16 Benefits of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) Oil for Health

16 Benefits of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) Oil for Health
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16 Benefits of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) Oil for Health – Originally the Nutmeg comes from tropical countries. Its tree can grow estimated to seventy feet tall. With the scientific name of the Nutmeg is the Myristica fragrans, this unique tree has many different varieties. This tree became famous since the era of Queen Elizabeth for its Nutmegs essential oil benefits to overcome epidemic diseases in the Europe.

How to make Nutmeg oil is we need to extract the dry Nutmeg seeds. There are many useful substances we can take advantage of from the Nutmeg essential oil. It acts as natural antiseptic, stimulant, sedative, antidepressant, anti bacterial, and anti inflammation. Not to mention the nutmeg oil for hair is also a great option to maintain the healthy and beautiful hair.

Thus, from those many useful function of the nutmeg essential oil health effects, we can treat illness such as morning bad breath, indigestion, cough, menstrual cramps, , blood pressure, cardio problems, etc. In fact, with proper nutmeg oil dosage use, we can treat more diseases such as blood pressure and cardio disorders.

There are possibilities for using this unique oil since the Nutmeg essential oil blends well with Eucalyptus, Ylang ylang (Cananga), Rosemary. Not mention the Clary sage, Black pepper, Lavender, and Orange essential oil.

Benefits of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) Oil for Health
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16 Health benefits of Nutmeg oil

1. Overcome mouth bad breath

The essential oil of Nutmeg has distinctive fragrance which is very useful to help us removing the bad breath in the morning. Its woody smell is also very useful as natural antiseptic for gums and toothache treatments. In fact, nowadays, many manufactures have been using Nutmeg essential oil as raw material of mouthwashes and tooth pastes.

2. Natural sedative and anti depressant

The Nutmeg essential oil as anti depressant and natural sedative has been renowned for sometimes now. Not to mention, the fragrance of Nutmeg oil has been used for so long now. It is very helpful to keep our mind to be more relax and calm. It draws positive energy into our mind and keep the spirit to stay optimist. The Nutmeg oil hinders anxiety attack, depression, stress and other mental breakdown.

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16 Benefits of Nutmeg Oil for Health
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3. Promotes good and healthy skin and hair

There is also health benefit of nutmeg oil for skin. In fact, the nutmeg oil for hair has also been discovered for sometimes now. According to health nutrition news, there are substances of anti bacterial and anti septic inside the Nutmeg essential oil. The oil of Nutmeg overcomes skin from wrinkle, oily, dull, and scaly. Not to mention, it helps to maintain the healthy skin and avoid it from damage due to free radicals.
Using the nutmeg essential oil as daily bathing soap helps our body to stay fresh and healthy.

4. Overcomes congestion and cold

Apart of the Nutmeg essential oil for hair and skin health, Nutmeg oil is also very useful in treating cold and congestion symptoms. It helps the body to expel phlegm and conduct the respiratory vessel. The distinctive fragrance also promotes a nice breathing a well as comforting our mind.

5. Cares for gums and teeth health

Forget about chemical and artificial mouthwash when you can use the Nutmeg oil natural mouthwash. Use a drop of Nutmeg essential oil wile you are gargle with water. The oil of Nutmeg will help us to maintain the gums and teeth health. In fact, the Nutmeg oil is able to quicken the healing process on the gum disease. Furthermore, it is also very helpful to avoid our teeth for carries and tooth plaque.

16 Benefits of Nutmeg Myristica fragrans Oil
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6. Overcomes indigestion

Overly gas inside our intestines lead to uncomfortable feelings. Furthermore, untreated properly, it leads to dangerous illness. The use of Nutmeg essential oil helps us to relieve the bloated inside.

By removing excessive gas inside the intestines, Nutmeg oil can get rid of indigestion along with the symptoms such as vomiting, flatulence, even diarrhea.

In fact, it eventually promotes us with good digestion system and good appetite. Note that we should use low nutmeg oil dose first to make sure that we don’t have allergy to it.

7. Alleviates menstrual cramps

Not every women have regular cycle of periods. Some of them are unlucky enough to experience irregular periods along with painful cramps. According to health nutrition site web, the use of Nutmeg essential oil for menstrual cramps has good effect. Other than alleviate the moody, and depression feelings, the Nutmeg oil helps to balance the hormonal system.

