31 Benefits of Marjoram Essential Oil for Health (Riganum majorana)


Benefits Marjoram Essential Oil – To get essential oil of Marjoram (Origanum majorana), all you have to do is extract the leaves of Marjoram using steam distillation. You can use both fresh or dried Marjoram leaves. This unique plant originally from the Mediterranean, and can be easily found there.

The Knotted Marjoram as in scientifically known as Origanum marjorana possesses useful substances. There are Alpha terpinene, Gama terpineol, Gamma terpinene, Sabinene, Sabinene hydrate, Linalool, Linalyl acetate, Terpinolene and Cymene.

There are health benefits of Marjoram essential oil we can achieve. It helps us to eliminate toxins, cure open wounds, and prevents it from decaying, avoid us from getting heart disorders, and still many others.

As internal traditional medicine, it is always the best policy to get consults and second opinions to the experts. Becoming aware of the health benefits and the side effects of the Marjoram essential oil, we know how to use it at our advantages.

the essential oil of Marjoram for health can be so various. It helps us to reduce fever, calm down our nervous system, enhance our sex drive, improves our digestion system and many more.

Another advantage of Marjoram oil for health is we can mix it with another essential oil. There are Chamomile, Cedar wood, Tea tree, Cypress, Eucalyptus, and Bergamot essential oils we can mix with the oil of Marjoram.

30 benefits of Marjoram essential oil for health;

1. Reduces pain

Using Marjoram essential oil to reduce pain from body illness is a good choice. The essential oil of Marjoram heals pain from fever, influenza, headache, and many others. You ca always use Marjoram oil even if you haven’t eat at all. It doesn’t have side effects like many other artificial analgesic in the drug store.

2. Comforts the muscle cramps

Marjoram essential oil as spasm relievers is a good choice. It can cure almost any kind of spasm happens in the body. Spasms happen in many area of our body. It can be in the stomach, due to over exhausted muscular activities, and still many others. Using Marjoram essential oil at a proper dosage will cost you no side effects at all.

3. Natural control of your sexual desires

Being in the productive ages, it sometimes difficult to control our desire for having sexual activities. Indeed, we can use the energy to do many other activities, such as sports, and hobbies. In the circumstances of not being able to do muscular activities, or consume lots of our energy, you might find the essential oil of Marjoram quite useful.

The use of Marjoram essential oil as sexual drive controller will help us to suppress or decrease un distributed sexual tension we have. In certain condition using the essential oil of Marjoram health benefit of sexual desire controller is quite helpful.

4. Works as natural antiseptic

If you happens experiencing accident resulting to open wounds or cuts, using Marjoram essential oil as antiseptic is very useful. As external medicine, the essential oil of Marjoram protects the wounds from decay and avoid us from having tetanus.

All we have to do is simply apply some amount of the Marjoram essential oil on to the open wounds or cuts. Remember to seek for medical expert for further assistance.

5. Eliminates viruses attacks

The oil of Marjoram possesses anti virus. It means using the essential oil of Marjoram regularly our life may able to stop us from having diseases from virus. Of course we have to use it properly in measured and proper dosage.

The best way of using the Marjoram essential oil as antivirus is by asking companion to our trusty medical expert. There are common diseases we can prevent by the use of Marjoram oil. They are influenza, common cold, fever, pox, mumps, measles and still many more.

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6. It kills bacteria

Besides of killing viruses, it turns out that Marjoram oil kills bacteria as well. That is why this unique oil of Marjoram is able to protect us from getting these diseases of malaria, typhoid, colic, and many others.

Not to mention, the use of Marjoram essential oil with proper dosage and may protect our entire body system at once. It will help us to protect our skin, getting poisoned by food, and body system, failures.

7. Expel useless gas inside the intestine

Have you ever experience flatulence? It is the condition of our stomach or intestines feel like full of gas. It is so uncomfortable isn’t it? The essential oil of Marjoram is able to help you alleviate his condition.

We may call the effects as carminative, which is able to safely removes or expel overly gas from our stomach. By this carminative effect of Marjoram essential oil, we can be free from indigestion, flatulence, nausea, chest pain, vomiting, and also hypertension.

8. Enhance our brain

Another great effect of the Marjoram essential oil is its chepalic effect. It means the unique oil of Marjoram is able maintain our brain in healthy condition. It avoids us from getting early dementia, All-Zheimer’s disease, and brain degradation. All in all, it’ll avoid us from brain defects.

9. Conduct blood flows

The essential oil of Marjoram also possesses the ability of conducting the blood flow in our body. It is known as the cordial effect. As the result, it warms the body and improves the blood circulation throughout the body. Hence, it is able to removes the pain from rheumatism and arthritis, as well as removing blood clog in the blood vessels.

10. Helps to remove toxins from off our body

The less toxin inside our body the healthy we are. Marjoram Oil increases the perspiration and removes toxin and residual substances of our body metabolism. These residual may take form in excessive salt, and water.

