13 Health Benefits of Manuka ( Leptospermum Scoparium) Essential Oil

13 Health Benefits of Manuka ( Leptospermum Scoparium) Essential Oil
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Have you heard about Manuka honey? It is well known anti microbial in New Zealand. Manuka honey is made from pollen from common Manuka trees founded in New Zealand. Even if the Manuka essential oil is younger compare to other essential oils, according to research, this unique essential oil of Manuka is amazing.

Manuka oil contains lots of useful substances for supporting our health. Other than that we can use it in many different ways. The health benefits of Manuka essential oil are massive. We can use it to treat mild illness such as cold, hay fever, to chronic diseases such as asthma. Not to mention, Manuka oil even considered to possesses more or less 16 health benefits to us.

Benefits of Manuka ( Leptospermum Scoparium) Essential Oil

The scientific name of Manuka tree is the Leptospermum scoparium. According to history, the bark of this tree has been used by the Maori as health support, of course in their native and traditional ways. As we mention before, there are lots of useful substances inside the Manuka essential oil. Therefore, there have been lots of uses the Manuka amazing oil as health substitutes.

We can boil the leaves and breathe its steam to heal and alleviate illness regarding in our respiratory system. Other than that, we can crush the leaves and apply it onto the skin to cure skin disorders and prevent it from getting infection. Give massage and hot rub with boiled Manuka leaves and bark will alleviate joint aches and sprain and even stiffness.

In fact we can use the young branch by boiling it and use the water to soak bath. It will alleviate stimultes overall of our body system. Even the shoot of Manuka is very resourceful to cure dysentery. There are so many more diseases we can cure using the health benefits of Manuka essential oil.

Those health benefits because of the terpineol, triketones, leptospermone, flavesone, isoleptospermone substances, and of course lots of anti oxidants. We can use it to alleviate athlete’s foot, fight against bacteria and microbes, even the itch and pain from insects bites, and malodorous.

Furthermore, we can use the amazing Manuka essential oil as deodorant, expectorant, antiseptic, anti fungal, antiviral, and body immune system instigator. It is also act as natural cicatrisant, antihistamine, analgesic, anesthetic, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, natural sedative and relaxant, as well as vulnerable.

Benefits of Manuka ( Leptospermum Scoparium) Essential Oil
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12 health benefits of Manuka essential oil for life

1. Reduces Acne

A locked pore on our skin, especially on the face, is always the favorite place for bacteria to stay. In fact, it is one of the reason the pimples and acne appearing. In further condition, those conditions may lead to severe inflammation.

According to research, there are many bacteria may use the blocked pore as place to grow and multiply. Using the essential oil of Manuka may hinder the bacterial growth. Dissolve Manuka essential oil in water and apply it into the skin with pimples or acne. Do it regularly for effective effect and better result.

2. Removes dandruff and damaged head scalp

The anti inflammation and anti fungal substances available inside the essential oil of Manuka acts as effective and powerful anti dandruff for our hair. Not only the Manuka essential oil gets rid of the dandruff, it is also sooth the head scalp and clean it from dirts.

In fact, we can even make the Manuka essential oil as hair night treatment. Mix other essential oil with the Manuka essential oil, and apply it onto the hair and give it a gentle massage. Cover the hair with the shower cap afterward. Leave it be for whole night to treat our head scalp and hair. In the morning, rinse it as usual with our regular shampoo to remove the oil.

Head scalp disorders may cause severe dandruff. Not only will be disturbance to your overall appearance severe dandruff may resulting itchy and unhealthy head scalp. To overcome this condition, we can use the health benefits of Manuka essential oil by adding it into our daily shampoo. Combine few drops of Manuka essential oil with our daily shampoo will effectively remove dandruff as well as maintaining our head scalp to stay healthy.

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Health Benefits of Manuka ( Leptospermum Scoparium) Essential Oil
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3. Prevent Body Odor

Actually, the body malodorous is not because of the sweat. It is because the micro organism that using the sweat as media to live in. sweat on healthy person is not smells at all actually, as it is only the excessive liquid our body no longer needed. There are several microorganisms living in our sweat due to our daily activities. It is the micro organisms activities cause the smell in our sweat.

To overcome this condition, there is natural way to overcome the body odor by using the Manuka essential oil for body odor. There are ways on how to use the Manuka essential oil to hinder the malodorous. According to health nutrition biochemical hot topics, there are several micro organisms in the sweat we must control their existence.

Simply by combining the Manuka essential oil with other essential oil carrier will have the effect of holding back the micro organisms over population. You can also mix it with your regular soap, and use it every time you need to clean your body.
It is as simple as that.

4. Sanitize open wounds and speeds up the healing process

Sometimes we are unlucky enough to experience cuts, wounds, bruises, scratches. These cuts or wounds or so minor that we leave it untreated properly. Actually, it is not the right thing to do. By leaving it is without proper treatment, our body is vulnerable to infection and further severe condition.

On the other hand, why don’t we just use what has been renowned for the best essential oil of Manuka for curing wounds. This magnificent oil of Manuka has been known to treat wounds and speeds up the healing process since many years ago. If stimulate the cells to rejuvenate and recover the wounds with new healthy tissue.

