17 Health Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

17 Health Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil
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17 Health Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil – This unique name of lemongrass comes from the word “lemon” and “grass” combined into one word. This unique perennial plant has been known since long time ago in the Asia continent. As its name, lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) has the distinctive combination of a sweet, sour, and mild combination.

In certain countries, especially in China, the lemongrass has been used in so many aspects of life. People in Chine use the lemongrass as medicine, drinks, foods, even make them as desserts. Not to mention, lemongrass as food and drinks flavoring addition is already widely renowned. Hence, lemongrass has been used and known in so many countries nowadays.

Other for that purposes, there are also health benefits of lemongrass oil we can obtain trhough steam distillation of dry lemongrass. From that Cymbopogon citratus essential oil, we can make use of it as insecticidal, diuretic, deodorant, analgesic, febrifuge and sedative substance.

Furthermore, there are also nervine, antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericidal, antidepressant, carminative, astringent, galactogogue, and even fungicidal we can use. Oh, and don’t forget that we can also make natural body tonic out of the lemongrass essential oil.

Moreover, this unique essential oil of Lemongrass blends well with other essential oil such as cedarwood, geranium, lavandin, and tea tree essential oil. Equally, we can mix the lemongrass essential oil with jasmine, lavender, and basil essential oil with the same health benefits.

Those healthy effects we can get from the proper use of lemongrass essential oil is because there are useful substances inside the lemongrass essential oil. There are myrcene, citral, neral, geranyl acetate, citronellal, neral, and limonene.

Lemongrass Benefits
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17 health benefits of lemongrass essential oil

1. Acts as natural Astringent

One of the useful substances inside the Lemongrass essential oil works as natural astringent. It helps to stop the blood flow to the area which is not needs it. Astringent effect is very helpful whenever we experience open wounds, scars or cuts that make our body lose the blood rapidly and continuously.

The Lemongrass as natural astringent helps to contract the blood vessel to stop the bleeding. Moreover, the oil of Lemongrass for hair is preventing the hair loss, broken nails, gums and dental problems, skin and muscles disorders, and other degrading body function.

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Health Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil
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2. Acts as natural deodorant

Other that acts as natural astringent, some of us may notice that the Lemongrass oil distinctive aroma is tickling unique. We can have the benefits of Lemongrass as natural deodorant from that distinctive aroma. As natural product, it is unlikely that our skin has allergy reaction to it. It s even less dangerous than any artificial deodorant.

This herbal deodorant of Lemongrass very useful in overcoming the body odor which is can be annoying sometimes. We can dilute the Lemongrass essential oil and use it as every day deodorant to use.

3. Acts natural insects repellent

Apart from the Lemongrass distinctive and unique aroma, we can use oil of Lemongrass as natural insect repellent as well. Compare fabricated insect repellent, the oil of Lemongrass is far natural and less dangerous. With the same effectiveness, the Lemongrass essential oil can be the most friendlier among the insect repellent we can choose.

4. Acts as body natural tonic

Move on to another useful substances inside the oil of Lemongrass. We can use one of those substances as natural tonic to our body. It’ll help to boost the function, coordination, endurance, and health condition our body.

Not to mention, the Lemongrass essential oil toning our body system to work seamlessly. They are respiratory, nervous, digestion, excretory system and many more we can support using the oil of Lemongrass.

Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil
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5. Lowers the body temperature

The oil of Lemongrass contains natural antipyretic. It means the Lemongrass naturally has the capability of putting the high temperature down. Hence, the use of Lemongrass essential oil as one of the best treatment for fever is widely renowned. When the temperature is spikes, our body automatically responses in un comfortable feelings. The use of Lemongrass oil is also reduces those uncomfortable feelings along the fever.

6. Helps to alleviate flatulence

Flatulence is a condition where our bowel is full of unnecessary gas. Those accumulating gas may resulting in uncomfortable bloated feeling in our intestine. Not that it is a serious thread to our intestine’s health. Left treated improperly flatulence may turn into severe condition.

We can use the health benefit of Lemongrass essential oil to overcome flatulence. The useful substance inside the lemongrass essential oil will help us to alleviate flatulence and expel unnecessary gas inside the stomach.

7. Relieves pain

Another benefits of Lemongrass essential oil for health is as natural analgesic. We can use the essential oil of Lemongrass to alleviate pain, and reduce the inflammation. Furthermore, the Lemongrass essential oil works better on almost in all kinds of fever.

We can use the Lemongrass essential oil to cure headache, colds, toothache, coughs, even fever from spasms and poxes. Don’t you know that Lemongrass cure pain on our joints due to our extreme activities.

