12 Health Benefits of Cajuput (Melaleuca Cajuputi) Essential Oil

health benefits of Cajuput essential oil
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What is Cajuput Essential Oil?

Before we talk about the benefits of Cajuput essential oil, you all have to know what is cajuput essential oil first. Cajuput essential oils obtained by extract form the leaves, twigs of the Cajuput tree. It usually uses the steam distillation to extract the Cajuput leaves and twigs. In the science world, the scientific name of Cajuput tree is the Melaleuca cajuputi. This tree is very common in tropical countries, especially in South east Asia region.

There are lots of useful substances we can found in Cajuput essential oil. They are alpha pinene, alpha terpinene, alpha terpinol, cymene, and caryphillene, cineole. Not to mention, the availability of linalool, gamma terpinene, limonene, terpineol, and terpinolene make the Cajuput oil for health is even greater.

For those amazing substances availability, we can use the essential oil of Cajuput as medicinal support in maintaining our health. Cajuput essential oil has several effects we can use as medicinal support in maintaining our health as well as cure some diseases. Vermifuge, febrifuge, emenagogue, anti bacterial, insect repellent, sudorific, carminative, are few among many Cajuput oil effects.

health benefit of Cajuput essential oil
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Benefits Of Cajuput Oil

There are also other effects such as antiseptic, expectorant, decongestant, stimulant, analgesic, tonic, and antispasmodic. Did we forget the Cajuput oil for cosmetic? Well, it is as well as the other useful effects possessed by the oil of Cajuput.

Furthermore, it is pretty easy to combine the unique oil of Cajuput with another essential oil carrier to get more healthy benefits and variety. There are geranium, angelica, cloves, thyme, lavender, and bergamot essential oil which are mix well with the Cajuput essential oil.

Even though we cannot use Cajuput essential oil for culinary purpose, it is very useful in the medicinal world. Though it all, the oil of Cajuput is usually mix well with these following essential oil; Bergamot, Thyme, Geranium, Angelica, Lavender, and Clove essential oil.

There are at least 12 health benefits of Cajuput essential oil;

1. Fights infections

One among amazing substances inside the Cajuput oil acts a powerful anti infection. It is very effective in fighting infection from bacteria, virus, and fungi. Therefore, it is able to minimize our risks of getting diseases such as cholera, tetanus, typhoid, even influenza.

Those are diseases coming from the infection from fungi, bacteria, and virus activities in our body. Furthermore, the essential oil of Cajuput according to chart fact nutrition is also very helpful as first aid to open wounds or cuts because of rusty iron. It prevents us from getting tetanus infection before it gets a proper further medicine.

2. Relieves respiratory congestion

We can use Cajuput essential oil as decongestant to relieve respiratory disorders. Its unique and sooth fragrance is very helpful to sooth the and alleviate coughs, sore throats, and similar conditions. According to some of food nutrition articles, the essential oil of Cajuput even very powerful to treat laryngitis, bronchitis, and pharyngitis.

Not to mention, it has the similar nature compare to eucalyptus oil, which is also as good as substitute. All in all, the Cajuput oil provides us protection from respiratory inflammation and infections.

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benefits of Cajuput essential oil
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3. Promotes perspiration

Cajuput essential oil as diuretic helps our body metabolism to remove un necessary substances and toxin. It expels them through urine, sweats, defecate. Beside possessing that diuretic effect, the essential oil of Cajuput as natural is also well renowned. It stimulates the Eccrine glands, and also the respiration system.

4. Reduces pain

Using Cajuput essential oil as natural analgesic is good choice comparing to using modern chemical drugs. According to food nutrition articles, the essential oil of Cajuput is able to remove pain gradually. It alleviates toothaches, cold and fevers, headaches and even relieves respiration system disorders.

Not to mention we can also use the natural analgesic of Cajuput oil to reduce the pain in the joint, sprain muscles and tissues, and also backache. There is also possibility of taking it internally, however, these last method needs of an expert supervision.

