15 Advantages of Geranium Essential Oil in Our Life

health benefits of geranium essential oil

Advantages of Geranium Essential Oil – Geranium oil (Geranium oil) health benefits mostly becoming popular in aromatherapy.  The essential oil comes originally the plant of Geranium disectum. People have been using for so long for health purpose. Whether it is mentally, emotionally,  and physically.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of beauty, the essential oil of Geranium has been known for promoting a beauty skin, cure pimples, reducing anxiety, and return the hormonal balance.

The unique fragrance of Geranium essential oil has also been using for up lifting the mood, reduce fatigue, and increasing the emotional health. Not to mention, the essential oil of Geranium is able to also act as anti depressant, curing irritation, antiseptic, therapeutic, and wound healer.

The fact that, the Geranium essential oil might be is one of the best essential oil on the planet. Especially, for the dermatologist problems such as eczema, dermatitis, and even oily skin. We can achieve the geranium essential oil by the steam distillation process.

It is the trunk, and the leaves which are containing rich of oil. The health benefits of Geranium essential oil has been known since it has many useful substances in it. There are alpha pinene, limonene, menthone, geranyl acetate, geranyl butyrate, citronelol, geraniol, myrcene, and not to mention the linalool.

There are so many benefits of Geranium essential oil for health

geranium essential oil benefits

1. Decreases skin wrinkles

Apart from the use of Geranium essential oil above, it also can act as astringent.  It is able to induce contraction in several parts of the body. Hence, the capability to minimize wrinkles by tightening the face skin and slows down the early aging process.

By adding two drops or so into your face lotion, the Geranium essential oil will adds up its benefits. Apply and use the Geranium essential oil twice each day within a week. It will reveal the result as your dull skin become brighter and radiant.

2. Tighten the muscles

Due to the astringent substance inside the Geranium essential oil, it is able to help the body to tighten the muscles. Along with the ability to prevent early aging which is the main cause of sagging skin, especially in the abdomen area.

By giving the muscles a gentle massage using the mixture of five drops of Geranium essential oil with a tablespoon of Jojoba oil, it will help focusing on keeping the skin tightness.

3. Fight against infection

Meanwhile the antibacterial substance in the essential oil of Geranium, helps the body to build a strong immune system. Not to mention, it protects the body from any possible infection. As example, the health benefit of Geranium essential oil is able to stops bacterial growth in the skin , especially when it is wounded.

To achieve the health benefit of Geranium oil, use two drops of Geranium oil as rubbing on the wounded skin and then cover it up with wound dressing.  Repeat the procedure, until the wounded skin is completely heals.

While using the Geranium essential oil as a protection against infection on open wounded skin, at the same time, the internal organ can be more focusing in the internal organ. It prevents the inflammation, and helps the body to heal faster.

4. It helps to heal open wound skin

The essential oil of Geranium for healing an open wound skin is amazing. It is able to heal minor cuts, bruises, and wounds in an instant. Geranium oil is also able to fade away the leaving scars, from the wounds, due to healing process side effect.

As the Geranium oil has the cicatrisant substance, it will increase the blood circulation, hence it speeds up the healing process. Not to mention fades away the marks from the pimples, irritation, or any other scars.

5. It acts as blood coagulant

The fact that Geranium essential oil health benefit as coagulant triggers the veins and blood vessels to stop the blood flow. Hence, the it speeds up the healing process of any open wounds skin. Apart from that the oil of Geranium is also able to prevent toxin from entering into the body. It even, helps you cure hemorrhoid.

To achieve the benefit of Geranium  essential oil, simply adds a drop of Geranium oil into ice cream or frozen soy milk. Drink it regularly, at least once each day.

geranium essential oil health benefits

6. Supporting cell growth

Another health benefit of Geranium essential oil is it promotes the cell growth. It is also helps the body to recycle dead cells and initiating the new cells regeneration.

This amazing Geranium oil maximize the body metabolism to work more efficient . Moreover, you can have the benefit of Geranium oil for health by simply using it in the diffuser or vaporizer.

7. Smoother  your urinating process

One of the healthy sign of our body is the color of our urine. The increasingly natural urinate process means the better condition is your body. Urinating can be seen as expelling toxin process, out of our body system.

The increasing volume of your urine, your body contains less harm substances or toxins. As above, the Geranium oil as diuretic can expel toxic chemicals. There arechemicals such as natrium, pollutant, heavy metal such as mercury, and other foreign substances. By urinating, it will also removing excessive gastric acid and other digestive juices.

