11 Wonderful Benefits of Grapefruit (Citrus Maxima.) Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil Health Benefits
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11 Wonderful Benefits of Grapefruit (Citrus Maxima.) Essential Oil – Grapefruit essential oil substances for health is already well renowned. This similar fruit to common citrus fruit has the scientific name as Citrus paradisi, Citrus racemosa, and Citrus maxima. Those different names due to its size and different species.

The Citrus maxima known for its big size comparing to other two species. In certain countries, this amazing fruit is also known as Shaddock. Commonly, we can squeeze grapefruit for its liquids, or peel it of to eat the pulp. The least popular way to take advantage of the citrus is by extract the peel by compression to get the Citrus essential oil.

Nowadays, many health institution use this Citrus benefits for health since it has so many healthy substances inside. There are natural diuretic, disinfectant, antiseptic, tonic, anti depressant, lymphatic, and stimulant we get from the health benefits of grapefruit essential effect.

We can have those healthy effect since there are useful substance inside the grapefruit. There are alpha pinene, Myrcene, Geraniol, Limonene, linalool, terpineol, citronelal, decyl acetate, neryl acetate, and sabinene.

Apart of that benefits of Grapefruit essential oil for health, it can be mixed also with other essential oil carriers. Grapefruit essential oil blends well with Bergamot, Palma Rosa oil, Frankincense, and lavender essential oil.

Here is the complete list of the

Grapefruit Essential Oil Benefits
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Grapefruit Essential Oil Health Benefits

1. Boosts immune System

Grapefruit naturally contains lots of vitamin C. this fact makes this fruit is fine antioxidants. Just like the fruit, the essential oil of Grapefruit as antioxidant is well known since many years ago. Combining with other useful substances inside the grapefruit may present so many health benefits.

It boosts our body immune system, and repels free radicals attacking our body. The rich antioxidants may avoid us from cancer, and so many early body cells degeneration. Meanwhile, the health benefits of grapefruit may promotes mental ailments, enhance the nervous system, postpone vision degeneration and so many others.

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Health Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil
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2. Prevents and overcome infections

According to daily nutrition plan, Grapefruit essential oil as anti microbial and antivirus is great way to prevent diseases from attacking us. We can use the Grapefruit oil as natural disinfectant as well. It is the antiviral and antimicrobial properties inside the grapefruit essential oil which make it a good disinfectant.

Other than fights against infections, we can use the grapefruit essential oil to get rid of the internal infections. Hence, it is very suitable to help us alleviate diseases occur the urinary, and excretory system. Not to mention, the oil of grapefruit is powerful enough to maintain the health of our skin, kidneys, stomach, intestines, and colon.

3. Hinders microbes growth

There are so many useful substances inside the grapefruit essential oil which are very valuable support to our health condition. Apart of what we have mention previously, it turns out that we can apply the essential oil of grapefruit directly onto the open wounds or cuts. Not to mention this unique grapefruit of for acne is also pretty suitable.

All in all, the use of grapefruit essential oil as antiseptic is hinder us from having tetanus and open wounds from getting decay due to microbial activities.

Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil
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4. Stimulates hormone secretion

Hormones activities are very important in keeping our system run normally. Of one of the hormones is not working properly, our body system will work improperly and falling apart as in domino effect. According to chart fact nutrition, the grapefruit essential oil helps stimulating hormones in our body need in order to keep our body stay function normally.

Not stopping at that, the unique oil of grapefruit stimulates our mind works as well. It activates the brain to stay alert, aware on our overall body condition. At certain times, it promotes the hormones gland to release the hormones that our body metabolism need.

Apart from that, the grapefruit oil is also helps our digestion system by asking the brain to release gastric juice inside our intestine so that we can digest food properly. Not to mention, this amazing oil of Grapefruit benetits for enhancing the excretory, lymphatic, and circulatory system.

5. Overcomes mental break down

As many other essential oils, the grape fruit oil for relaxing nervous system. Basically, it eases the mind and increases the serotonin level. Hence, the effect we get is happy and peaceful feelings. It enhances the positive thinking and reduces the mental break down such as anxiety, anger, sadness, depression and stress.

To obtain the relaxation effect from the Grapefruit essential oil, we can use its fragrances as aromatherapy and internally as addition in the foods.

6. Decreases appetite

Diet doesn’t actually we have to reduce our food consumption in order to get slimmer body. Diet means managing our eating behavior in order to get proper body weight. It means not too skinny but of course not to fat as well. However, if you want to reduce the amount of food you eat everyday for certain reason, well then the Grapefruit essential oil for weight loss is a great help.

By proper dosage regularly, it will gradually help you significantly losing you body weight (fat). It doesn’t mean that the essential oil of grapefruit intentionally makes you starving, it is more like you don’t get hungry easily. Therefore, as we said previously, the grapefruit essential oil for proportional body weight gain is another good option we can choose.

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Health Benefits of Grapefruit
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7. Conducts urination

The Grapefruit essential oil contains so many great substances inside. Among them there is the diuretic substance. It helps our body to expel toxins through urine smoothly. Not to mention, by urinate regularly, we can avoid metabolism failure and maintain the health of our urinary system.

Not only expelling toxins through urination, there are also certain useless residual substances available in the urine. There are uric acid, water. Salt, fats, and many more. Regular urination process, will help our body to maintain the cardio health, not to mention avoid us from kidney stones. Cleaning the blood, avoid further infections and many other things our body need to process.

8. Expels toxins

As we mention early, the grapefruit essential oil expels toxins from our body system metabolism. It enhance the lymphatic system to expel toxin thoroughly from our body. The removal unwanted substances from our body system may avoid us from getting certain diseases such as gout, rheumatism, arthritis and many more.

By using the essential oil of grapefruit diffuser, our body will gradually cleans our whole body system. Not stopping at that, according to fruit and vegetable nutrition facts, the Grapefruit oil is helpful in maintaining our internal organs to sty healthy.

9. Acts as natural tonic

Again, according the fruit and vegetable nutrition facts, the oil of Grapefruit acts as natural tonic to our body. It helps us to enhance the overall body metabolism. The health benefits of Grapefruit essential oil may help us to have healthy hair and beautiful, conduct the circulatory, metabolic, digestion, excretory, and nervous system to stay healthy.

Therefore, using grapefruit oil as natural tonic is good pick compare to suing artificial and chemical tonic available in the drugstore.

Benefits of Grapefruit
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10. Promotes healthy skin

You can also use the Grapefruit essential oil to maintain the healthy and beautiful look of your body skin. It helps to maintain the skin health, and eager the cell rejuvenating process. Not to mention, the Grapefruit essential oil cellulite will also maintain the suppleness, original skin color, and makes it more radiant.

Therefore, say good bye to scaly, dull, and unhealthy skin with the Grapefruit essential oil. It is also good treatment for acne and oily skin. There is also the Grapefruit essential oil for acne as well as the refreshing feeling will also ease the muscle cramps and muscles stiffness.

11. Promotes healthy hair

May be not all of us do not know if there is benefit of Grapefruit for hair healthy and beauty. To have that grapefruit essential oil benefit for hair we can apply on our hair. Not only maintaining our hair, it is also taking care of the head scalp health. Hinder the appearance of dandruff and restore the hair health and shiny look.

However, some people might have certain allergies or irritation to the Grapefruit essential oil use. Hence, conduct trial of using the grapefruit oil using only small amount of it. For internal use, seek for Grapefruit essential oil recipe which will give you more details. Also seek for medical expert for further assistance, especially for pregnant, and lactating mothers.

Stay healthy.