10 Health Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

10 Health Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil
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10 Health Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil – Ginger has been renowned for centuries as one of the most useful spices in the world. It has been used in most all of the continents for many purposes.

Not only for health advantage ginger is also known for its delicacy addition in culinary world in certain countries. Possessing so many useful substances inside, ginger is becoming famous eventually.

Ginger has been spread all over the world now. Ginger is originally from Southern of China. However, these days countries in the equator line have been cultivating and producing in large quantity of ginger. Then, ginger is exported to another countries and high value commodity.

Health Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil
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Healthy substances inside the Ginger

There are lots of gingerol, sequiterpenes, zingibain, anti oxidant, zerumbone, and anti inflammation inside ginger. As perennial flowering plants, those substances make ginger health benefits for health is widely known.

Ginger as traditional medicine is known to be very useful in treating so many diseases and disorders. We can use ginger to treat mild diseases such as cold and fever to complicated disorders such as menstrual disorder.

Furthermore, according to chart nutrition vegetable, with over than a hundred useful substances inside, ginger has wide variety of use. It even can be used as natural aphrodisiac for people who experiencing situation in their love life.

Ginger for beauty is also very well renowned. It promotes healthy mental condition as ginger calms down the anxiety attacks. Ginger is good taken both internally and externally.

Apart of the ginger for healthy purposes, there is another way to take advantage of ginger as health support. We can extract ginger essential oil from ginger for the ultimate gingerol level.

The ginger essential oil treats nausea, bowel disorders, mental breakdown, soothes respiratory system and still many more. People also use ginger essential oil as food flavoring addition and as aromatherapy too.

Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil
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10 Ginger essential oil health benefits

1. Calms down anxiety attack

The essential oil of ginger calms down anxiety attack. We can use ginger essential oil to alleviate depression, mental exhaustion, and also ease the brain works.

By using ginger essential oil as aromatherapy, it should induce peacefully sleep through the night. Not to mention it suppress negative emotion such as fear, nervous, abandoned, and low self esteem.

To use the oil of ginger as aroma therapy, simply add two drops or so into diffuser and inhale the smell or aroma. Do it regularly at least twice in a day.

2. Fights against free radicals

The essential oil of ginger is extracted from ginger roots. It contains lots of anti oxidant as well as anti inflammation. Most of us know the health benefits of anti oxidant to our body.

Hence, there is no wonder if the essential oil of ginger repels anti oxidant in large scale. Free radicals is the main cause of diseases such as cancers, heart failure, dementia, and even early aging process.

According to chart fruit nutrition vegetable, the essential oil of ginger prevents kidney failure as well. Not to mention there is scientifically proven that ginger oil as natural anti cancer has been very good as natural cancer treatment.

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10 Health Benefits of Ginger
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3. Treats digestion disorders

Everyone who loves spices must have been familiar with the aroma of ginger. In fact, the ginger essential oil as aroma therapy has been renowned for sometimes now. Apart form that, there is also health benefits of ginger essential oil for digestion system as well.

We can use the ginger oil as digestive disorders treatment. By applying two drops of more onto the stomach, the ginger essential oil may alleviate nausea and bloated stomach. Not to mention vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea, colic, and other common stomach aches, including motion sickness.

Furthermore, add two drop or so into our bath water, warm is better, and use the water for soaked bath. The oil of ginger may help us to expel toxins out of our digestion system. Not to mention, it is also ease the pain from surgery.

4. Alleviate respiratory disorders

Ginger essential oil aromatherapy is not only alleviate all of the negative emotion, it is also sooth the respiratory system. The useful substances inside the Ginger oil may help the body to expel excess mucus in the respiratory tract.

By that function, it is not so hard to believe that the essential oil of ginger is natural cure for respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, endless coughs.

Apart from that, the oil of ginger is also help to avoid inflammation in the bronchi which is usually cause the difficulties in breathing. How to soothe our breathing using ginger, try to bite a piece of ginger, and chew it gently. It’ll taste warm and a little bit spice.

Biting a piece of fresh ginger is very good to cure influenza, and get rid of cold as well. you need to peel of the skin first, of course. Thus, you can swallow the ginger starch or spit it out. Make sure you clean up the ginger thoroughly previously.

Health Benefits of Ginger
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5. Alleviate muscular cramps

To alleviate muscular cramps using the ginger essential oil, we can add two or three drops of the ginger oil, and rub or apply it on the considered area. The substance of zingibain inside the ginger will work to ease the pain from muscular cramps.

