18 Top Benefits of Basil (Ocimum basilicum)


Health Benefits of Basil – Basil is perennial shrubs which are grow best in warm temperature area. Hence, this annual 100 cm brimming tall  can easily be found in tropical countries. It has small black seeds but large flowers.   Typically this plants live in fertile and rich with water. While the weather mostly prefer to well air circulation among the trees.

Basil also knows as Ocimum basilium as its scientific name. Even though it is look like mint, it is definitely not one. It has large flowers with white or purple color. The plants has pungent, strong, and sweet smell similar to anise.

Other than health benefits of basil we can obtain , in traditional and yet now even in modern people, it is already common to be use in cooking. Just as in spices, basil put an unique taste into food and other cooking product.

It turns out that basil has so many variety, according to where it is cultivation. In Indonesia, basil tastes a bit like lemon, and widely known in the cooking world. While in other variety of basil such as opal basil, purple ruffles basil, spicy bush basil and so many other are known as traditional medicine.

For the record, you can cultivate Ocimum basilium along with other plants such as eggplants, pepper, or even tomatoes. Hence, whoever loves cooking and know the difference of good food and the bad one, should be familiar with this unique and useful plants.

This Asian native plants, nonetheless, have lots of benefits we should know. With the contains of useful substance inside, there is no wonder this plants is popular around the world. There are about 16 useful substances we can recognize, exclude the minerals inside. They are; copper, vitamin K, iron, manganese, calcium, lysine, vitamin C, cystine, vitamin B9, methione, amino acids, vitamin A, leucine, and also tryptophan. Isn’t it amazing?


18 health benefits of basil

1. Fights against cancer

The content of phytochemicals inside the basil naturally already able to avoid us from cancer. It is also provide us protection from other cancer such as liver cancer, skin, lung and oral cancer. It turns out that basil is able to increase the activity of the antioxidant to stop the spreading of dangerous cancer cells, and also helps us to recover from the bad effects of radiation as cancer treatment.

2. It acts as anti inflammatory

There are many kinds of inflammatory and its causes. However, the benefits of  basil for health is make sense since there are citronellol, eugenol, and linalool substances inside basil leaves. It helps us to reduce inflammatory which is the most common cause for the next acute diseases such as heart disease, bowel inflammatory, rheumatoid arthritis, and so many other dangerous  diseases.

3. Healthy food addition

Despite of its deliciously refreshing taste, turns out that basil has benefits for health. It consists of antiseptic for treating wounds cuts, and similar unfortunate. It even able to help us to treat the pain from chickenpox, measles, and not to mention small pox. Magically, you also can relieve the pain of getting bitten by insects and expel the venom out.

4. Depression treatment

Another health benefits of basil which is not everyone know is that it can be used as treatment for light mental illness, such as depression or anxiety. Basil is able to enhance the neurotransmitters function which are  trigger the happy hormone releasing.

5. It acts as anti bacterial

Some researchers in Poland reveal that basil is affective to combat against bad bacterial which is causing many diseases. However there is on progress studies which is still examining the health effect of Ocimum basilius for human kind.

6. Encourage the liver and detoxification process

The fact that Ocimum basilius has antioxidant in high volume makes this plant becoming able to provide support in detoxifying process inside the body. Hence it is very useful to enhance the liver function as the primary organ in body detox process.

7. Encourage the cardio health

To achieve the health benefits of Basil for cardiovascular, you can consume it on daily basis as additional food regularly. It is helping the blood vessel becoming more flexible while deliberating the blood pressure to the entire body. By so, it helps us to prevent of getting any cardio disorders. Basil extraction for cardio health is decreasing the  inflammation and encourage the body immune system.

8. As treatment for eye disorders

The juice of basil leaves can be an amazing treatment for eye disorder, specifically for night blindness and sore eyes. Before you can boost your intake for vitamin A, there is no lose of getting this basil juice for eyes health. It is also very helpful to overcome the cataract, vision degeneration, glaucoma, and also stress on the eye.

