15 Health Benefits of Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflora/oficinale) Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil
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15 Health Benefits of Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflora/oficinale) Essential Oil – The heroine of Jasmine flower has been spread all over the world until today. People make name for their precious daughter with this unique white flower. It represents purity, strength, beauty, and love and romance as well.

Not many people know that this pretty flower has been made as Indonesia national flower along with the Raflessia arnoldi. Furthermore, the beauty look of this flower goes along with its benefits for health.

Being famous in the world, the Jasmine known as represents to something with fragrance, sweet, pure, strong, and precious nature. According to food nutrition information, there are lots of useful substances available inside the Jasmine flower.

We can find Eugenol, Ceosol, Farnesol, Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl acetate, Benzoic acid, Geraniol, Benzaldehyde, and Isohytol. Not to mention the availability of Nerol, gamma terpineol, Phytol, Methyl anthranilate, linalool,Cis – hexenyl benzoate, and Cis – Jasmone.

Thus, from the availability of those exquisite substances, we can obtain so many health benefits of Jasminum Oficinale for health. We can use its essential oil as expectorant, anti spasmodic, galactogogue, cicatrisant, natural aphrodisiac, and sedative.

This unique flower is only bloom and spread its unique fragrance only at night. In certain countries, the flowers are used in traditional ceremonies or occasions. The essential oil of Jasmine blends well with other essential oil carriers such as lemons, limes, and grapefruits essential oil.

Not to mention, there are also Rose, Sandalwood, Bergamot, and Citrus essential oil which are very good to combine with the Jasmine essential oil.

We can also use the Jasmine essential oil for health as antiseptic, anti depressant, parturient, and healthy support for the uterine. For those who are still unfamiliar with those terms above, here we have further explanation below.

Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil
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15 Jasmine Essential Oil benefits for health

1. Prevents infections

Jasmine essential oil for antiseptic might heard not so familiar for some of us. However, it contains good substances such as Benzaldehyde, Benzyl benzoate, and Benzoic acid which are very good natural antiseptic and disinfectant. Not to mention those substances good function as natural antivirus, bactericidal, and germicidal.

Applying the Jasmine absolute essential oil on the open wounds or scars will quicken its recovery. It is also able to decreases the change of getting infections.

Thus, it will help our body to avoid further illness come from the infections on the scars and open wounds. In fact, the oil essential of Jasmine is also has good effects on the respiratory system as it helps to alleviate colds, sore throats, and coughs.

2. Fades Scar Marks

As we can read previously, the essential oil of Jasmine as antiseptic may helps us to avoid infections. Moreover, this unique oil of Jasmine effects as cicatrisant is also very helpful to minimize scars and wound marks due to recovery process. Especially

For people who concern very much about their looking, the fact that the oil of Jasmine fades scars is very important. It even may give us another good choice on how we can treat the wound marks or scars, especially on the exposed area of our body like face, hands, and feet.

Not to mention, the use of Jasmine essential oil regularly will gradually removes birth marks to post labor women.

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Benefits of Jasminum Grandiflora
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3. Skin Care

Nowadays, many beauty care products use natural raw materials. One among them is Jasmine essential oil skin care. It treats scaly skin, dull skin color, dry skin and other skin degrading consistencies. However, the antiseptic and other aggressive substances inside the Jasmine essential oil might trigger allergies to some people.

Hence, we surely gonna need medical expertise assistant on further use of Jasmine oil for face. Aside on that fact, the essential oil of Jasmine has been used in dermatitis and eczema treatments.

4. Stimulates healthy and beautiful hair

Aside of the Jasmine essential oil for health, we can also use this unique Jasmine oil for hair care. By using the oil regularly in a proper measure, we can keep our hair look shiny and healthy. Not to mention it strengthen the hair roots, maintain its thickness and take care the head scalp as well.

5. Reduces Cough

Aside from the antiseptic effect of the Jasmine essential oil avoiding infections, there is also expectorant substances in the Jasmine oil. The oil of Jasmine cures coughs and soothes the respiratory system. Not to mention, it clears out the phlegm piled up in the respiratory vessel.

Thus, being free from coughs and further infection, makes us getting more sleep peacefully. In fact, the Jasmine oil may help us to reduce the frequency of snoring wile we are sleeping. Though many be some of use keep questioning on how to use Jasmine oil, it really a simple procedure. We can apply it directly onto the skin, use it as aroma therapy, or use it as massage oil.

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Benefits of Oficinale
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6. Sedative Effect

As we all know, drinking Jasmine tea promotes comfort feelings to us. In fact, we can easily find the Jasmine teas out there. Furthermore, Jasmine essential oil sedative effect helps use to promote our body system to relax.

Furthermore, the Jasmine oil promotes peaceful effect, since it loosen the muscles tension and brain activities. Yet, unlike the artificial antidepressant drugs, the Jasmine essential oil sedative effect is not addictive. It give us natural release from anxiety, anger, annoyance, stress, and all other negative energies.

