13 Benefits of telling a Fairy tales to the Children

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Benefits of telling a Fairy tales to the Children – You must have already know what fairy tale is. Yes, a fairy tale is a story that is a fantasy, which usually tell when someone(mostly children) wants to sleep. It usually the stories of myths and some of them are a past time which is never even happened in reality.

Typically, fairy tales have the similarity with some kind of story, such as:


Fable is one type of fiction and fairy tales that tells about animals, as the main character can behave like humans. There is different famous fable in each of country.


Mythology is a story and also the classic tale of myth which is mostly about world of the gods, especially in the era of the Greek’s gods of goddess.


Folklore is closely related to local stories, usually describes the main character who is a hero in an area.


Legends related to the story of the formation of a location, such as lakes, mountains, and oceans which usually has its own story.

Other fantasy story

And many other fantasy stories, which is now also much used in the form of animated films and also films cartoon series, such as the stories of Walt Disney cartoons.

In general, fairy tales told to children with the goal of entertaining and bring the peaceful feeling, and sometimes carrying moral educations. Most of kids are very fond and happy with the story offered by a fairy tale.

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There are 13 benefits of telling a fairy tales to the children, and each of those stories have their roles on kids, and most of them has its role as follows;

1. As a lullaby

The first benefit of a fairy tale is as bedtime story. Although the story is repeatedly over and over again, however, it will make children stay awake, and hear to the story, which is supposed to make them be more relaxed and sleepy. This will make the child will be easier to sleep and prevent insomnia in children.

2. As of entertainment for readers

A tale is one of the stories that has full of entertainment elements. Some of the stories are funny and interesting presented in these tales. By doing so, the fairy tale is one of their own entertainment for the reader and makes the reader can feel happy.

3. To study history

Some fairy tales are adaptation from a true story. If it’s not coming from a true story, then it usually according to a real place with a certain history, which is believed to be a true story to local people. Hence, it leads to studies to reveal the real facts.

4. Improving children’s creativity

Another benefit of the fairy tale is that it can increase creativity. Imagination that comes from the ideas of these fairy tales is certainly can enhance the creativity of children who read it. Creativity is one of important things, especially in childhood, which can determine the talents development of the children themselves.

5. Provide value and moral messages to the reader and listeners

If we can understand the contents of a fairy tale deeply and thoroughly, we will definitely find a variety of moral values and guidances to the goodness. Hence, story telling, as bed times activities are actually important to bring lessons in a comfort ways.

6. To strengthen kinship

Other benefits are fairy tales can tighten brotherhood and kinship. Typically, fairy tales read by parents to their children, in addition to providing entertainment for the children. It also can increase the closeness between children and parents.

7. Provide a relaxing effect

Other benefits of the fairy tale is a relaxing effect. Yes, the story of a very interesting tale can cause a relaxing effect for those who read it. By reading fairy tales, then the mind and the burden of daily activities will disappear and your body will feel relaxed. It can also be obtained when you read a novel, you can make your mind becomes clearer and avoid stress. As reading can also be considered as dreaming with open eyes.

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8. Training the emotional sensitivity of the reader

One important aspect of the fairy tale is emotion. Almost all the stories on the fairytale require deep emotions, such as sadness, anger, and also happy. With frequent reading fairy tales, this will increase the ability of one’s affection and emotional sensitivity. Thus, telling a fairy tales to a kid will bring out the sense of sympathy, which is bring the feeling to be more more sensitive and capable of feeling what is perceived by others.

9. Distribution of Hobby

The next benefits of the fairy tale is as one method or act as vessels for one’s hobby. Especially for those who have a hobby of reading and writing, fairy tales considered as one of the things that are important to their hobby as making up fairy tales, story telling, etc. While for those who have a hobby of reading, they can be, of course, spend of their time reading fairy tales.

10. Improve the skills of reading and hearing in children

Children are growing age who really need a specific skill development, in order to become a smart kid. One important skill to develop is reading and listening skills. Benefits fairy tale for children will be able to improve skills in reading. Fairytale improve the ability to hear, when the tale was read by his parents. Broaden their mind with good and beautiful imagination, which is leads them to a better creativity

11. Increase the knowledge of vocabulary

There are diversity vocabulary in a a single fairy tale. Therefore, the presence of fairy tales will be very good to help improve the understanding and knowledge of the child with new vocabularies. The vocabularies which are might not be found on the subjects in the school curriculum.

12. Introducing readers to the culture of others

Fairy tale not only taste of the certain islands or areas only. Areas, even other countries also have their own tale. Thus, the fairytale can help children to understand the diversity of cultures that exist around the world.

13. Increasing interest in reading in children

Currently, one of the main complaints of many educators are, young people who are too lazy to read. The fairy tale is one right solution as one of the easiest way to create a generation of avid reading. Benefits of fairy tales for children can boost interest in reading in children. Especially when the story is interesting and has an addictive effects, surely children specifically will never leave their books, not before they finish the story.

Reading is a key to a better future, since it has so many knowledge for those who doing it. And by telling a fairy tales, is one way to stimulate the hobby of reading. By listening at first, the children will persuaded to learn to read it by them self, for more satisfaction, and eventually, as they grow up, they’ll love to read since the very early age. Hence, the benefits of telling fairy tales to children will bring the next generation to be the better generation by default.

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