13 Health Benefits of Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia) Essential Oil

benefits of cassia essential oil
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Benefits of Cassia essential oil has been renowned as Chinese traditional medicine since years ago. This native plant from China and Burma has the scientific name of Cinnamomum casia. The plant is very familiar in both Burma in China as Chinese cinnamon.

It is very common spices uses in the culinary world on those countries. Actually there is two other scientific name of this green cinnamon form China. They are Cinnamomum aromaticum and Laurus cassia. Even though, there are no slight differences among those scientific names of Cassia.

The people on Burma and China have been using this plant in their daily life since almost since the countries ever existed. This magnificent Cassia has been used as addition and raw in the making of beverages and foods. Not to mention, it turns out that there are also health benefits of Cassia essential oil we should know of.

It is because the plant of Cassia contains lots of useful substances for health. There are chavicol, cinnamyl acetate, benzaldehyde, cinnamic aldehyde, and also linalool. Hence, we can use the health of Cassio essential oil for health as treatments for some familiar diseases.

Benefits of Cassia
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Further details on 15 Health Benefits of Cassia Essential Oil

According to good health nutrition, there are so any we can use from the essential oil of Cassia. We can use its properties inside as antiviral, anti microbial, anti–emetic, anti-rheumatic, anti diarrhea, anti galactogogue, and many others. On the other hand, there are health benefits of Cassia essential oil properties as carminative, emaneagogue, astringent, febrifuge, and stimulant.

To get the Cassia essential oil out of the Cassia plant, we need to do certain process. It needs steam distillation process on the twigs, barks, and leaves to get the amazing Cassia oil.

Cassia essential oil is mix well with other essential oil carriers such as coriander, nutmeg, geranium, and frankincense essential oil. Not to mention, it is also blends well with citrus, chamomile, rosemary, black pepper, and balsam and ginger essential oil.

1. Stop nausea

If you are currently suffering from stomachache along with nausea and vomiting, it is very annoying isn’t it? Need not to worry; we can use the health benefits of Cassia essential oil to alleviate those annoying symptoms. Not to mention, it will give us soothe feelings during our recovery times.

2. Expel excessive gas in the intestine

The essential oil of Cassia possesses the carminative effect. It means the Cassia oil is able to remove or expel overly useless gas out of our intestine. As the result, it will alleviate us from having bloated stomach and further diseases.

3. Enhances our body metabolism

We need energy in our daily life. Furthermore, in recovery times, the need is significantly increasing. As natural stimulant, essential oil of Cassia stimulates our body, and enhances the whole body metabolism. Starting from the circulation, secretions discharge and also stimulate the brain to stay awake and alert.

4. Maintaining the beauty

The Cassia essential oil as natural astringent is also helpful to strengthen the skin, hair, gums, and other soft tissues in our body. It may help us to preserve the skin suppleness, and avoids us from hemorrhaging. Not to mention it is also help contracting our muscles to form a good body figure.

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5. Fight against microbes

We can inhibit the growth of microbes by using anti microbial content inside of the essential oil of Cassia. The antimicrobial substance inside the Cassia oil is also protects us from getting microbes infection.

The ability to stop the growth of the microbes is very helpful in recovery times, especially on certain disease infection in certain area such as in the urethra, kidneys, urinary tract, colon, and also in the other parts of our body.

6. Alleviate mental break down

There is also antidepressant inside the essential oil of Cassia. This effect makes the oil is very useful in treating the mental break down. Using Cassia essential oil as antidepressant is powerful to build a good mood and avoid the anxiety attack as well as stay warm and comfortable.

7. Fight against infections

Diseases and infection can cause fever. It makes the body temperature spikes from its normal state. Uncontrolled fever may lead to serious condition which is can be lethal. The properties of Cassia essential oil as natural febrifuge is able to lower the spike body temperature to its current normal degree.

Not stopping at that, the Cassia oil as anti microbial and anti viral is able to combat infection from the cause of temperature spikes. By this function, the rule of Cassia essential oil as febrifuge is very helpful in to enhance our body as well as relieving us from fever.

8. Treats rheumatic and arthritis

Using the essential oil of Cassia regularly will help us to conduct the smooth blood circulation through the entire part of our body. Therefore, Cassia oil anti-arthritic and anti-rheumatic is very helpful to avoid us from getting such diseases. Not to mention it will help us to relief form pain causing the diseases.

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9. Fights against virus

Many diseases are caused by virus and microbes even simple annoying illness such as coughs and influenza. The content of anti-viral in the Cassia essential oil helps us avoid from getting such sickness.This oil is also effective in countering viral infections and gives sound protection from cough & cold, influenza and other viral diseases.

10. Alleviate cramps

Lots of women have problems with their menstrual cycle. The overly painful, bleeding, and random cycle is only few of them. We can use the Essential Oil of Cassia effect of emenagogue to alleviate and ease the menstrual cramps. Not to mention, it re-align random menstrual cycle into certain regular time. Furthermore, Cassia essential oil is also able to alleviate the painful symptoms that come along with the menstrual cycle such as nausea, morning sickness, drowsiness, headache, and fatigue.

11. Cures Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one heck of intestine disorders. It is very annoying not only the stomach pain we experience but more like we have to go to the rest room endlessly. Leave untreated well, diarrhea may case lethal effect since it brings our body into dehydration.

Fortunately, the health benefit of Cassia essential oil for diarrhea treatment has been renowned since years ago. Not only cure diarrhea, the oil of Cassia helps to overcome the microbes as the main cause of the diarrhea.

Furthermore, Cassia for diarrhea is very helpful to reduce the frequent of our episodes by controlling the abnormal bowel movements due to diarrhea. After all, we can use the essential oil of Cassia to promote a healthy digestion system.

12. Natural aphrodisiac

There will come certain times at our marriage life when we lack of sex drive. In fact, we are no longer interesting in sex life. Thus, nowadays, people think of it as common things at their age. However, it is not really true. We can still gain that amazing sexual drive if we know how to do it. There are many ways, (both artificial and natural ways) to restore the sex drive. Yet, only few are proven to work well and show the result.

The Cassia essential oil as natural aphrodisiac is already well known since years ago. Using it regularly will cure, restore and normalize our sexual drive both on men impotency and women frigidity.

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13. Internal diseases treatments

Not very far from all the health benefits of Cassia essential oil previously, we can use it as treatment for certain internal illness. Not to mention the oil of Cassia is also possesses the astringent effect, which is able to put hemorrhage both internal and external to stop.

It can be used to treat uterine hemorrhaging and other internal and external hemorrhaging due to its astringent properties. It is as well as help to heal diseases such as headaches, alleviate pains, flatulence, stomachache, colic, even digestion problems.

Therefore, nowadays, many pharmaceutical and health medicine industries have use the essence oil of Cassia as antibacterial in their products.

Few Words of Caution for Cassia essential effects;

Hinders the breast milk production
However, just like two sides of a sword, there are also certain side effects of the Cassia essential oil we should notice.

14. Acts as natural anti galactogogue

The Cassia essential oil has the possession of anti galactogogue. It means it will hinder the breast milk production. Therefore, this unique essential oil of Cassia is NOT suitable for lactating mother.

15. It sometimes acts as allergen

The essential oil of Cassia sometimes brings allergies and irritation effect to certain people. Hence, notice whether you have bad reaction to it or not before using it.

Those are it. As always let me suggest you to check with your health physician first before attempting to use the Cassia essential oil as health support.

Have a wonderful life.