15 Health Benefits of Avocado Essential Oil


Health Benefits of Avocado Essential Oil – We can achieve this Avocado essential oil through the extraction process of Avocado fruit to get its essential oil. The essential oil of Avocado is very good for health because it contains of many nutrients. It can be very useful to the skin, and also as diet food.

Avocado has scientific name as Persea americana. This fruit usually grows in tropical countries, and natively grows in Southern Mexico. Avocado has green color of fruit even when it is already ripe enough to eat. The it has big seed among any other fruits. The tree itself is big enough with long wildly  spread out branches. The leaf is big almost as big as the leaf of mango tree. The contour of the leaf is shiny with look alike of beeswax.

There are many useful substances in an avocado fruit. Hence the health benefits of avocado essential oil, which is a form of avocado fruit extraction. There are amount of vitamin A, E, D, B12, potassium, sterolins, and lechitin inside a fruit of avocado. Not to mention, the big compound of monounsaturated and poly unsaturated fatty acid, proteins, and beta carotene which is not specifically known widely.

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Here 16 Health Benefits of Avocado Essential Oil For Health

we can obtain from this unique tropical fruit;

1. Maintaining the skin health

The content of minerals in this fruit makes it very useful as treatment to our skin health. Not only for  face skin area, but even through out the overall body skin. It helps to full fill the needs of useful substances for the skin. The benefits of avocado essential oil is to boost the skin cells re-growth and rejuvenation. The substances which are very useful to support this function are the potassium, lecithin, and the vitamin E.

2. Treatments for periodontal illness

Since the avocado has the compound of anti inflammatory substances, hence it is very helpful in fighting against bone weakened in elderly people. Not to mention the beautiful skin we have by consuming this fruit regularly.

3. Maintaining the digestion system

Have you ever suffering form constipation, weak stomach due to allergies, and so many other things that are able of making you feel un convenient?

Well, those uncomfortable feeling inside the stomach may cause heart burn, abnormality of gas inside the stomach, and also the feeling of full stomach due to the present of gas. Persea americana health benefits is good enough to encounter those uncomfortable feelings you are suffering from. It helps you with its minerals, monounsaturated oil, and vitamins.

4. Decreases inflammation

Thanks to the substance of oleic acid content inside the Persea americana. The substance allows the avocado soothing the skin as well as curing it from many unfortunate condition. There are dandruff cracked heels, psoriasis, insect stings and bites, sunburn, eczema, and also keratosis pilaris.

The form of Avocado essential oil which is thick enough will not easy to soak immediately. It means there is no need of using the benefits of avocado essential oil for health too much. However, you might wanna run some test on your skin before using it, just for precaution for any possible allergies.

5. Maintain your ticker’s healthy

Your heart is the motor of your body. It pumps the blood which is carrying oxygen through out the entire of the body. The benefits of avocado essential oil for health is because it has the substance of beta-sitosterol. It happens that the substance is able to turn unused fat into a good one. Other than that, it is also capable of being a good anti inflammation support.

6. Treatment for arthritis

Again with the inflammatory substance inside the Persea americana or avocado for short. According to some studies, the avocado essential oil health benefit is able to extend the grow and fix the broken cartilage. Moreover, if it is combine with soybean essential oil.

7. Detoxification matter

Another substance which is barely mention in the description above is the chlorophyl. It turns out this substance is useful enough to remove the unwanted material such as lead and mercury, which are significantly dangerous to our body.

Note that this strange material can be a disturbance in the brain, kidney, liver and another body’s organ. By consuming the health benefits of avocado essential oil, those strange matter can be expelled through the body secretion, especially the bowel movement.

8. Body immune system booster

The avocado essential oil for health contains large amount of monounsaturated oleic acid. That means the avocado essential oil is very good to prevent the possibility of getting immune system diseases.

Not to mention it will lower the chance of getting various type of cancer, infection from microbial, speed up the healing process, rejuvenate the damaged cells. Never forget, that you can always use the avocado essential oil as cooking oil without losing its benefits for our health.

9. Good food as diet food

The avocado is already full of so many useful nutrients. Nevertheless, it consists of energy which is will keep you away from hunger for a certain of time without losing the energy. Not to mention, it is easy enough to digest by our body.

10. As hair treatment

The benefits of avocado essential oil is not merely for health, but it is also great for beauty. in this case is the beauty of our hair. Apply some amount of avocado essential oil with or without any other essential oil onto the hair and the head scalp. Leave it be for about a half of hour. It will raise your hair look and health significantly. Not to mention, it will trigger the hair to grow more new hair roots.

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11. Maintaining the skin face’s health

This means the avocado essential oil is not only meant for the body skin, but also for another important skin, which is skin face. The avocado essential health for skin face will avoid you from wrinkles. It is contain protein with amino acid,  which is very good substance for our skin rejuvenation. It is able to boost the collagen producing and slows down the early aging process.

12. Fasten the healing process

If you are having sudden small accident which is unfortunately cost you with small cuts, wounds, blisters, and scrapes. Need not to worry, the essential avocado oil will help you through the healing process and fasten it. Not to mention it is also good for burns, sunburns, stings, raw skin rashes, insect bites etc.

13. Treatment for psoriasis

Still on the current study, but according to research, there are significant improvement in psoriasis patient using avocado essential oil a part of their treatment.

14. Steady your blood pressure

Consuming avocado, regularly will keep your blood pressure steady . It will not spike in sudden time.

15. As food to control the cholesterol level

It has something to do with LDL(Low Density Lipoproteins), HDL (High Density Lipoproteins)monounsaturated OA (Oleic Acid) etc. read the description carefully. The matter is, consuming avocado along with avocado essential oil will never cost you your health. In fact, it will help you to gain more quality in your health life.

Those are 15 health benefits of avocado essential oil  we should know of. Apart from that, the avocado fruit itself is very delicious and healthy for our body.

When it is ripe enough you can even eat it as energy source instead of eating rice, potatoes, sorghum, grains, or any seeds which are usually contain lots of sugar.  There are ways in using the avocado essential oil in our life. Read more in our page for more description. Good luck.

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