8. Natural deodorant

The essential oil of Geranium will also accelerate the blood flow. Moreover, the body expel the residual  Geranium substances throughout the sweat and other body liquid. That is why your sweat can be smell as flower.  The oil of Geranium for natural deodorant has the antibacterial substance. It will make you feel fresh each day, every day.

You can simply add five drops of Geranium essential oil into your own perfume. Without leave the origin fragrance, Geranium oil will act as natural antibacterial perfume which is makes your day even more perfect.

9. Postpone Dementia and Alzheimer

Geranium oil for Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, proven to encourage microglia cells, which is releasing pro inflammation agent. It eventually able to fight of against inflammation in the neuro path. It is able to prevent the neuron degenerative diseases.

Moreover, the Geranium can work along with brain chemicals preventing the memory loss which is often called dementia.

10. Beautifies the skin

Using the essential oil of Geranium regularly as habit or a life style, will ease the healing process of pimples, black heads, dermatitis, or many other skin diseases.  Simply add a table spoon of coconut oil into five tablespoon of Geranium essential oil, and apply it onto the considering area.

Do it regularly at least twice each day until you see of feel the result. In some cases, if you have difficulties in having coconut oil, you can also add two table spoon of the essential oil of Geranium into your daily face skin soap.

11. Stop respiratory infection

The amazing Geranium essential oil is also contains lots of chemical substances which are having the antibiotic. Hence, since many years ago, the Geranium essential oil has been using as prevention for nasal and throat infections.  Moreover, the oil of Geranium is able to calm down and ease the pain.

To achieve the benefit of Geranium oil for nasal infection and throat, you can use a diffuser. You can inhale the essence of Geranium oil, twice each day or rub the essential oil of Geranium under the nose or throat.

12. Act as anti inflammation

Geranium essential oil has the power of combating the pain straight to the neuron when it is penetating under the skin. Some researches show that it significantly reduce the pain comes form Herpers zoster disease.

Another fact is, the more you use the Geranium oil (larger number) the better chance you will have the health benefit of the essential oil of Geranium. While for overcoming pain from the external caution, simply add three tablespoon geranium oil into a tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix them well, and use it as a massage oil, onto the corresponding area.

benefits of geranium essential oil for health

13. Increasing  the mental health

Apart from the physical health benefit of the Geranium essential oil, there are lot more to say about this amazing oil. It turns out the essential Geranium oil is able to boost and increase the mental health. Not only that, the oil of Geranium for lifting up the spirit is widely known since years ago.

The oil of Geranium is known able to overcome the depression, anxiety attack, anger, and so many other physiological problems. Not to mention, the sweet smell and the flower of the Geranium truly heals and refresh the body and mind.

14. Anti inflammation agent

The list of the Geranium essential oil health benefits is continuing. The fact that the oil of Geranium even have a saver anti inflammation agent. It hinders the inflammation skin’s respond, not to mention the Geranium oil helps the body to fight against other diseases. There are arthritis, coronary artery, joints disorders, cholesterol problems, and still many other significant dangerous diseases.

15. Insects repellent

The last but not least, is the availability of Geranium essential oil as insects repellent. You can simply dilute it in some water and make a spray out of it. Another simple method is by using the Geranium oil for insect repellent by rubbing it onto your body skin. For the best result, add some soda into it.

Therefore, another health benefits of Geranium essential oil for human life;

  • Balancing the hormonal condition
  • Smooth the blood flow
  • Ease the PMS syndromes to women
  • Increasing the dental health
  • Lower the blood pressure
  • Skin beauty and health
  • Postponing the early aging effect.

Aside from the Geranium essential oil health uses, there are some notifications we should understand and pay attention to it. There are some side effects of this amazing Geranium essential oil we should be aware of.

Side effects of the geranium essential oil;

  • To some people it may causes irritation or allergies.
  • Keep it away from the eyes area
  • If you should take it orally, consume it only in small amount of it, or do consults with your primary healthcare first.
  • People with complicated  condition such as high blood pressure, stroke, arteriosclerosis, during pregnancy, breast feeding.
  • Use it only on mature skin, since the allergies possibilities.
  • The common or best suggestion of using it is to mix it with jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Another precaution is, always do consults with your primary health care before deciding to use the products of Geranium essential oil. Even though it has been known widely and massively, the reaction is different with each people.

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