The 11 Health Benefits of Lemon (Citrus limon) in Our Daily Life

benefits of lemon for health

Health Benefits of Lemon – Lemon (Citrus limon) is one of many fruits use the most in the entire world. Not only as raw material for so many products, but also for eaten straight away. The essence of Lemon contains of 5 % up to 6 % citric acid. Hence the tart taste comes from.

In modern society, and advance processing turns the lemon (Citrus limon)into more valuable products for sale. There are pickle, salad, juice, lemonade, pies, pancake, etc. there are countries maintaining or cultivating lemon as one of their main sale of products. They are India, Pakistan, and middle east countries.

There are no certain explanation, where is the Lemon (Citrus limon) is originally comes from. It is known so far from China, Myanmar, or India.

In certain continents and island, especially in the South East Asia countries, lemon is not as familiar as lime (Citrus aurantifolia). Nevertheless, both of these fruits contain almost similar nutrition amount, Both of them are known for its health and beauty benefits.

Similar to its brother, Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), the Lemon (Citrus limon) contains lots of vitamin C. On top of that, there are naringenin, hesperidin, polyphenol, terpenes, magnesium, iron, potassium, diosmin, calcium, fibers, vitamin B6, and so many other minerals.

They are equal to 80% body nutritional needs of 100 % gram each day.

health benefits of lemon

Here are 11 benefits of Lemon (Citrus limon) for health and beauty;

Just like many other tropical fruits, there are similar health benefits we can achieve from this amazing fruit, such as;

1. Overcomes digestive problems and constipation

The health benefit of Lemon essence can be very helpful to help overcoming digestive disorders and constipation. Add few drops or Lemon essence into your food will add the health the benefit.

The essence of Lemon act as blood cleansing and detoxification. Moreover, lemon benefit for stomach is very sustainable if you are consuming it every time after meal. The Lemon (Citrus limon) will help you maintaining the health of your intestines.

2. Fight against flu, fever, and sore throat

Just like any other orange fruits, Lemon essence is good for flu, fever, and any mild sickness. The lemon essence benefit for fever as it reduce the body temperature, while increasing the perspiration.

Lemon essence contains highly vitamin C which is able to increase the body immune system. Nonetheless, it is also has the nature of antibacterial which is very good for fighting against infection.

3. Good for teeth and gums healthiness

The essence of Lemon is long time ago since we use it as traditional care  for dental and gums. Squeeze a lemon and collect the essence to rinse your mouth, while experiencing gum problems.

It will ease the healing process. Not to mention the lemon essence is good for bad breath and mouth sores. The large amount of vitamin C will be a good factor for our mouth, dental, gums, and also the tongue cleansing.

4. Helps to fight against cholera

It is a believe that add some of lemon essence into food may prevent the cholera disease. This was once happened in West Africa. According the researches, the essence of lemon may fasten the heal cycle and also increase the immune cell.

5. Decreases the change of having heart attack and stroke

In fact, lack of vitamin C in the blood often has the correlation with the increasingly change of having stroke, especially to those who already experiencing obesity and high blood pressure.

Fortunately, the lemon essence for health is able to decrease the level of blood cholesterol. Not only the essence, the essential oil of Lemon is good as well to prevent the oxidation process of LDL cholesterol.

The substances such as antioxidant of hesperidin, is able to strengthen the blood vessels, and atherosclerosis.  While diosmin, is already being used in some drugs to enhance the blood circulation throughout the body. Not to mention to boost the health of vascular muscles, and also decreases the chronic inflammation in the blood vessels.

6. Prevents the stone kidney

Citric acid in the essence of Lemon is proven effectively to prevent the kidney stone. The substance is diluting the urine composition and increasing the urine volume.

benefits of lemon in our daily life

7. Prevents anemia

Anemia is a condition where the body lack of iron. Especially women which are experiencing anemia every month due to their menstrual cycle. Consumin lemon essence regularly increasing the absorbing process of iron from another food material.

8. Prevents cancer

It is limonoid inside the Lemon essence for cancer prevention. It is able to fight against almost all kinds of cancer. Apart from that, our body is able to absorb limonoid easier compare to another carcinogen substances.

Nonetheless, there are more substances inside the essence of lemon which are posses the function as antioxidant, anti inflammation. It is repels all of the free radicals attacking our body and damaging our DNA continuously.

9. Prevents rheumatoid arthritis

Enough natural amount of vitamin C inside of our body prevents the rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, it is highly recommendation to consume lemon essence regularly.

To researches of scientists, people who eat less vitamin C will have the higher change of having arthritis in any form and kinds

10. Overcoming scurvy

Scurvy is a condition, where our body lack of vitamin c. This unfortunate condition has the symptoms of anemic, feeling overly tired, gum ulceration. When it reaches the most critical condition, there could be skin hemorrhaging.

It is so sad, considering it only needs about 100 grams of lemon essence to cover up the whole day body needs of vitamin C.
Nevertheless, the essence of lemon for tinnitus and meniere is good as well.

11. As diet option

Lemon essence for diet, often use especially by women to keep their body shape. They usually mix the essence of the lemon with honey or plain warm water. The lemon essence is not only low of calories, it is also free from cholesterol. On the contrary, lemon essence contains lots of fiber which is very good for our health. Not to mention the taste is intriguing especially in the middle of a hot day.

Those are 11 health benefits of lemon essence you might haven’t aware of. Yet, there are still many other use of the essence of the lemon in our daily life.

You can even make a face mask out of this amazingly lemon essence.

However, like many other substances, it is very wise to do consults to your primary health  care before doing or attempting to try any kinds of health care products. Stay excellent.

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