14 Natural Ways to Stop Hair Fall


Natural Ways to Stop Hair Fall – Hair is like a crown for some people, especially for those who really care about their appearance. People in the middle age tend to risk of hair fall. It is the sign of degrading our hormones and enzyme function. The condition of hair fall obviously will decrease your appearance significantly. Even though hair fall is not dangerous, in women it wills really affecting women’s psychology condition.

There are a hundreds of hair fall off every day when you experiencing the hair fall. Hair falls in men medically known as alopecia androgenic. This is because the hair root is over sensitive to dihydro testosterone in men. The pattern of hair fall in men usually happens with two significant symptoms which are the moving up hair line, and the thinner hair line in crown of the head or the both sides of the head.

Meanwhile, in women the hair fall can be caused by the menopause, pregnancy, or the use of contraceptives. It means, in women, the hair fall phenomenon is also because of the hormonal certain condition. Lack of nutrition, psychological condition, medical treatment, is also can be the cause of the hair fall. Hair falls in women usually only affecting to the crown of the head hair.

There are natural ways of treating the hair fall and renowned has not side effects so far. Furthermore, we can get all those natural needs easily and even in heap price.

Here are 14 natural and safe ways to treat hair fall;

 1. By using Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been known since ancient times in hair treatment and other health benefits. According to health nutrition herbs, this unique Aloe vera contains lots of useful substances such as minerals, vitamins, and others. It is known to be able to stimulate the hair roots to grow and rejuvenating the damage hair. Not to mention it is also able to restore the original color of the hair.

All we have to do is collect some of the fresh leaves of Aloe vera, split it into two parts, and take the gel inside the leaves. Apply the gel into our hair, and give it gentle massage. Leave it for about thirty minutes for it to dry.

Once it is dry, you can rinse it with clean water. For optimum result, do this method once a day every time we go to take a bath.

2. Use green tea and celery

We’ve known the green tea since many years ago, along with the green tea health benefits. Nowadays researches on the health nutrition articles mention that green tea contains highly antioxidant, vitamin A and B, and Zinc. Combining with the celery, it will make a perfect match to strengthen the hair roots and stimulates the hair grow. Not to mention it will restore the hair color to its radiant original color.

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To use green tea and the celery in hair treatment, all we have to do is preparing a large towel to cover our hair. First of all, brew some celery and green tea. Soak the towel in warm lemon water.

Use the towel to cover our hair, and leave it is for about a half hour. Take of the towel and sprinkle our hair with the water from brewing green tea and celery. Give it gentle massage, then about a half hour later, rinse it with cool clean water.

Do the method regularly, once each day.

3. Using Candle nut tree fruit

Candle nut has been renowned as one of the spices. There are more than 66% candle nut contains of calcium, potassium, and many others. In traditional communities, candle nut has been used to grow beard and mustache naturally.

Hence, for that reason we can also use the health benefits of the candle nut to preserve our hair healthiness.

Either buying the candle nut essential oil or make our own, sprinkle the candle nut essential oil all over the hair. Don’t forget to clean the hair form any possible dirts.

Leave the hair for about one to two hours and then rinse it with cool clean water.

Repeat the method once each day, to obtain the best result.

4. Use the essential oil

Nowadays, there are so many essential oil available in the pharmacy. Thus, we can buy essential oil which is suitable for hair fall condition. Pick the one with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant enrichment. It will be very useful to boost the hair growth. There are olive, lavender, coconut, and sesame seeds essential oil benefits for healthy hair we can choose.

We can simply apply the essential oil into our hair and give it gentle massage. Leave it be for about one or two hour and then rinse up with clean cool water.

Do it regularly once each day to get the maximum result.

5. Coconut extract

Do you know that coconut extract is very useful in treating our hair? Guess not :).

Instead of using the coconut extract to enrich the taste in our food, we can use it to prevent the hair fall. It is still according to good health nutrition, coconut extract turns to have lots of useful substances. We can name them as proteins, vitamin B, calcium, and so on. We can use the coconut extract as hair treatment regularly for better result.

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It is simply by cleaning our hair at first. Then we can use a glass of the coconut extract to wash the hair. Apply the coconut extract equally all over the hair and give it gentle massage. Leave it be for about an hour and then rinse it with cool clean water.
Redoing it regularly, will promotes our hair with thick and black beautiful color.

6. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of dairy product we know. Not only providing our body with healthy substances such as folic acid, natural minerals, fibers, and many others. Not only healthy for our digestion system and over all body health, yogurt for hair beauty is also well known. Yogurt is able to rejuvenate the damage cells, stimulates the hair roots, and strengthens the hair growth.

Combining yogurt with honey is another good option to get the health benefits of yogurt for hair. Apply the yogurt and honey mixture on the entire hair. Give it gentle massage. Leave it be for about 1 to 2 hours.. Finally rinse it with cool and clean water.
Repeat the method 2-3 times each week for best result.

7. Use ginger, garlic and lime orange

This traditional and natural way to stop hair fall has been known since early years. It is even very useful to get rid of the hair fleas, and prevents the early brown hair.

If we do the method regularly, in about three weeks, we will notice the result.

All we have to do is mash the ginger and garlic, and mix it with squeezed lime orange. Apply the mixture into the entire hair and leave it be for one to two hours. Don’t forget to give gentle massage along the process.

After 10-2 hours, rinse the hair with cool and clean water. Since the lime orange has the acid nature, it is better if we do the method once over two weeks.

8. Avocado face scrub and potatoes

You should have read our article on the avocado scrub in the other side of this web. Well, here is another health benefit of avocado scrub for healthy hair. Not to mention is the potatoes scrub as healthy as the avocado facial scrub.

We can use the avocado facial scrub in hair treatment to prevent the hair fall. As well as the potatoes facial scrub for hair treatment has the similar function.

The best part is, we can use both of the avocado and potatoes facial scrub for hair treatment as often as possible. 🙂
It isn’t that wonderful.

Our Those 14 natural ways to stop hair fall is not like you go to the beauty center, it needs your efforts to prepare the stuffs and equipment.

Thus, the result may not be very different, especially if we do it consistently from the heart. After all it is ourselves we are taking care of.

However, there are things we should be aware of. These things may sound pretty unimportant, but if we neglect it, the result may different from what we have expected.

Here are things we should not do to avoid the hair damage;

2. We should reduce the frequency of brushing our hair. Use only a comb with gentle precaution.

3. Too frequent of shampooing our hair will removes our natural hair oil and ended with hair dryness.

4. Give gentle massage every time you shampooing your hair.

5. We should consume foods with lots of vitamin B12 and proteins contents.

6. While we are treating our hair with treatments, we should avoid dust, sun lights, and other pollution as much as possible.

7. Avoid the use of hot water to rinse our hair, using the hair dryer and chemical products as much as possible.

Stay smart, and stay healthy!