We can simply use the Manuka essential oil for wounds by applying it onto the wounds. Of course we need to clean the wounds first with room temperature running water. Apply the Manuka essential oil for wounds repeatedly until the wounds fade away.

5. Ease and alleviate the sunburn

The useful substance of anti inflammation inside the Manuka oil helps to ease pain from sun and fire burn wounds. As another option if there is no Aloevera available around, you can mix the oil of Manuka with plain and sterile water and apply it onto the considered wound from fire or sun burn.

Health Benefits of Leptospermum Scoparium Essential Oil
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6. Natural treatment for digestive disorders

We can give gentle massage to the lower abs using the Manuka essential oil for massage to heal some digestion disorders too. We can cure some other stomach diseases such as colitis, crohn’s and other similar bowel disturbance too.

Furthermore, we can combine it with some other essential oil carriers such olive, coconut, and many others for further health use.

7. Alleviates insect bites and stings

Nowadays, there is more and more the use of Manuka essential oil for health. Recently, we can use the oil of Manuka to treat insect bites as well. It may sounds trivial, if there are not so many people allergic to insects.

Manuka oil is preventing further side effects from the insects, especially if there is toxins come along with it. It is as simple as by dipping cotton bud into Manuka essential oil and then apply it onto the considered are. You can also mix the Manuka oil with plain and sterile water first before using it. It contains anti histamine substance which will help the body immune system to stop itchiness and swollen insect bites.

9. Have odorless feet

There are over than three microbial the Manuka essential oil is able to hinder. Those microbial commonly stay in the feet area. Those microbes’ activities are the main suspect of the stinky feet. Not only one time has the feet with pungent smell caused us some troubles with smelly feet.

Other than embarrassing, stinky foot will also ruin your whole appearance at once. To avoid and overcome this situation, we can use the benefit of Manuka essential oil for stinky foot by simply using it to wash our feet. Mix it with our ordinary liquid bath soap or apply it directly onto the foot skin will do.
The other way to use it is by soak your feet in a bowl with the Manuka essential oil water with some amount of soap as addition. Both ways have the similar valuable use for our healthy feet.

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Manuka ( Leptospermum Scoparium) Essential Oil
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6. Treats Athlete’s Foot

According to health nutrition medical ad index, one among diseases experienced by the athletes is the athlete’s foot. There are lots of athletes experiencing athlete’s foot due to their negligence of their foot’s health. The diseases attack mostly on the skin of the foot.

To avoid the diseases, the Manuka essential oil is one of the most useful oil to fight against athlete’s foot. Simply by dilute the oil of Manuka in the water and apply it on the skin with the disease.

The only thing we must be aware of is the skin irritation for some people. Hence, on the first try, should we use only small amount of the Manuka oil to see if we have irritation to this unique oil of Manuka.

Wet cotton bud or piece of tissue should be applied into the Manuka oil, and then place it in between the toe and foot middle finger. Make sure our feet are clean and dry before using the Manuka oil as athlete’s foot treatment.

10. Clears out toe nails from fungus

Fungus on toe nails beside it will ruin its looks and appearance, should be dangerous eventually. To treat such as condition we can use the diluted Manuka essential oil. Make sure we clean and dry out our feet first before soaking them into the water contains the oil of Manuka.

After about fifteen minutes before rinsing it with plain water and cleanses it with dry and clean towel. If you are not being lazy, you can give gentle massage to your foot, especially toe nails with Manuka oil. It’ll be good treatment for your foot and toes health. Finally, clean out all of the utensils we have used to treat the toe nails using the Manuka essential oil.

11. Acts as natural decongestant

I believe most of you have ever experience stuffy nose condition. Even if it is not very dangerous, it is indeed very annoying. Not to mention if the leaky mucus from the nose is starting to drop.

The Manuka essential oil contains the expectorant which will acts as natural decongestant to our respiratory system. All we have to do is dilute some amount of the Manula oil and use it as massage oil. Use the diluted Manuka oil to massage the chest, back of the chest, and throat for optimum result. Or we can stem a few drop of the oil of Manuka into hot water and use its steam to clears our respiratory system. It’ll soothe the lungs, respiratory tract, and get rid of the excessive mucous out of our respiratory system.

Manuka ( Leptospermum Scoparium) Essential Oil Benefits
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12. Treat allergies from Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

13 Health Benefits of Manuka ( Leptospermum Scoparium) Essential Oil
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Not so many people have bad experiences with poison ivy and poison oak. In fact, people in the equator line never have problems with those two plants. However, for you who often stumble upon those two plants, you can use Manuka oil as treatment for poison oak and poison ivy.

The anti inflammation and anti histamine will naturally react and reduce the body reaction to those two plants. Not to mention the natural analgesic in the Manuka oil will reduce the pain from the poisonous ivy and oak.

Combine several drops (depending on how badly you suffer) with cold water, and use it to compress the area with pain. In large scale of area, we can also use it as bathing soak with the Manuka oil.

The Manuka essential oil commonly used as external use only so far. There is only the allergic as bad side effect experience so far. However, for further use of the Manuka essential oil, it is better to do consult with experienced physician or herbalist first.

Stay healthy.