5. Reduces fever

As we mention previously, we can use Cajuput essential oil as natural febrifuge. It means it help the body to reduce fever which is usually comes along with certain diseases. The essential oil of Cajuput also helps the body to fight infections and cools down the body by promoting sweatiness in large amount.

That is why our body disburses lots of sweat during recovery time from fevers. It meant to help the body to sustain normal body temperature to avoid damaging internal body organs.

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benefit of Cajuput essential oil
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6. Eliminates flatulence

Have you experiencing bloated feeling inside your intestines? Yes, it is a bit like flatulence. There are lots of useless gasses inside of our stomach. By leaving it untreated properly, will increase the risks in lethal result. Thus, applying a few amount of Cajuput oil onto our stomach helps us to relief that flatulence.

Naturally, our body removes the useless amount of gas through fart. Therefore, using Cajuput oil as carminative sometimes will makes us fart big time. It is okay, though. It means our body is in normal shape and running its course and recovery into healthy state.

7. Healthy skin care

We can also obtain the Cajuput essential oil for skin care. By using it regularly in proper regulation, it’ll keep the skin supple and maintain its radiant. Not to mention, I will also avoid our skin from disorders and infections.

Furthermore, not only the oil of Cajuput will keep our skin brighter but it works as well as skin natural tonic, it is also has been used in skin and antiseptics products.

8. Kills annoying insects

Insects and bugs sometimes annoy us due to their existence. Furthermore, many of those insects and bugs cause dangerous and contagious diseases. Whether it is mosquitoes, moths, and flies may leave us at great danger if we are not control their present in our surroundings.

In spite of using chemical products to encounter those bugs, we can still use the natural way as their repellant. The essential Cajuput oil as insects repellant is very effective to get rid of the bugs and insects away. Not to mention, the oil of Cajuput works well also as natural disinfectant and insecticidal. We can use it in vaporizer or spray it right away to repel insects and bugs.

As a matter of fact, we can also take the Cajuput essential oil to kill intestinal worms by taking it internally. But remember to seek for medical expert assistant first before.

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Cajuput essential oil benefits
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9. Relieve cramps and mild seizures

Cramp is condition when the body muscles contract suddenly. It is usually without notice and almost without proper prior stretching. The essential oil of Cajuput as anti-spasmodic is very helpful to alleviate and ease the cramp. It will gradually loosen the muscles tension and eventually relaxes it and cure the cramps.

However, it is better for us to avoid hard activities without proper stretching and warming up to prevent muscles cramp and fatigue. Besides avoiding us from having painful cramp, it will also maintain the health of our body tissues.

10. Orderly the menstrual cycle

These Cajuput oil benefit for health is especially for women who are still fertile. Normally they are experiencing menstrual cycle which should be in regular term. However, when it is in irregular term they can try to use the Cajuput essential oil as natural emmenagogue.

It means, the oil of Cajuput is able to restore the irregular menstruation into its normal cycle. Besides, the essential oil of Cajuput works as pretty good natural stimulant as well.

11. Detoxification effects

The last but not least is the health benefits of Cajuput oil as natural detoxifier. It means, using the oil of Cajuput as natural detox will help our body free from free radicals, the main cause of pimples, black spots, wrinkles, acne, even dangerously cancer.

The oil of Cajuput is also works well as anti inflammatory. It helps reduce inflammation in our body due to the bad condition. Inflammation usually comes along with illness, in recovery time, and body weak condition. According to health nutrition women, using the essential oil of Cajuput will surely help us to eagerly cure from any kind of inflammation.

However, despite of the health benefits of Cajuput essential oil, there are also something we should aware of. One of them is the body natural reaction to allergen. Even though mild reaction, some of us surely will react to the Cajuput oil differently.

As we always suggest, seek for medical expert before attempting to use the essential oil of Cajuput for health.

Stay safe and healthy.