13 Health Benefits of Fasting in General Language


Benefits of Fasting in general language – Many religions teach their adopters to do the fasting. In fact some certain religions put strict rules on how to do the activity which is henceforth becoming part of the religions identity itself. To people who have full faith in their religion, fasting isn’t really hard to do.

In fact they always do this unique activity once every year at a certain times. While to people who live their life in ordinary way, fasting is a bit more of a challenge.

Whether to gain more quality in their believes, or simply for health reasons, the truth is fasting is more to benefits that loses.

Hence, there are at least 18 benefits of fasting for health we should know of. All of them if we look closer has the similar purpose, which is to get more in life. Not only physically, but also mentally.

While our body system slows down, it gives the body to relax, and recover itself at the same time. It gives the body the time to rest its system, while in every day’s life doing the same hard work over and over again.

Not only in modern health scientific studies, in fact, in many religion’s holy scripture there are explanation in simple ways the benefits of fasting both for mentally and physically health.

Only nowadays, many people collect those pieces of each simple explanation and re tell it in general language which is makes it easier to understand by almost people.


Here the 18 health benefits of fasting in general language;

1. Increases the brain capability

Doing the fasting may help us encouraging neuron in the brain to produce more brain cells. Which is eventually increases the brain functionality. The decreasing cortisol while we are in the middle of fasting affecting the decreases of the stress level.

2. Helps maintaining the heart and the blood vein condition

Heart disease is one among many deadly illness. Fasting benefits for health helps us to increase the HDL  and on the contrary, decreases the LDL level in the body.

3. Decreases the cholesterol level

One of the effect of fasting is the lose of body weight. Even, fasting can be considered as one type of diet, it helps reduce the cholesterol level significantly compare to our ordinary daily lifestyle. By the decreasing of the cholesterol in the blood, it may lift up the change of heart to be healthier.

Eventually, it avoid us from the chances of getting heart diseases or any health disorder. Moreover, to gain more effectiveness, it is  always a high suggestion to join health diet program to lower the cholesterol level.

4. It helps us to think clearly and sharply

The health benefits of fasting can help us to slow down the rhythm of our brain. According to some researches, brain which is more relaxer when it is able to slow down.

It turns out that by more relax, we can think more clearly, and sharply, especially in the time we need to make a quick solution or decision in a problem solving. It is hunger feeling while fasting which is give the brain a boost to think even faster twice.

5. Reduces our bad habits

It is the strict rules that makes us willing to do the fasting. It means we need to be commit to do this unique activity. The same condition happens while we are trying to lose or removes our bad habits. Coincidentally, fasting not gonna make it any easier.

It will only make us to be more courage and discipline, regarding with the commitment of dong fasting. While fasting we are force to stop our normal life with the habits along the way. By staying to the commitment, we are trained to be persistent regarding to lose all of our bad habits.


6. It helps us controlling our body weight

Which women is not looking for an efficient way of losing their weight? Doing fasting is almost the same efficient as joining a diet. Only, without the guilty and less of food temptation. By keeping the strict control of our foods and drinks intake, there should be no problem of losing body weight and gain a proportional body size.

7. Maintains the health of the kidney

This function of a kidney is to filter dangerous substances which are possibly entering our body through foods and drinks. The work of a kidney will reach its maximum whenever its urine osmosis level reaches  1000 to 12.000 ml osmosis/kg of water. While fasting, we are forced to reach that osmosis level, and eventually gonna has a good effect to our kidney.

8. Body detoxification

Detoxification is a process of expelling toxic substances from the body. In many ways the toxin usually comes out as body secreted matters, whether it is in liquid forms or non liquid. Bay doing the fasting, our body is train to only use all of the substances inside the body which is really useful to keep the body organ functional.

When there isn’t enough matter to use, then it uses the fats. That is when the detoxification process begins. Not only discard the toxin but also minimize the cholesterol and control the blood sugar level. The health benefits of fasting is able to removes any toxic matters out of our body.

9. Increases the body immune system

Not many people know that while we’re fasting, the limphosit level is increasing up to ten times than when it is in normal condition. Hence, the body immune system is rapidly become aggressive to any possible virus or bacterial attacks.

10. Prevents diabetes

According to the blood sugar level controlling above, fasting means reducing our intake of sugar. Our body is once again trained to be more effective in using the sugar to create the energy we need in our activities.

If we are doing fasting in the right way, definitely not just holding out our hunger for food and then when the time comes, we eat as much as we can. We can consider it as diet program as well.

11. Effective in absorbing body nutrients

Lots of people confessing, while they’re on their diet, the hunger feeling for food is the biggest temptation. In fasting, the body metabolism become  more effective.

It means our body is take all the advantage of any available nutrients our body posses. Moreover, the availability of adiponectin hormone increasing the body capability of absorbing the nutrients.

12. Overcoming arthritis and stiffness

There are correlation between our life style(eating pattern) to the joints diseases. To much certain proteins and vitamins will not having a good effect to our body. In this case is the rheumatism or gout. Fasting has the health benefits of avoiding us from any joints ache and put us on our healthy life style. Of course we are committing to what we are doing.

13. Increases our inner beauty

Fasting is not only about to bear or resist the hunger and the thirst. it is so much more, especially whenever you do it on a religion’s matter. it supposed to make you more compassionate, devotee, and become more religious not only in mind but also in everything we do, say, or think. that is another benefits of fasting other than healthiness.

Those are 13 benefits of fasting for health in understandable language. There are many good litterateurs who explain the benefits of fasting for health, sometimes with difficult explanation we barely understand. For more valid source, we believe there is specific fasting guide in each religions in this world.

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