There are so many things that can cause the muscular. They can be menstrual cycle, sprain, joint aches, even head or back aches. Ginger oil as natural remedy for muscular cramps, it can also applied to osteoarthritis as well.

How to alleviate joint aches using the ginger? We can make our own muscular rubbing by firmly mash a grab of fresh gingers and apply it directly on to the considering area.

6. Prevents and hinders infections

Simply by drinking ginger tea or add ginger into our daily food or beverages, the essential oil of ginger is very helpful to help us avoiding certain dangerous diseases.

Other than anti inflammation, Ginger essential oil is an antiseptic, can get rid of infections due to microbial activities. No only stop at that, the oil of ginger works well also in alleviate internal infection such as dysentery or malaria.

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Benefits of Ginger
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7. Reduces Inflammation

Not that inflammation are all bad things. It is actually our body defense mechanism against infection and diseases. It is part of our body metabolism to stay healthy. However, abnormal inflammation is a dangerous situation.

In fact, it even leads to certain diseases which are the same dangerous. Not to mention, abnormal inflammation is also usually comes along with certain discomfort situation such as pain and swollen parts of the body.

From there the inflammation will turns into many dangerous diseases attacking our body. Then there is ginger essential oil as natural anti inflammation prevents you from that unfortunate condition.

The zingibain inside the oil of ginger acts pain reliever, it can be used in headache, arthritis, even joint aches.

8. Promotes healthy liver

According to researches the ginger essential oil is also useful to promote a healthy liver condition. Regularly using of the essential oil of ginger may help to avoid liver cancer, and hepatic cirrhosis

This fact, may very helpful to people who are addicted to drugs, alcohols, and many foreign substances enter our body as toxin. Ginger oil helps the liver organ to detoxify toxin and help the liver to function properly and extend its health.

For example, if we are vomiting badly, we can use a drop of the ginger oil into our drinking water, or tea. It will gradually stop the vomiting.

In fact, there is also another easy way to have essential oil of ginger in our daily food or beverages. We can simply add a drop of ginger oil into our meal, at anytime we like.

Ginger essential oil benefits
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9. Promotes healthy heart

According to chart nutrition vegetable, the use of ginger essential oil to reduce cholesterol level is seamlessly. Not to mention the health benefit of ginger oil is able to prevent blood clot too. A university in the U.S state that the oil of ginger can be used to treat heart diseases.

Therefore, as our heart function normally then it stimulates other internal organs to work properly as a healthy system. The ginger essential oil helps to improve the cardio health, lipid metabolism system, maintain the blood sugar level.

Therefore, ginger oil for diabetes is also suitable too to be used as treatment. It is as simple as by rubbing two drops or one of the ginger essential oil onto the heart twice in a day. It will provide us with the protection to our heart.

10. Acts as natural aphrodisiac

There are always difficult moments in our marriage life. Some of them are simply because there are no sexual tension anymore. Once is getting cold and frigid to their spouse. The lack of sexual drive actually is a classic cause people are arguing each other.

Trying to use the natural ginger essential oil to increase the sexual drive is a good choice. Ginger is a natural aphrodisiac which will overcome sexual tension lacking. According to chart food nutrition value, ginger oil is a strong sexual tension booster.

It helps to treat erectile dysfunction, frigidity, impotence, and other sexual abnormalities.

The essential oil health benefit as a natural aphrodisiac will help us to improve our mental healthiness by alleviating stress, boost our self esteem, and eventually, cure the sexual problems.

We can obtain the health benefit of ginger oil for sexual disorders. Diffuse about three drops of the ginger oil or simply apply it on the lower abs and the feet. It’ll gradually promote better sex drive and repair our lack of sensual tension.

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Ginger benefits
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Ginger essential oil possible side effects

However, it is not that the ginger, especially the oil of ginger has no flaws. In fact, we will only gonna find the ginger essential oil side effects when we are using it in large number. Too much use in ginger essential oil may lead to diarrhea, heartburn, and some irritation in the mouth.

There are certain people who are strictly not recommended in using the ginger oil. They are pregnant women, infants, and the breastfeeding mothers. Not to mention, people within certain medication like diabetes, high blood cholesterol etc.

These people need to do consult to the medical expertise first before using the health benefits of ginger essential oil.

Since the ginger oil has the nature of spicy, it may gives warm and heat effects throughout our body. Hence, it is very suitable also to be use in the winter season.

Stay healthy.