni noni juice or consume directly. Noni bioactive substances in can be used to ward off free radicals.

13. Expedite Blood Pereadaran

Noni or beneficial pace for circulation. Scopoletin substances can be useful for blood circulation. That’s because scopeletin substances can dilate blood vessels. The width of blood vessels that could improve blood circulation in the body.

14.Treat Infection

Infection can be caused by various bacteria in the body. Anti-bacterial substance that is in the noni fruit is useful to eliminate bacteria that could make the infection worse. In addition to killing bacteria, anti-bacterial agents are useful for controlling bacteria in the body.

15. Relieve Cough

Cough can be caused by bacteria and viruses that are around us. Consuming noni fruit can be useful to relieve cough and relieve cough. Anti-bacterial substance that is in the noni fruit useful to relieve itching and kills germs and diseases that exist in the throat. The trick is as follows:

  •     Boil two ripe noni fruit.
  •     Mix with half leaf bujanggut.
  •     Boil use two cups of water to a boil.
  •     Leave only one glass only.
  •     Strain the water and drink twice a day.
  •     The first time will make the itching in the throat is missing, then cough will subside over time.
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16. Eliminate Jaundice

Jaundice can be characterized by yellowing of the body, weight loss, skin wrinkles and many others. Research points to the fact that noni can be beneficial to eliminate jaundice experienced by sufferers. How to make is as follows:

  •     Prepare two pace that has been cooked and remove smells.
  •     Noni noni puree and squeeze.
  •     Enter the honey into the juice of the noni.
  •     Mix well.
  •     Drink three times

17. Cure Inflammation of the Intestine

Someone who experienced inflammation of the intestine can be cured using Noni or pace. Scolopetin substances contained in noni fruit useful to relieve inflammation and sores in the intestine.

18.mengobati gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis same characteristics with ulcer patients. It will be sore stomach and twisted. To treat stomach ulcers, you can take advantage of substances in the womb scolopetin noni. The trick is to boil along with the noni noni leaf. Regularly drink three times a day until the sore healed.

19.Treat Food Poison

People affected by food poison can be relieved using noni. That’s because in mengudu substances contained antibacterial substances that can neutralize bacteria in the poisoned food. Food poisoning can be caused by food that is expired and also foods that are processed using materials that are not hyegienic. Feature the food poisoning are:

  •     Pale face.
  •     Dizzy.
  •     Nausea and vomiting.
  •     Stomach ache.
  •     CHAPTER continuously.

20. Laryngitis

Strep throat is characterized by sores in the throat caused by injury and infection in the throat. The inflammation can be treated using noni. Scolopetin substances contained in the noni fruit to treat inflammation in the throat.


Bronchitis can be treated using noni. Anti-bacterial substances contained in the noni fruit is useful to prevent bacteria into the lungs and kill bacteria in the lungs. The consumption of noni regularly can eliminate bacteria in the lungs so that bronchitis is getting better.

22. Treat Skin Inflammation

Inflammation can be characterized by Ruan skin redness on the skin surface. Scolopetin substances in noni fruit can treat inflammation of the skin you have.

23. Treat Toothache

Antibiotics can be changed using noni. That’s because in noni are anti-bacterial substance that can make dental pain subsided and lost due to the bacteria that cause tooth pain has been eliminated.

24. Treat Burns

Burns can happen to anyone. When burned, the skin cells become damaged. Therefore, for healing, the cells are damaged should be updated. Noni can be used to treat burns. That’s because there is a substance in noni terpenoids which can restore damaged cells in the body.

25. Heal Ulcers

Ulcers can be cured using pace. Zan anti-bacterial in Noni can be used to treat ulcers. The trick is to grate the noni and paste it on ulcers.

26. Treat Dysentery

Dysentery caused by shigella bacteria dusenteriae. The bacteria can be killed using noni. Anti-bacterial substances contained in the noni fruit can cure dysentery by killing the bacteria that cause dysentery.

27. Resolve Diarrhea

The bacteria salmonella and e coli is a type of bacteria that can cause a person to suffer from diarrhea. Diarrhea can be cured with the content of noni noni because it has anti-bacterial agent. Anti-bacterial substances can kill the salmonella bacteria / e coli and treat diarrhea.

28. Increase Energy

Protein is in the noni fruit useful to produce energy in the body. In addition to improving the energy Noni is known to be very important to help reduce the feeling of suffocation.

29. Decrease Pain

Noni is analgesic in nature so that it can reduce pain. Useful analgesic to relieve the pain of headaches. Joint pain can be treated using this medicine. Noni has analgesic substances by 75 percent. People affected by joint pain can be treated using noni with the properties of morphine sulfate present in the noni fruit.

30. Reduce Fever

Fever can also be removed and treated with noni. How to treat fevers using noni is as follows:

  •     Take the noni fruit.
  •     Mix with grated kencur.
  •     Boil both the material.
  •     Use two cups of water and leave just still one glass only.
  •     strain
  •     Drinking water boiled on a regular basis.

31. Treat Tumors

Benign tumors can be treated using noni. Noni is rich in antioxidants that can shrink tumors and fight tumor cells in the body.

32. Eliminate Scaly Skin

For women who want to have smooth and moist skin, can use the noni fruit. Noni fruit can also smooth the skin. The trick is as follows:

  •     Peel the noni fruit.
  •     Iris big noni fruit.
  •     Scaly skin that can spread using the meat section of the noni fruit.
  •     Diamkanlah for up to 10 minutes.
  •     Dip a clean cloth in warm water.
  •     Portions were smeared with noni cleaned using a cloth that has been dipped into the warm water.
  •     Do it regularly.

33. Healthy Bone

Noni fruit has a substance in the form of methyl, acetyl, kapril acid, which bemanfaat morindone to strengthen bones and increase bone density in the body. People whose bones dense and strong will be protected from various kinds of bone diseases. For example bone or oesteoporosis and many others.

34. Cure Hemorrhoid

The content is in noni and noni leaf in useful for curing hemorrhoid disease. How to treat it very easily by consuming noni fruit stew mixed with leaves. How to make :

  •    Boil the leaves and noni with two glasses of water and leave just become one glass only.
  •    After that, drink water boiled on a regular basis.
  •   Hemorrhoid is also increasingly alleviated with fiber content in the noni fruit, so hemorrhoid sufferers will be smooth digestion and avoid constipation.
Benefits of Noni Fruit
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Side Effects Noni Fruit

Noni may be safe when consumed in the recommended amount of consumption. But there are concerns when consumed noni for treatment, which may be in an amount that is not safe.

Special warnings Noni Consumption :

  •     Pregnant and lactating women

Avoid consuming noni during pregnancy because historically, the noni fruit is often used for abortion. Similarly, when breast-feeding, should avoid the consumption of noni fruit, because not enough is known about the safety of noni during breastfeeding.

  •     Kidney problems

In the womb of noni contained potassium in considerable amounts. This could be a problem, especially for people with kidney disease. Do not consume noni if you have kidney problems.

  •     Diseases of the liver

Noni are linked to several cases of liver damage. Avoid consuming noni, if you have liver dysfunction disease.

Noni fruit, leaves, flowers, stems, roots and even bark is widely used as a herbal medicine media. The effectiveness of Noni fruit had not yet been proven. Even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued several warnings to the drug’s manufacturer of noni herb, which claims to health which is not supported by the facts. So we as consumers, must be smart to choose a treatment that is completely safe.

Based on the article above we know that noni has many benefits for human health. and after knowing about the facts above, we no need to worry about getting disease and no need to use any life insurance.

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healthy life, unite with nature without full depend on life insurance