In fact, we can use the Jasmine essential oil sedative effect to sooths during recovery time from infection or inflammation diseases. Moreover, the Jasmine oil sedative has been use as alternative treatment for gout and arthritis.

7. Relieves depression

In relation with the essential oil of Jasmine sedative effects above, it soothes the nervous system and give the relaxing effect. Furthermore, we can use the Jasmine essential oil aromatic therapy relieves depression.

The scientific research proves that the unique scent of Jasmine oil my promotes the release the happy hormone we all know as serotonin. It induces happiness feeling along with other good and positive energy to our both body and soul.

Not wondering, many people are nowadays using the Jasmine essential oil aromatherapy as another good choice to stay relax.

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Benefits of Oficinale Essential Oil
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8. Treats Spasms

Pure Jasmine oil for relieve depression, is equally powerful. We can not neglect Jasmine Essential oil for treating spasms and mild seizures. Jasmine essential oil as natural anti spasmodic is better comparing to use chemical anti spasmodic drugs available. It promotes relaxing effect, and reduces the frequent spasms due to certain illness.

Spasms may caused by diseases such as asthma, relentless coughs, cholera, even intestinal distress. Spasms can be very dangerous if it is not treated properly. It may lead to further bad body condition and not to mention lethal result possibility.

9. Treats Insomnia

The relaxing effect from Jasmine essential oil turns out not only very effective to fight against certain diseases. According to food nutrition articles, many useful substances inside the unique Jasmine essential oil that are very useful to induce a long nice night sleep.

In fact, we can surely use the essential oil of Jasmine as good natural choice to treat insomnia. Hence, we can regain our fit condition since we get enough sleep during the night. Good body condition will ultimately lead to good body perform and resulting good outcome form our any activities.

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Benefits of Jasminum Grandiflora Essetial Oil
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10. Promotes regular menstrual cycle

Emmenagogue effect of Jasmine essential oil is the ability to promote regular menstrual cycle. Women with random and painful period will surely feel relieve with this unique Jasmine oil with the effect of emmenagogoue. Not only regulate the random period, this unique oil of Jasmine promotes less painful and stress period time.

By balancing the hormones controlling the menstrual cycle, it is also reduce the pain and mental break down during the periods. It may reduce fatigue, headache, nausea, and moody feelings. Eventually, it also promotes the body organ to stay aligned and do their job as normal as possible.

11. Stimulates Sexual Desires

Eventually as we go aging, it is normal if we lose a bit of the sexual drive. Men getting impotency, and women get frigid. This condition sometimes is not good for the marriage live.

Fortunately, there is Jasmine essential oil as natural aphrodisiac which will help us to overcome the situation. Without any significant side effects, the essential oil of Jasmine is able to increase the sexual drive a.k.a libido.

In fact, jasmine has unique and sweet fragrance that has been used during wedding first night in certain countries. Meanwhile, the regular use of essential oil of Jasmine gradually cures impotency, frigidity, premature ejaculation, and increases the sexual tension.

It might be able to save our marriage live and regain our romance once again.

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Health Benefits of Jasminum Grandiflora
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12. Promotes breast milk production

The use of Jasmine essential oil is also great way to increases the breast milk production. It is really helpful for mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. Not stopping at that, the unique essential oil of Jasmine protects us from getting breast cancer and tumors. Seek for medical advisers for further assistance.

13. Promotes & Eases Childbirth

Jasmine essential oil benefits for health spreads to inducing women in labor. It promotes and ease the process and somewhat reduces the pain during the process. Not to mention the recovery after the laboring process is somehow less longer compare to those who have Caesarean labor procedure.

In fact, the unique fragrance of the essential oil of Jasmine stimulates calmness and relaxation during the labor process. It helps the stabilize the body condition, and also the healthiness of the new born baby and avoid it the baby from stress out.

14. Protects the Uterus

Uterus is one of the unique organ which is in need extra care. The fact that there are certain dangerous diseases may cause damage the uterus. According to an article on health nutrition tip, the use of Jasmine essential oil helps to enhance the uterus and maintain its healthiness.

It stimulates hormones that keep the uterus in its normal and proper function and protects the organ from diseases such as cancer and tumor, especially in time during the menopause.

Health Benefits of Jasmine (Jasminum grandifloraoficinale) Essential Oil
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15. Helps to free from narcotic addiction

Not that it sets you free from narcotics in an instant, but during the process, the essential oil of Jasmine will gradually reduce the amount of narcotic use.

However, as we mention above, seek and do consult for medical expertise assistance for further use of the essential oil of Jasmine. Since it has high sedative effect, pregnant women should never use it at all, before the labor day.

Not to mention to those whoa are having allergies to the Jasmine essential oil , they should conduct test on their selves first before attempting to use the Jasmine essential oil at larger scale.

Stay healthy.