10 Health Benefits of  Dayak garlic

Health Benefits of  Dayak garlic
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Benefits of dayak garlic for helath – You must have often heard and also familiar with the name of onion.  tuber crops this one  is used for various purposes, one of which is for the purposes of herbs. Shallots are also considered to have very high efficacy so widely used as additives in alternative medicine.

dayak onion red onion has several types, one type of onion is also quite popular is onion dayak. Have you heard the onion dayak? As the name implies, this dayak onions came from the area of Borneo, where the Dayak live and also  Dayak onions have the physical form that is similar to the usual onions, but have slight differences. Here is some difference of onions with shallots dayak usual in general:

Dayak onions have the color bright red bulbs more than the usual red onion

  • Dayak onions has slippery surfaces
  • the seed layer thick and slices
  • Can grow up to a length of 25 to 50 cm
  • Another name of onion Dayak

Besides known as Dayak onions, garlic types kaena have physical characteristics that are quite unique, it is often also known by various terms. Here are some other names commonly used by onions dayak:

  • onions diamond
  • onions Sabrang
  • onions tiwang
  • onions Forest
  • onions Mecca

Health Benefits of  Dayak garlic
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Benefits dayak onions

Dayak onion who have various and sundry this nickname it also has a variety of benefits as well as benefits for us all. What are the benefits and efficacy of garlic dayak? Here are some of the benefits and efficacy of garlic dayak:

    1. Stomachache medicine

Benefits of onions dayak the first was as upset stomach.  had long since people who come from the Dayak Dayak onion bulbs utilize this as one of the natural remedies herbal aliases.

One of its uses is to help eliminate and relieve aches, pains and nausea in the abdomen.

    2. Cold medicine

Besides as an upset stomach Dayak often use diamond onion as other drugs, the flu drug. With high antibacterial content, then onions dayak course very effective to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause the emergence of the flu, so it is good to help treat the flu.

    3. Treat jaundice (hepatitis)

Not only able to treat minor ailments alone, onions dayak also has properties as well as excellent benefits to help treat some chronic diseases, such as hepatitis alias jaundice.

Several studies have revealed the efficacy of this dayak garlic to help treat hepatitis or jaundice.

    4. Increase endurance

Dayak onions contain vitamins and antioxidants are also very high. Therefore, onions dayak certainly has many benefits. One of the benefits that can be felt by eating onions dayak is to increase endurance. You can consume garlic dayak, by adding them to your diet daily to help improve your endurance.

    5. Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of the important substances contained in garlic dayak. Yep, you all must have often listen terms of this antioxidant. Antioxidants have main function is to counteract free radicals that often interfere with the body’s health. With the high level of antioxidants in garlic dayak, then this will also affect the effectiveness of pengankalan body against free radicals.

In addition, antioxidants are also beneficial for:

  • prevent acne
  • Maintain healthy skin
  • Prevent premature aging
Benefits of dayak garlic for helath
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    6. Can help prevent cancer and tumors

Cancer and tumors today probably is one disease that is quite disturbing and alarming. The reason, many cases resulting in death. However, to prevent the emergence of cancer and tumor, you can consume garlic dayak.  in addition to antioxidants which can prevent cancer and tumors, onions also contain naphtoquinones dayak which is a natural compound that is very useful to prevent the emergence of cancer cells and tumors in the body.

    7. Rid the body of bacteria

As one kind of tubers are rich in anti-bacterial kandungna, then it is certain that onions dayakmemiliiki benefits and efficacy of course sanga good to help avoid to entry of bacteria into the body.

In addition, the antibacterial active substances contained in garlic dayak also very efficient to help rid the body of bacteria, so the body can be protected from various kinds of diseases that interfere with your body’s health.

    8. Prevent infection

Dayak garlic also have efficacy and excellent benefits to help prevent infection. Teebut infection can occur on the inside of the body, or the outside of the body. Therefore, if you are afraid of infection, mainly due to injuries, then you can use the selection of alternative medicine in the form of onion dayak to prevent and minimize the risk of infection.

    9. Prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria and microbes

Viruses, bacteria and microbes are the largest contributor to disease in the human body. Yep, with the development of viruses, bacteria and microbes in the body, it can cause the body infected with various diseases, so it is very harmful to the body.

Fortunately, onions dayak has many antibacterial content, which of course has a very good benefit to help prevent the development of microbes, viruses and bacteria that do not grow and also cause disease in our body.

    10. Prevent inflammation

Dayak onions or onion diamonds also have the other benefits that are good for health. Dayak onions is able to help prevent inflammation in the body. Usually, inflammation is the case is inflammation of the throat and inflammation of the intestines and stomach.

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By using the power onions, then you can minimize and prevent the risk of inflammation in your body. That’s some of the benefits and efficacy of garlic or onion dayak diamonds. Hopefully this article can be useful and also add your insight on the types of onions in addition to onions that you can use as a spice in the kitchen.