22 Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoot

22 Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoot
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Who doesn’t know bamboo trees?

22 Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoot – Many people live in tropical countries are familiar with this magnificent tree. Not only it has useful trunk, leaves, and stem, the Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoot is also good for us. The bamboo shoots are edible and becoming more familiar each day.

The bamboo shoots have to be taken before it reaches a meter tall. It posses the crisp and tender with plain and fresh taste.
Besides its delicacy, the bamboo shoot is also contains lots of useful substances for our health.

There are calories, fat, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, mono unsaturated fat, and also cholesterol. Furthermore, there are also potassium, sodium, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin A, C, D, B(6 and 12)proteins. Not to mention sugar, calcium, and magnesium are also available in this delicious bamboo shoot.

If you are not familiar with this kind of food yet, but in interesting to try some, there are ways to get it nowadays. We can easily found it as canned food, or fresh in the vegetable section.

Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoot
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Nutrition Facts of Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo shoot contains many nutrients that is low in calories and fat. It is also good source of fiber. Check this table below to know the nutrition contain of bamboo shoot. The best condition of the bamboo shoot is two weeks maximum from the day it had been harvested.

Do not store it for two weeks after as well. Since it has bitter taste and bitter texture, we cannot consume it raw. Moreover, it will be very difficult for our digestion system to digest. Cook it by boil, steam, or add it into soup, sauces, or stir fry it, there are many ways we can enjoy the unique crisp taste bamboo shoot.

There are also recipes on the internet about bamboo shoot we can always look into it. However, other than the delicacy of the bamboo shoot, there are also healthy benefits of bamboo shoot at our disposal.

Benefits of Bamboo Shoot
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22 healthy benefits of Bamboo shoot

1. Immune system enhancer

According to the chart nutrition vegetable, the large numbers of useful substances are available inside the Bamboo shoot. They are vitamins, antioxidant, minerals, and many thing else. Those useful substances make the Bamboo shot as one of the best edible sprout in the world.

Bamboo shoot fight against free radicals, strengthens immune system, and also repels any other diseases. Consuming bamboo shoo regularly is also able to maintain the skin health and preventing it from early aging.

2. Promotes healthy and beautiful skin

As we mention previously, Bamboo shoot possesses lots of vitamins. One of those vitamin is the vitamin E. as most of us know that vitamin E is one of the greatest antioxidant which is very helpful to us. Not only protecting us from getting diseases, but the bamboo shoot keeping our skin stay healthy.

We can consume the bamboo shoot regularly to take the advantage of the high antioxidant inside the it. Hence, it provides protection, and rejuvenates our skin to stay healthy and beautiful.

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Bamboo Shoot Benefits
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3. Stimulates skin rejuvenation

As we mention previously, bamboo shoot is good source of vitamin E. Furthermore, bamboo shoot as daily addition in our foods may eager our skin to rejuvenate easily and regularly. It promotes healthy and beautiful skin as it more often replace old and damage skin with new healthy and beautiful skin.

The rapid rejuvenation and skin regeneration leads to the ability skin to heal faster from wounds, cuts, or scars.

4. Reduce inflammation

There is high amount of anti inflammation inside the Bamboo shoot. Hence, consuming bamboo shoot regularly on daily basis will help us very much to reduce inflammation, whether it comes from bacterial activities, virus, or even any other side effects of diseases.

5. Fight against infection from fungi

Not only as Bamboo shoot as natural anti inflammation, the anti fungus available inside the bamboo shoot is powerful enough to fight against fungal infection. Not to mention it is also able to protect and heal skin disorders cause by fungi.

Bamboo Shoot health Benefits
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6. Diet program supportive addition

Bamboo shoots as option vegetable contains very low of calories. Hence, bamboo shoot is very suitable for people who avoid high calories due to weigh loss.

Aside from the fact that low calories, there is on the contrary high amount of fiber inside the bamboo shoot. Fiber is very useful in building muscles and preventing from early hunger. Hence, people who have lots of fiber in their daily meal, tend to be healthier that most average people.

7. Promotes healthy digestion

A healthy benefit of fiber inside the bamboo shoot other than promoting muscles in the body is maintaining the healthiness of the digestion system. It prolongs the intestines with good bowel movement with regularly.

Moreover fiber provides protection for our intestines from diseases. Lack of fiber may lead to several diseases such as stomach cancer, constipation and many others.

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benefits of bamboo shoots
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8. Avoid and cure constipation

As we mention above, fiber is certainly important for our digestion system to stay healthy. Other than promotes a healthy digestion system bamboo shoot contains lots of fiber will avoid us from getting constipation. Hence, there is no need to worry about difficulties in defecating process.

To have such as healthy bowel, adding some bamboo shoot into our daily meal regularly is a worth effort to do.

9. Stimulates healthy body metabolism

There is also manganese other than fiber and other useful substances inside the Bamboo shoot. The manganese takes rules in the body metabolism function. Bamboo shoot with high manganese substance helps out body to stimulate healthy and normal metabolism.

Instead of taking modern medicine from commercial drugstore to promote a healthy metabolism, eating bamboo shoot is much safer. The manganese will stimulate the body to release enzyme which is needed.

10. Reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol is not always bad in our body. Cholesterol in normal level will help our body to have good and normal metabolism. However, if there is much cholesterol in our body, then there is a problem. Too much cholesterol leads to several diseases such as, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular problems and many more.

Eating bamboo shoot at proper measure in our daily basis will help us to stay healthy. It helps to reduce the cholesterol level, and maintain it as normal as our body needs it. According t o health nutrition offer public that university of Washington State, Bamboo shoot reduces cholesterol significantly.

11. Prevents high blood pressure

As we mention above, Bamboo shoots avoids us from getting high blood pressure. In scientifically, it keeps the level of water and blood pressure to stay in normal balance.

The potassium takes control in keeping the blood water to stay balance. Blood water helps to capture the oxygen and deliver it throughout the body.

12. Ease respiratory disorders

Bamboo shoot has been renowned as respiratory first aid since years ago. It is the water that we use to boil the bamboo shoot can cure cough and sore throat.

It is even better if we can add up some honey to increase the health benefits of bamboo shoot.

bamboo shoots canned
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13. Protects and cure infection in urinary system

Sometimes, there are bacteria activities in our urinary system. It leads to urinary infection eventually.

The bamboo shoot contains large amount of anti inflammation as you have read previously. Eating the bamboo shoot regularly will reduce the inflammation and eventually health the infection.

14. Neutralize animal’s poisons

Bamboo shoot is the very useful first aid if you are far away from modern medicine. We can use the bamboo shoot extract for detoxify wounds from poisonous animals such as snakes or scorpions.

Don’t be panic if we have bitten or stung by poisonous animals. Get some of fresh of bamboo shoot, and mash them carefully. Apply the mashed bamboo shoot on the wound from the biting.

15. Cures stomach ulcer

Sometimes, we are not so lucky enough and experiencing what it is happens to be stomach ulcer. There are things that cause this diseases, but let’s not discus that.

The more important is how to treat stomach ulcer on immediate response before we can afford modern medicine. It turns out that bamboo shoot is also contains of analgesic or natural pain killer.

Not only calm and ease the pain, eating foods contain bamboo shoot may heal the stomach ulcer as well.

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health benefits of bamboo shoots
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16. Promotes easy labor in pregnant women

Long before modern medicine, women are already difficulties due to labor process. People in ancient China have been using bamboo shoot as labor aid. Especially when it is due date and the woman is still not giving birth.

It is because the bamboo shoot contains what we call as uterotonic. This substance stimulates uterine contractions due to laboring process.

Nowadays, in the modern days, the fact that bamboo shoot has the uterotonic has been studied scientifically in Vienna university.

17. Maintains healthy skeleton

Other than fiber, vitamin E, there is also calcium inside the Bamboo shoot.

As we all know that our body needs calcium very much. Lack of calcium may lead to bone and skeleton disorders, such osteoporosis.

18. Avoids the atherosclerosis

First of all, atherosclerosis is the wall thickening of the arteries vessels. It is thicken by the availability bad cholesterol. That condition of thickening arteries vessels wall may lead to heart attack or even stroke.

As we mention previously, bamboo shoot reduces bad cholesterols. Hence, eating at bamboo shoot at proper measure and regularly, gradually may reduce the thickening wall in our arteries. Not in direct way, bamboo shoot avoids us from getting atherosclerosis which is eventually may be get us heart attack or stroke.

Bamboo Shoots health Benefits
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19. Natural anti diabetic

Other than good for muscles building, maintaining healthy digestion system, bamboo shoot with fiber delays the sugar absorption. It reduces the change of having diabetes due to high level of blood sugar.

Beside of its delicacy, many people have recommend bamboo shoot for people with diabetes condition. Bamboo shoots prevent the insulin resistance since it hinders blood sugar level goes spikes.

20. Natural anti anemia

Beside of those useful substances above, there is one more substance inside bamboo shoo we should know. The bamboo shoot contains of minerals needs to build red blood cells.

If our body is lack of red blood cells lead to certain diseases, such as anemia. It is the lack of the oxygen distribution through the entire of the body. Finally, if we don’t treat that anemia carefully, it may lead to another severe condition.

21. Prevent heart disease

As we have mention before, too much cholesterol in the blood may cause heart attack, stroke at the most case. There is the role of bamboo shoot preventing the heart attack from occurring. There are Phytonutrients and phytosterols inhibits the bad cholesterol level in our body.

Those two substances in bamboo shoot hinder the bad cholesterol that cause the chance of heart attack. Furthermore, the potassium is what keeping the heart ticking at normal rhythm.

22. Natural anti carcinogen

All of those useful substances inside the bamboo shoot make this unique plant as one of the best natural medicine. Not to mention as healthy life style support across nationwide. Another healthy benefits of eating bamboo shoot regularly at proper measure is, decreases our chance of getting cancer.

The fact that it is delicious food is just another addition we can claim. Bamboo shoot has lots of antioxidant preventing cancer. It is also hinder the main cause of cancer which is free radical around us.

As long as we pay attention on how we preserve and cook the bamboo shoot, there are no side effects have been found yet. So, you will get the full health benefits of bamboo shoots.

Seek for medical or expertise for another consult. There is a slight change we have to go undergo allergy test, but, just for precaution, it is necessary.

Stay healthy.