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Benefits of Nutmeg Myristica fragrans Oil
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8. Soothes the respiratory vessel

Suffering from coughs, colds, and respiratory disorders is very annoying disturbing. Not to mention if we have lots of things to do or worry about. There is natural option to help us alleviate those condition. The Nutmeg oil act as natural decongestant which is very useful in relieving the respiratory tract as well as cure the diseases.

No wonder, if nowadays, there are lots of medicine for coughs and respiratory disorders using Nutmeg essential oil as one of its raw material. Moreover, some researches have been using this unique of Nutmeg oil as Asthma treatment. The Nutmeg pleasant woody fragrance can be use as room freshener as well.

9. Reduces muscular and joint aches

Other health benefits of Nutmeg oil as sedative is it eases the joint and muscular aches. Overly tired or doing exercises without proper stretching, sometimes lead to sprain and other muscular disorders. Simply giving it massage with the use of the Nutmeg oil is very helpful to alleviate muscular and joint aches.

In fact, the Nutmeg oil in in traditional Chinese medicines considered as one of the best in curing other illness such as abdominal disorders and swelling. It is including arthritis, back pain, sprain, rheumatism, and many more.

16 Benefits of Nutmeg Oil
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10. Enhances the blood circulation

The health benefits of Nutmeg oil stimulating overall body system is another amazing thing. It enhances the blood flow throughout the parts of our body. The fragrances calms down the brain and brings the relaxation effect to our mind.

Good blood circulation to the entire body system promotes good health and ease the internal organs to recover and rejuvenate it cells. Furthermore, we can hinder the early aging effects and overcoming damages from free radicals by using the nutmeg oil for sleep. It is including the other disturbances from out of our body.

11. Improves the ability to process information

Other than good for internal organs, Nutmeg oil for the brain health is resourceful. It brings the brain relieves from the stress and mental break down. Furthermore, it promotes good and positive feelings even to our dreaming during the sleep.

As we inform previously, according to the health nutrition resource, we can use the Nutmeg essential oil as treatment for stress, anxiety, and depression. It is renowned to be a stimulus to the brain oil of Nutmeg enhance the brain ability to be more aware and effective on processing information.

12. Prevents Heart Problems

The use of Nutmeg essential oil regularly will also promotes the cardio system to stay healthy. It is known to be good stimulant and tonic to the heart organ.

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Benefits ofMyristica fragrans Oil for Health
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13. Treatment for liver disease

Liver failure causing another dangerous diseases. Since the liver is an organ to filter toxin which is comes in to our body. The failing liver to work properly means allowing our body’s other organ to take all foreign substances including those who aren’t useful.

The Nutmeg oil for liver organ acts as tonic and good stimulant to the liver organ. It helps the liver to work properly by removing unwanted or foreign substances entering our body. Furthermore, the oil of Nutmeg is able to detoxify the liver organ itself.

14. Improves kidney’s Health

Not only for the liver organ, we may have tell you previously that the Nutmeg oil for our internal organ’s health is very useful. While in the liver organ promotes stimulant and tonic, the same effect goes to the kidney organ as well.

The Nutmeg essential oil has been recommended as traditional treatment for kidney stones. Furthermore, it is also reduce the uric acid pile up in other parts of the body. Left ignored, the pile of uric acid may lead to certain diseases such as gout, arthritis, and joint aches.

Benefits of Myristica fragrans Oil
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15. Additional in foods and beverages

People have been using the nutmeg even before they are reading and knowing about the true health benefits of Nutmeg essential oil. In certain countries, people use nutmeg to cook rice, meat, potatoes, even as additional seasoning in curry. Meanwhile, other people use Nutmeg as flavoring agent in the making of sweets, ice creams, sauces, and even in the coffee making.

16. Tobacco

Aside of the health benefits of Nutmeg oil, there is a NOT HEALTHY benefits but it is popular. It turns out that Nutmeg is added into the tobacco to add some flavors. Interesting, isn’t it.

There are not known bad side effects of using the Nutmeg essential oil yet. However, always seek for medical expert for further assistance, especially regarding the allergies.

Stay healthy.