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17 Health Benefits of Lemongrass
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8. It hinders microbial growth

There are microbial activities around us, whether we care to know or not. Some of them inflict many dangerous diseases. Although this may be true, there is anti microbial inside the Lemongrass essential oil. This useful substance is very good as inhibitor to the microbial activities.

Furthermore, the essential oil of Lemongrass works even for both inside and outside microbial activities. It is able to prevent the microbial to cause further bad impact to our body with diseases.

Some of those diseases are dangerous enough which will cost us our life if we don’t treat it properly. There are inside infection from the microbial activities such as in the respiratory, digestion, urination, and other vital body system.

Not to mention, the other external infection because of wounds, poisons, skin illness, and many others.

9. Prevents further infections process

By inhibiting microbial growth as we read previously, the Oil of Lemongrass directly fight against infections at the same time. The obvious symptom that our body is fighting against infections is by raising its temperature. Then, the body gets fever. Thank goodness, the Lemongrass essential oil stimulate good perspiration, push toxins out of our body through sweating and other body liquids.

10. Enhance the urinate process

The proper use of Lemongrass essential oil increases the amount of urine we put out of our body. This process may help to extend the health of our kidneys, and avoid us from getting kidney stone or liver diseases. Furthermore, it is also very helpful to stabilizes the blood pressure.

Not to mention, it also helps our body to lose some of fat we don’t need. Hence, consuming Lemongrass Oil properly actually will help us in our diet.

11. Fasten the healing process of wounds

By the capabilities of prevents further infection process, it shows also that the Lemongrass oil possess the natural antiseptic. Thus, according to the health nutrition wellness article, the natural antiseptic of Lemongrass oil is very good to fasten the healing process from cuts or open wounds.

This unique natural antiseptic of the Lemongrass oil fasten the healing process, as well as prevents the wounds or cuts becoming septic. Therefore, this recent days, many brands of beauty and health care use the Lemongrass essential oil as one of its raw material.

12. Avoid infections from fungi

Other than stopping the septic process, and acts as natural inhibitor to microbial growth, the Lemongrass Oil also is a good fungicidal. People have been using the Lemongrass essential oil as natural cur from fungi infections for years. We even can use the oil of Lemongrass both in internal and external.

Benefits of Lemongrass
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13. Enhance the breast milk production

To newly mothers who long to have their babies, breastfeeding is something that they think about seriously. What if their breast don’t produce enough milk for the baby? How to have a good and healthy breast milk for the baby? Or, how to increase the quality of the breast milk for the baby? Those are the common questions we usually ask.

Well, the lemongrass essential oil offers good solution to those questions. There is a good substance inside the oil of Lemongrass which will stimulate and enhance the breast milk production. This useful substance makes the oil of Lemongrass as one of the good galactogogue essential oil, ever.

14. Act as natural sedative

Another important role of Lemongrass essential oil benefits for health is as natural sedative. We can take advantage of the soothing, calming, and sedating effect and use it in medicinal purpose. The oil of Lemongrass helps to ease the itches, inflammations, anxieties, muscular stresses, and pacify our mind.
Haven’t you heard that lemongrass for insomnia is great cure too?

Well, now you have 🙂

15. It helps to reduce depression

As we mention earlier, Lemongrass Oil contains sedative substance, therefore, we can take advantage of this unique oil of Lemongrass as natural sedative. The essential oil of Lemongrass helps to ease depression and other mental break down. Not to mention, it also enhance positive mind of our brain.

Stimulate good self esteem, keep the mind clear, ease the anxiety attack, and uplift any other mental break down feelings is the natural use of the Lemongrass essential oil. Furthermore, the use of Lemongrass is as simple as to add it into our daily drinks such as a cup of tea in the morning or evening.

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Lemongrass Essential oil Benefits
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16. Alleviate nervous disorders

Apart from that, further use of the Lemongrass Essential Oil have been spread in the medicinal world. These recent days, Lemongrass as natural tonic for our nervous system has been use widely.

The essential oil of Lemongrass is a great help in treating nervous illness such as dementia, Al- Zheimer’s disease, enhance and restore the nervous system. Not to mention, the Lemongrass for Parkinson’s disease has been renowned widely since years ago.

17. Stimulates the body’s systems to work properly

Lemongrass essential oil should never considered as magic we can use to cure any diseases. However, if we use it properly, Lemongrass oil good for enhancing, straighten up and promoting our all over body system to function and work properly and normally.

Not to mention, the oil of Lemongrass helps us to avoid certain diseases that can be fatal.

The Lemongrass side effects

Like the nature course, there are two sides of everything. However, on the contrary, there are no bad side effects on the use of Lemongrass essential oil yet.

Apart from that, we should be aware of allergic reaction that some of use have to the substance contained by the oil of Lemongrass.
Other than that, the use of Lemongrass essential oil as daily intake in our morning tea is pretty safe.

Stay healthy.