12 Benefits of Fruit Langsat For Health (Lansium domesticum)

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12 Benefits of Fruit Langsat For Health (Lansium domesticum) – Are you including fruit lover? Fruit is a kind of healthy snacks and nutrient-rich. In this article, we discuss the type of fruit that looks similar to duku. The fruit is it? Yes, the langsat fruit. The langsat fruit is for the good of shape, color and structure of the meat is very similar to duku.

Langsat fruit Vs Duku

The difference is this langsat fruit taste more acidic than duku fruit that has a sweet taste. For skin, skin duku thicker than the skin of the langsat fruit. This is what one of the factors that make langsat fruit can not survive long at room temperature. Within a few days, can tan quickly decay while duku will last longer. The benefits of lansium fruit compared to the benefits duku not lose much.

As with other types of fruits, lansium fruit other than good for consumption also has many benefits. If not so familiar with the benefits owned fruit that has a slightly sour taste of this, the following will explain the various benefits.

12 Health Benefits of Fruit Langsat

1. Langsat to help the diet

You are on a diet? Add langsat fruit as a snack menu you. Diet certainly will make you have to consume a lot of fruits which is actually a healthy food. Replacing snacks such as fried foods with fruits such as langsat will help you more quickly get results from a diet that you live.

langsat fruit does have a very diverse nutrient content. One of them is the fiber. Fibers contained in the langsat fruit will help facilitate the digestive system. In addition, if you suffer from constipation, you can also consume fruit in order to dispose of a large langsat become more fluent.

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2. The langsat fruit can be used as a cancer drug

This fruit, besides the flesh can be consumed, the skin can be used as a cure for cancer. Of the content contained many nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fiber is the one that is said to be useful for treating cancers associated with our digestive system.

3. The langsat fruit to cure fever

The content of the fruit very much fulfilled by a variety of vitamins and other nutrients make lansium fruit as a fruit which also have the property to cure a fever. Complexioned flower parts that can be used as a remedy for that is suffering from fever or heat is part of the seed. Flavor of langsat seeds was pait, but do not worry. lansium seeds can be used as medicine.

To process the langsat fruit seeds into heat or fever drugs is to dry them first. Once the seeds are dry (can be roasted, dried or roasted) and the seeds can immediately until finely ground. After that, the seeds that have been finely brewed with warm water.

4. Fruit complexioned healer worms

If you have the child suffering from intestinal worms, fruit seeds duku use to treat intestinal worms in your child’s. Do not assume trivial worming know. Refined lansium fruit seeds which would be very useful to cure intestinal worms. Now, please try to use langsat fruit seeds as a cure intestinal worms.

5. Fruit complexioned as a powerful mosquito repellent

Lansium fruit other than edible fruit, skin and any seeds that can also be taken advantage it also has other benefits. What benefits? this fruit can be used as a mosquito repellent. Some studies show and prove that substances contained in fruit skin disliked by mosquitoes.

How to use Lansium fruit peel as a mosquito repellent adala by first drying the fruit complexioned skin that you have prepared. If the lansium fruit skin is dry, you can burn the skin is dry. The smell of burning skin lansium fruit can become a mosquito repellent and also has been proven to be safe. Unlike insect repellent on the market, using the lansium fruit leather will not interfere with breathing and safe for your child.

6. Want to becoming strong teeth and bones? Let’s eat fruit complexioned

Langsat fruit also contains phosphorus not less. As we already know, phosphorus is useful as an agent bone and teeth formation. Consuming foods such as langsat fruit that contains phosphorus to help strengthen bones and teeth. Moreover, the phosphorus intake will prevent bone loss and tooth.

7. Wound bitten by a scorpion? Try treat with fruit complexioned

Yes, that is true. Lansium fruit especially the bark can be used as medicine to treat wounds insect bites like a scorpion. How to use the bark of fruit this one is by taking the starch stored in the tree bark. Starch is then applied to the part bitten by insects and left to dry up. Perform this treatment process several times until the bite wound is no longer swollen and completely cured.

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8. The Langsat fruit can be a cure for malaria illness

Malaria is a disease caused by a mosquito bite. The malaria-causing mosquito bites is the mosquitoes that had been infected with plasmodium parasite. So when it bites a human, the parasite in the mosquito’s body will be brought into the human body through a bite.
If the regular medicine can not and maybe you are also worried about the side effects, you can use the bark of fruit trees complexioned. Several studies had already proven efficacy in treating Langsat fruit crops malaria.

9. Dysentery do not heal, treat with fruit complexioned

Maybe you are wondering about the truth of dysentery that can be cured by the Lansium fruit. However, I tell you that many have proved it and can be quite powerful. Part of complexioned used to treat dysentery are lansium tree bark.

10. Fruit complexioned useful for beauty

If you think that the benefits of langsat fruit was limited to health benefits, then you are wrong. In terms of aesthetics, particularly lansium fruit extract can be used as a bleaching and lightening our skin.

11. Langsat believed to keep us from free radicals

lansium fruit than can be utilized as a drug for the prevention or treatment of colon cancer, was also able to repel free radicals in the body. It means that we will also be kept away from other diseases that may be lurking our health by consuming the fruit like duku, lansium fruit.

12. Langsat carbohydrate source

Although we may be more familiar as the fruit of the lansium fruit has a sour taste, other facts indicate if the lansium fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates that when consumed will be very good. This is what makes lansium fruit into pieces suitable to replace your unhealthy snacks.

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Nutritional content of Langsat

lansium fruit is rich in benefits clearly prove that the fruit of this one does contain a lot of nutrients that are good for health.

The following will be explained about the nutrients contained in 100 grams of lansium, are:

• 10 cal calories
• 13 grams carbohydrate content
• 0.7 grams of minerals
• 1 gram of protein content
• 0.9 mg of iron
• 0.2 grams of fat
• 18 mg of calcium
• 9 mg phosphorus

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Fruit Langsat To Processed Foods

Lansium fruit fruit belonging to the tribe Maliceae is classified as a fruit that can live in the tropics. In addition to the abundant benefits both in terms of nutrition or good taste if consumed, we can also use lansium fruit for a variety of creative dishes.

Among them:

• Lansium fruit can be used for processed foods such as dodol or pudding.
• The fruits can be manufactured into a jam lansium complexioned fruit have a very distinctive taste delicious.
• lansium fruit can be processed into one of the ingredients to the food composition Cocktail.

Well you already know the health benefits of langsat fruit is very important and good for the body, use lansium fruit for daily consumption well.