11 Benefits Leaves Handeuleum (Graptophyllum pictum) for Health

benefits of Leaves Handeuleum

11 Benefits Leaves Handeuleum (Graptophyllum pictum) for Health – Benefits handeuleum leaves green leaves handeuleum purplish. Handeuleum leaves contain many active chemical ingredients that are good for health and addressing complaints. Handeuleum plant stems are purple with a rod-shaped cross section approximates the shape of an obtuse triangle. Handeuleum plants more often able to survive and grow in lowland areas. Besides having many health benefits, these plants are often also used as ornamental plants are on display on the home page either wear a pot or planted in the ground.

The chemicals include alkaliod active non-toxic, glikosid, flvonoid, steroids, tannins, calcium oxalate, formic acid, fat and saponins. All the chemical substances that make this handeuleum leaves efficacious cure and treat various ailments and complaints.

Some of the benefits for health handeuleum leaves namely:

1. Overcoming constipation

You experience constipation can be cured with leaves handeuleum by drinking juice leaf decoction of the leaves handeuleum. Boil 7 handeuleum leaves with 2 cups of water and wait until boiling and the remaining 1 cup water. After that the lift and let stand until cool and drink a glass of water decoction of the leaves in the morning handeuleum regularly until constipation cured.

2. Overcoming fever because of abdominal dirty

Fever can occur because our stomach is dirty. Stomach dirty we can clean it with leaves handeuleum so demampun will subside. You do this by boiling the leaves hendeuleum 7 and added five slices of ginger and boiled with a glass of water. Water decoction taken once a day on a regular basis in order to quickly recover.


3. Treating hemorrhoids

Often people do not find other solutions apart from overcoming the hemorrhoid medication or surgery, but quiet beforehand because it leaves handeuleum can cope and treat hemorrhoids naturally. The trick with merebuahandeuleum leaves as much as 15 strands with as much as 4 cups of water and add a little brown sugar and grain turmeric.Boil until boiling and the remaining 2 cups of water. Then cool water and drink two times a day on a regular basis each drink with a glass of boiled water.

4. Treating gallstones

The benefits of Handeuleum leaves can treat gallstones by means of boiling. Boil 7 hendeuleum leaves and added some veins of the leaves and then boiled with 2 cups water. Drink decoction 2 times a day on a regular basis until you have healed gallstones.

5. Treating rheumatoid arthritis or gout

How to treat rheumatism or gout with leaves handeuleum is to wash the leaves are then crushed. Finely pulverized and then apply the results of the collision on the part of the gout.

6. Treating ulcers

Ulcers that attacks the body we will definitely be excruciating if not treated promptly. Treat ulcers with leaves handeuleum manner grind until smooth, then apply on the skin which are lump ulcers. Another way you can do by way of handeuleum leaves roasted over low heat by rubbing coconut oil before baking. Then apply the leaves that have been roasted on the skin bump because of ulcers.

7. Smooth urination

Handeuleum leaves can be used as a param to launch urination. Mash until smooth leaves and rub on the stomach so as to wear param.

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8. Earache

When you are sick ear it can be cured with handeuleum leaves, leaf handeuleum way is to wash and then mash until smooth. Squeeze the collision result, water use for ear drops.

9. Boils in the breast

How to treat ulcers of the breast that is with handeuleum leaves and coconut milk additives. Rinse the leaves handeuleum then apply the coconut milk. Heat leaves handeuleum already smeared coconut milk over low heat, then warm stick to the existing breast lumps ulcers.

10. Cure bleeding

Leaves handeuleum able to cure bleeding by means of boiling and drunk. Drink regularly, it can help heal quickly.


11. Sanitary dentures

Handeuleum leaf was examined using 40 samples dentures. Dentures are immersed in a solution handeuleum leaf (leaf purple) within 15 minutes with varying concentrations of 5%, 10%, 20% and 40%. Then applied to the patient’s dentures for 4 hours. Results from the study that the bacteria did not dare to grow in the false teeth and prevent plaque buildup on teeth. The higher concentrations of violet leaves, the better prevention of attacks by bacteria and plaque on the teeth.

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Thus some of the benefits handeuleum leaves, you can do cultivation handeuleum because this plant has a lot of content for health. In addition to leaves, stems and flowers handeuleum also has many health benefits. Natural healing with plants handeuleum safer because no side effects, be more efficient because its growth rates are affordable and can be grown in the garden or yard, more healthy because it is a natural ingredient derived from nature.