10 Top Benefits of Gnetum For Health (Gnetum gnemon Linn)

10 Top Benefits of Gnetum For Health

10 Top Benefits of Gnetum For Health – Do you ever eat gnetum/melinjo? Or at least not the product resulting from the material gnetum? Some products are very famous of gnetum example is chips or other creations. gnetum is the fruit produced from trees gnetum. gnetum trees include shade trees that grow in Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia. gnetum tree has a large, upright stems with many branches filled with tiny leaves lengthwise. Size gnetum tree height reached 25 meters. Characters delicate leaves and has a smooth surface. Young leaves have a light green color while the leaves are old can be bluish green.

Characters gnetum

gnetum fruit grows in groups on the stems and branches of the stem. gnetum fruit wrapped in a thin skin on the outside and hard on the framework layer after thin skin. The unripe fruit has green skin. Skin color will change from green, yellow and red when ripe. The ripe fruit to fall over themselves without being picked. Part gnetum fruit that can be used from the skin of the fruit for snacks as well as vegetables and fruit to be used as chips, vegetables and a variety of other snack products. Seed size can range from 1 cm to 3 cm.

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Many people who do not like gnetum since reportedly often causes gout. When patients with high uric acid consuming fruits gnetum then, they will feel pain in the feet and hands into the symptoms of gout has risen. But it turns out the benefits of fruits gnetum very good for the body, here are some of them:

10 Top Benefits of Gnetum For Health
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1. Boost Immunity

The highest natural content in the fruit gnetum are antioxidant ingredients. The benefits of antioxidants will work to strike all the free radicals in the body and boost the immune system. Material content of antioxidants found in fruits gnetum can work like vitamin C found in fruits.

2. Prevent Aging

Premature aging can be caused by free radical attack which can make the skin look older. Premature aging of the skin characterized by increasingly wrinkles, dark spots and skin that is not elastic. Melinjo fruit consumption on a regular basis can prevent premature aging ingredients because natural antioxidants in fruit melinjo.

3. Natural Ingredients for Hypertension

Material benefits of antioxidants found in fruits melinjo, also very good for preventing high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause diseases such as stroke and heart complications. A special proteins found in fruit melinjo could solve the problem of high blood pressure. However melinjo should not be consumed in excess.

4. Strengthen Memory

Melinjo fruit antioxidant content could also help improve memory. This happens because melinjo tree is one type of tree that is included in the Ginko plant or plants that are useful to improve memory. Melinjo fruit can strengthen memory because it can support the growth of dormant cells in the brain and blood.

5. Being Ingredients Natural Preservatives

The resulting extract of the fruit contains a lot melinjo natural flavonoids and antioxidants. These materials turned out to be an excellent natural preservatives to preserve certain foods. Melinjo for health benefits of fruit can reduce the potential for the development of bacteria and fungi on food. Even the preparations of melinjo require no preservatives and survive long without moldy or damaged.

6. Increase Stamina

Melinjo fruit could be one of the snacks that actually can increase stamina. Melinjo fruit can be processed into a variety of snacks in an easy way. Light snacks that are not only filling and low in calories but also make the body become more enthusiastic. When he was tired and dispirited, try to consume a snack of chips or processed from fruit ingredients melinjo.

7. Smooth Urine

When urine is not smooth then all urinary system could face problems. There are various causes such as bacteria and urinary system that is not smooth. To overcome this, can consume the fruit melinjo. But if it is not effective then could try to use the steam from melinjo stewed fruit.

8. Prevent Anemia

Anemia can occur because the body’s loss of red blood cells that can lead to no enough oxygen in the body. Then anemia will cause the body to become more weak, tired, and dispirited. Headaches and dizziness became a major disorder that causes the body to become increasingly weak. Melinjo fruit consumption could increase the number of red blood cells that can help overcome anemia.

9. Treat Wounds

If exposed from dog bite wounds or other injuries that can be treated with fruit leaves melinjo. You can try to pound the leaves melinjo with extra garlic. Apply on the wound for a few moments then rinse with clean water. Luka will be dry quickly because the content of natural antioxidants in the leaves melinjo.

10. Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. This disease is not easy to recognize because the symptoms often occur suddenly and mild symptoms that are not easily visible. To overcome this, the melinjo eating fruit regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease. The content of antioxidants and flavonoids are good for maintaining heart health.

10 Top Benefits of Gnetum For Health
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Tips consumption of Gnetum fruit

There are various ways to consume fruits melinjo. People’s habits also vary to consume fruits melinjo. Here are some tips to consume fruits melinjo:

If you want to consume fresh fruit melinjo melinjo then wash the fruit so it’s really clean. Boil the fruit melinjo until completely soft flesh. Rinse with clean water for some time before consumption to eliminate the astringent taste of the skin.

If you want to consume a snack of fruit snack melinjo then select the color that really still bright and avoid a musty taste in snacks.

If you want to process fruit snack melinjo be boiled like peanut melinjo then select the type of fruit with the skin yellow or green. If you consume fruit melinjo red then it seems to be less tasty.

Do not consume too much fruit melinjo because it can increase uric acid levels. Very recommended amount is about 5 grains per day.

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side-effects of Gnetum fruit

Gnetum fruit consumption is best known as a snack with a variety of flavors. Snack consumption may usually much preferred so often consumed in large quantities. We should also control the consumption of snacks to reduce side effects.