You can wash your eyes with the water with basil soak in it. Not to mention, simple activity such as chewing about two basil leaves may avoid you from sore eyes caused by free radicals. Other than that, you can also put two drops of basil juice to overcome conjungtivitis and relax the eye movements and its neuron.

9. Treatment for gum disease

Another treatment for gum disease is by using the basil leaves for health. Dried a bunch of basil leaves and make them into powder. Then you can mix it with mustard oil and use it as tooth paste.

In fact, you can use the benefits of basil leaves as mouth wash, to get a healthier pyorrhea, eases the headache cause by dental illness, avoid gum disorders, as well as good disinfectant for your mouth.

Note that, it can kill up to 99% of bacterial and germs inside of our mouth.

benefit of basil for health

10. Reduce coughs and sore disorder

Not many people know that basil leaves is one of the significant matter in cough medicines, including expectorants and syrup for coughs. Rather than go to the drug store, you can boil eight basil leaves along with five cloves in a cup of plain water to make your own cough reliever.

Boil those ingredients in about ten minutes, and then cool it off. Drink the water to ease and cure the cough, or gargle with it to ease sore throat. It is also able to be used as good treatment for respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis.

11. Improving digestive system and alkalize the body

Our body needs a certain condition to be a well functioned system. The health benefits of basil leaves will help us to get this certain condition by restore the proper pH in our body.

In traditional culture, basil leaves commonly used in treating acid reflux, stomach cramps, kill the stomach worms, and not to mention the loss of appetite.

12. Natural aphrodisiac

In certain country, this unique leave is being used as love sign. The fact is, the fragrance of the basil leaves believed to be able to trigger the libido.

It is predicted because of the healing inflammation process and the increasing energy level of the body. Hence the arousal feeling comes from.

Even in certain religion, the basil leaf is known as substances which is able to encourage and increase the sexual tension and boosting the mood.

13. Prevents acne and black spots

The health benefits of basil juice for acne is to overcome the spreading of acne and prevents it from getting bad. It is able to avoid us from getting ring worm, insect bites, and psoriasis.

Other than that, the basil juice benefits are also get rid off the bacterial, and help us to removing any black spots from the existence  of the acne.

14. Prevents diabetes and encourage the body metabolism

You can extract the basil leaves and get the benefits for maintaining the diabetes condition. Basil leaves extract benefits for diabetes is its essential oil which is able to decrease the level of triglyceride and cholesterol.

15. Another smoke quit therapy

For you who’s trying to quit smoking, and find it is hard to do, try to chew basil leave all the time. Whenever the want to light a cigarette is coming, just chew a basil leaf.

It really helpful since it can sooth your throat other than distract the want and recovering the body condition from smoking. Not to mention, it is even better than any method of quitting smoking.

16. Ease the insect bite

While camping or in any other outdoor occasion, you can use the benefits of basil fresh juice to overcome the insect bites and stings.

Apply a teaspoon of fresh juice on to the considering area and redo it after couples of hours. If it is difficult to find fresh juice of basil leaves, you can just mash a grab of basil  and apply it onto the area with pain.

17. Good for kidney stone

To maintain a healthy kidney, you can drink six fresh basil leaves along with water as much as you can in the morning before you have breakfast.

If you are suffering from kidney stone, you can consume the mix of basil with honey at a proper measure in six month straight. It will help you to expel the kidney stone via the urinary tract.

18. Ease the headache

Modern health institution nowadays tends to go back to the nature. Many people have witnessed the amazing benefits of Basil for health. One of those benefits of basil leaves for health is it can cure headache.

You can add a tablespoon of dried basil leaves into a cup of hot water in a large pot. Wrap your head with a towel while you’re facing the pot and breathe the steam. Do it for 5-10 minutes.  You might wanna mix the basil with sandalwood for more result.

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There are lots of things in the world we missed the existence for their , and those are only 18 benefits of Ocimum basilius for health we barely know literally.  However, since there is only experiances with lack of modern scientific studies, always look for consult with your own medical care for further advice.