This means, it is easy for our body to recover from fever, and fasten the healing process from diseases. In fact, the essential oil of Marjoram in our dietary program may lose some of our body weight.

11. Conduct digestion system health

In early ages, especially in traditional communities, the seeds of Marjoram is used in promoting the digestion system. It helps our body to release the digestion juices to conduct more smooth digestion process. As a matter of fact, it stimulates the peristaltic movements which is determine on our regular and normal defecate process.

12. Keeping our stomach healthy

Not only conduct digestion system health, the Marjoram oil possesses the stomachic effect. It means that the Marjoram oil will keep our stomach in proper condition to function normally. Beside that, the unique oil of Marjoram will also avoid our bowel from getting ulcers and other disorders.

Another good part of the Marjoram oil is the ability of promoting the gastric juices at the equal level. This affecting the more resilient stomach from diseases cause from the gastric juices such as stomach illness and corroded stomach.

13. Eases defecating process

It turns out that taking the essential oil of Marjoram as part of our healthy life is valuable to help us in easing the defecating process. The Marjoram oil as laxative promotes the relaxing effects in our excretory system. It cleans out our bowel and stimulate the peristaltic movement in our colon.

14. It increases the amount of urine secretion

As we mention before, the use of Marjoram Oil in proper measure, promotes the smooths the urinate process. Not just that, it is also increase the urine volume. It helpful in removing excessive substances form our body metabolism process.

15. Eliminates pain during menstruation

Women who are still experiencing menstrual cycle may suffer from PMS. Not to mention if they have irregular menstrual cycle which comes along with painful feelings. The use of Marjoram essential oil will help them to alleviate those experiences the emenagogue effect of the Marjoram oil help to regulate the menstrual to its normal cycle.

Not to mention, it also removes the pain which comes along with the menstrual moment, such as headache, nausea, and many others. Finally, the Marjoram unique oil for women may help them to postpone the menopause.

16. Expels mucus and phlegm from our lungs

As we mention above, the use of Marjoram essential oil regularly is able to give relieves to our respiratory tract. It is able to clear out the lungs, and other respiratory vessels from phlegm or overly mucus.

As expectorant, the essential oil of Marjoram able to cure and alleviate respiratory disorders. There are coughs, cold, fever, and other virus infection which are able to disturb our respiration system.

17. Fight against dangerous fungi

There are many reasons for developing infections. One of them is it is because of fungi. The essential oil of Marjoram for fungi is well known as a cure. It helps us to overcome some serious skin illness. Moreover, as fungicidal, it helps us to fight against some of the skin disorders because of the fungi.

Not stopping at that, the Marjoram oil also able to cure some of internal diseases because of the fungal activity inside.
As addition, women with condition in their private area might wanna use this unique Marjoram essential oil as second option.

18. Prevents cardio vascular diseases

By consuming regularly the Marjoram essential oil, it will help our body to conduct blood flawlessly throughout our body. As the result, it decreases the blood pressure to the blood vessels and avoid us from getting hypotensive. In other word, it is gradually lower our risks of having cardio disorders including heart attack, brain hemorrhage, and stroke.

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19. Enhance the blood vessels functions

After reading no 18 above, there is one condition to conduct blood flawlessly throughout the body system. The process demands good blood vessels to go through. This is another good part of the Marjoram essential oil function. This unique Marjoram is able to maintain the blood vessels health and enhance its functions.

This ability is necessary, especially for people with high chance of getting atheroslcerosis, brain hemorrhage, and heart attacks. The use of Marjoram gradually make the blood vessels condition to be better. It is able to make the blood vessels to be wider, more flexible, and more endurance.

20. Fasten the healing system

Apply some amount of the Marjoram Essential Oil on the wounded skin will help fastening the healing process. It will also prevent the wound becoming decay easily or getting infections.

21. Prevents nervous disorders

Marjoram essential oil also possesses the sedative effects to our body system. It triggers the relax and calm effects especially whenever our body is suffering from shocks, anxiety, and stress out.

Furthermore, the Marjoram has the ability of giving the cheers feelings instead of sad and anger. Use the Marjoram unique oil to overcome any nervous disorders and mental breaks down is a good choice to pick.

22. Maintain the healthy nervous system

As we have read previously, there are health benefits of the Marjoram essential oil for us. One among them is for our nervous system. Not only it’ll help us to get out of that mental breaks down, but also giving protection and maintenance to our nervous system.

If you read carefully overall text, you will find another health benefits of Marjoram essential oil as cure and eases to these following disorders. They are; (23)fatigue, (24)bronchitis, (25)insomnia, (26)muscles and joints pain. Not to mention; (27)colds, (28)sinusitis, (29)asthma, (30)headache, and (31)stress.

Although this may be true, there are certain condition we must be aware of;

1. Aware if there is allergy reaction in using the Marjoram essential oil

2. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and infants should be in the companion of the medical expert.

3. Always do consults to your own physician or medical adviser for further assistance.

4. Do not attempt to use the oil of Marjoram without knowing what to do.

5. Stay healthy.